The adventures that I survived with David started out normal then end strangely. This adventure fit that pattern. It started with a purple wig, black leotard, and a purple feather boa that resemble tails. What does these items have in common? A girl worn them. Confused? How would a purple wig wearing girl in black leotard with a feather boa starting an adventure for David and me? Let me explain.

Early Monday, David and I got ride with Ciara and her sister, Alicia. He had to come only way Alicia was going to give us a ride to the college. It seems both sisters had a crush on David so I own him. He hasn't named his price yet.

Arriving at the college parking lot, the sisters went ahead of us. Blowing kisses at David they headed to the college.

"After the audition meet me at the cafeteria," I said.

He wasn't looking at me. Following the direction of his attention which was on the girl wearing the purple wig heading towards a red car. Starting to make sense now.

Opening the trunk, she bent over searching for something. Why would this sight hold his attention? He's a guy. A nice looking girl in tight fitting outfit bending over, why wouldn't he be looking?

Placing my hands on his cheeks, turned his attention back on me.

"Listen and stop staring," I said.

"Then how less would I be listening?"

"Rich coming from someone who reminds me why ears were invented for."

Closing his eyes, "Fine," reopening them, "What about meeting you after your audition?"

"So you were using your ears," I remarked smiling, "Since I have them, meet me in the cafeteria."

"Better idea. I'll watch from the back row until you're done."

"No. You're not going to get ammo to make fun of me."

"Criticism will be a minimum."

"No, you want to meet the purple wig. Instead of chasing Alicia or Ciara."

"No, want to hear if those hours of bad singing actually improved your singing voice."

"You'll going to get hurt for that."

"If you want to try."

Walking past me, he headed towards the building with the cafeteria. Snorting, I hurried to the theater since I had twenty minutes to spare.

Least twenty people including me, Alicia, and Ciara were at the audition. The purple wig wearing girl turned out to be Carolyn Haines, a senior, helping to organize the play and lead star, that explains the outfit.

Standing on the stage, "Listen up fellow thespians," said Carolyn booming from the speakers, "Each will get a page. Then you will out the scene."

A figure dashed from behind the curtains tackled her off the stage in time to avoid getting smashed in the head by a light fixture. Trying to hold my laughter at the sight of Carolyn spread eagled on top of David.

"Hello," he said tipping his fedora to the shocked Carolyn.

Her wig felled off revealing her light brown hair.


Noticing people were watching she got up. Getting up, he picked up her wig.

Handing it to her, "Believe this is yours."

Taking it from him, "Thanks," staring at the wreckage where she preciously stood, "Who should I thank for tackling me?"

"David," brought their attention onto me.

"She's right, it's David."

"David?" she repeated.

"Carolyn, are you alright?" said the man running down the aisle.

"I'm alright," she said motioning to the destroyed skylight, "The results of budget cuts of the maintenance department."

David climbed onto the stage. I followed him as he followed the cable.

Picking the end of the cable up, "Budget cuts," he mumbled examining the cable.

Looking up at the rafters, he stared at Carolyn and the man she talking with. Murmur from the crowd and the fact they were talking in low tones prevented me from overhearing them. Turning to talk with David, he was gone. Looks I'll have to wait to hear his two cents.