Hello there; normally I would do five drabbles per chapter, like with my other drabble series, 'Five Drabbles of Romance', but since I like the number four, why not?

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1. First Time in the City.

Warrior Aquarius was wandering around in what appeared to be a dark city, left eyebrow raised up. He appeared to be around eighteen with blue eyes, light brown hair, dark brown cowboy hat with a golden oval on it, a red, plaid shirt with dark brown, gold-buttoned vest, dark blue pants, and brown boots. He had no idea how he got here, on this strange land, but he knew better than to trust anyone here, of course.

As he had his back facing the other way, a group of young teenagers and adults came out of an alley and spotted him.

"Hey! You there!" a young man wearing a green shirt called him, wishing for Warrior Aquarius's attention.

Warrior Aquarius turned around and frowned at him and the group, "Mysterious individuals, you have the audacity to approach me!"

"Listen," asked a young woman in a blue vest and dress skirt, "We don't want any trouble, we just want to know where—"

Warrior Aquarius ran away, not wanting to hear their voices anymore.

The young man with the shirt told the young woman in a snarky tone, "Nice."

One teenager with brown hair and in a black leather motocross jacket asked, "What's audacity?"

2. A Dispatcher's Afternoon.

It was about four-thirty eight in the afternoon, as Mitchell White was driving down the road in his orange, double striped, Pontiac. He had the radio tuned up to his favorite song, jamming to it as he tapped his fingers on the wheel.

He just wanted to sit back on his couch, watch anime, and down some glasses of imported wine after such a long day at work. He spent several hours sorting out paperwork, answering people's phone calls stating that there were intruders outside their doors and running copies of reports at the police station.

Mitchell smiled, taking a left and diving into the street where his apartment building was. He parked into the parking lot and closed the door behind him, taking his everyday bag with him. The apartment building he lived in was very nice, it was a five-story building with a large Olympic pool, a recreation room, and a bar as well.

Mitchell licked his lips, eager to just go back to his apartment and leave the day behind him. He slung his bag on his back, walking into the front entrance. The room was painted orange, with a granite front desk countertop, and several fancy flowers and plants around.

He waved to the doorman, Enrique, as he walked into the elevator.

Enrique waved back, as he was on the phone with some soon to be resident.

How did Mitchell afford to stay in a place like this? It was simple, he lived with a rich uncle that gave him the money to live off; he worked very hard in school and in university, which gave him a very good head start in life; his job as a police dispatcher was very rewarding as well.

Mitchell pressed the button to the third floor, where his home was.

Once the ding chime rang, he walked out and headed straight.

When he walked in, he let out a cry of relief, setting his bag on his chocolate colored couch. His apartment walls were painted white and the floors were wooden mahogany boards. The floors were also very shiny, so shiny that Mitchell could see his own reflection in them.

He went into his room and changed from his blue shirt and black pants into a tight, black tank top and red shorts. He flicked on the television and went to the anime section on TV, and soon he was watching the next episode of Yuri! On Ice.

However, when he saw the scene where Viktor slipped the ring on Yuuri's finger, he couldn't help but remember when once he grabbed onto someone's hands while playing around on a sheet of ice. Damn it, it was so ironic, dancing on the ice when Mitchell was watching a show basically about that.

Anyways, Mitchell couldn't help but feel sad but feel nostalgic about it. He and his best friend Jaden were so close until Mitchell decided to go through surgery.

From a girl to a boy.

Mitchell felt insecure as a girl, that he –no she-requested her rich uncle to let her go through with it.

After that, he sort of lost all ties with Jaden. If transitioning wasn't a reason, then Mitchell didn't know what was! Feeling the tears starting to form in his eyes, he went into his kitchen and pulled out a dark bottle of wine.

But not even a glass of wine could help calm his nerves, as Mitchell set it on the counter and went to the couch.

As the anime credits rolled, Mitchell sat there, silently crying.

"Oh Jaden, I miss you…" he muttered, wrapping his arms around his knees.

3. Good Riddance.

Theodore Terrence was standing in the hallway, before his parents' empty room, with a gun in his hand. This was it. He was going to get back at his mother for calling him 'gay' for not wanting a girlfriend for so many years. Theodore cringed; remembering the first time his own mother called him that for the first time.

"So Theodore, if you had a girlfriend, what would you want her to look like?" his mother Polly asked, as she was combing her ten-year-old son's, Theodore, light brown hair. They were getting ready to go to church, and Polly was just curious about what girls her son was into. Polly was wearing her dark red hair in a bun, wearing white pearl earrings with a light purple dress with brown heels. Her son was wearing a dark blue sweater with khaki pants and black dress shoes.

Young Theodore shrugged, telling her, "I don't want a girlfriend; I think girls are kinda boring."

"What?" his mother widened her blue eyes, setting her comb down.

"I just girls are kinda boring, I don't even like a single one of them at school." Theodore simply explained.

His mother sneered, "That makes you a faggot! You're gay!" she barked at him.

Theodore was taken aback, "What? Mommy why would you call me that; I just said I don't like any girls; that doesn't make me gay."

Polly pointed her finger at the ground. "I am raising a gentleman in this house; not some faggot who will go around and sleep with girls' boyfriends!"

Theodore teared up. "No! I'M NOT GAY!"

Theodore was fourteen now. For the past four years, his mother tormented him saying that her only son was a dick-loving loser and gay boy for it. Oddly, Theodore's sisters were okay with him not liking girls, because they knew not to pick on him for not liking something, but that didn't save him from the wrath of his homophobic mother. Not even his father was around to stop her, and even if he was around, he'd be snoring on the couch after working long as a shooting instructor.

But fortunately for Theodore, his father was gone for the night and he left his gun safe open with his guns inside, as he was in a rush, thus giving the boy the weapon he had right now. Theodore walked into the room, took one of the pillows from the left side and put it on his mother's head. He pulled the trigger and his mother's blood was all over the sheets. Theodore had a grim look on his face, the entire time he shot his mother in the head. This was the ultimate revenge that he had now.

Smirking, Theodore held the smoking gun up, muttering, "You were the one who raised a faggot, dick-lover, and a gay boy, so it's your fault, whore."

4. Best Friend Bodyguard.

Prince Jaden cringed, as a knife but was thrown at his direction, from the distance. However, it was quickly deflected and sent to the other side of the room, by a katana. It was Keoki, and he was defending the prince.

Keoki was a tall, twenty-three-old, young man with black and blonde hair, with a straw hat. His eyes were brown; he was wearing a blue sleeveless gi top with black pants and shoes.

"I'm sorry, but I will not let you hurt the prince." He thwarted at them, holding his katana right in front of himself.

The Count of Crematoria was a man in his mid-forties, wearing a black robe and large black hat. His skin was a coffee colored and his eyes were hazel. The Count growled, and ordered his own guard, "Saul, more power!"

Without even a moment to think, Saul pulled two knives from the right sleeve of his sky blue and white robe and threw them at them.

Keoki gasped, he grabbed his straw hat and held it in front of himself as a shield, and the knives landed right in the middle of it. He looked at it and merely told Saul,

"Damn, you have a good aim, but your knives are now my assets."

Prince Jaden composed himself and inquired firmly to the Count, "Why are you doing this?"

"Your father had me put away, all for having a mere tantrum of losing to him in a game of cards!" the Count of Crematoria stomped, his fists clenched in front of his chest. He wanted to make the king pay, with his son's life.

Keoki frowned, narrowing his eyes at him. "You're basically a sore loser then; I pity you."

The Count growled, "You're just a bodyguard; what would a boy like you know?"

"Enough of this!" Keoki demanded. Keoki turned to Jaden, "Your Highness, if you wish to leave, now is the time; I will make sure he does not stop you!"

Prince Jaden burst open of the brick room they were in, smiling, "You're still as dependable as when we were children; impressive." Prince Jaden ran out as far as his sandaled feet could take him.

"Of course," Keoki smirked. "Good day." He sardonically bid the two, running away.

The Count of Crematoria narrowed his eyes. "Foolish children!"

Saul grimaced as he said so.

Like I said the summary box, Mitchell could be a warrior right now while Jaden's a prince. I'm cool if you want to keep your characters inside of their own, but going past your limits is always fun, or a new experience. *eyebrows wiggle* Right?

Anyways, hope you've read or enjoyed, or whatnot, and I'll see you soon!

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