Blessed / Cursed

Chapter Eight: Save me.

Josslynne couldn't control the hard tilt of her head and the deep frown etched onto her lips. "You think I'm Ice blessed." She said her teeth clenched so hard she thought they might crack.

Stefan started to reply but she cut him off with a sharp slash of her hand. "You've done all of this because you think I'm Ice blessed, kidnapped me, started a war no doubt and drug me across borders because you think I'm Ice blessed." Josslynne was certain smoke was coming out of her ears at this point.

The colossal fool! "You know I thought you were just crazy, some scheme running along for reasons unknown whatever! But now I know the truth of it, you are so blatantly stupid I am surprised you can breath unassisted you monumental MORON!" She shouted at the top of her voice rising to her feet all but ready to slam one of her balled up fists right into his stupid nose!

"I'll be honest this wasn't the reaction I expected." Stefan commented more to himself than her.

"I'm leaving now, farewell may you live a long prosperous life and then rot in hell!" She continued to shout as she began stomping off, where to she didn't care just away from that buffoon!

"Obviously that's not going to happen." Stefan said flicking his fingers to create a wall of fire blocking her path.

Josslynne did not hesitate for a beat, bravely or stupidly she walked straight into the flames leaving Stefan standing there mouth agape.

Somewhere in her frazzled searing rage she believed firmly that the flames were a mere trick, a tactic to force her to stop as it has always been, he had not once burned her and she highly doubted he would start now so she ignored it, pressed on stomping off into the night.

Stefan sighed dramatically before trailing quickly after her. "You are being quite ridiculous I want you to know." He remarked while doing some fancy foot work to plant himself in her path.

"Step aside sir." She said through her tight jaw her eyes glowing bright and merciless.

Stefan placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt at a placating gesture. Her reaction happened to him in slow motion and yet he was unable to guard himself from it when she closed her hand around his wrist and rushed forward just enough for a swift knee to reach him just below his belt causing him to all but crumble.

He swore darkly as she quickly side stepped her fallen captor and somehow calmly sauntered away. "Oh you bitch!" He hissed with what little breath his could manage as he gritted past the pain to stand again.

Josslynne could hear him rushing up behind her and while she had expected him to again attempt to block her path she was more than caught off guard when he sharply kicked her foot out from under her while almost simultaneously wrapping a hand around her hips and somehow flipping her over she couldn't help the small squeal followed by the grunt when they tumbled to the ground.

Had Josslynne not been so enraged she might of bothered to be impressed that somehow he managed that amazing maneuver without causing either of them pain.

She struggled against him hard, shifting and wriggling and almost escaping. "Stop!" Stefan shouted as he shifted them both until he was fully on top of her with her legs safely located on either side of his, no more nut hits for him!

Still boiling with rage Josslynne did the only thing she could she started swinging wildly, catching him at least twice with her first before he managed to get her hands locked under his, using his weight to fully restrain her, not that it stopped her from trying to muscle herself free, one look at her face and Stefan thought she might pop a blood vessel from the strain of the attempts.

"That's enough." He said calm as death.

"You're wrong, do you really believe that you could know something that huge about me? That I myself have lived my entire life without knowing, that my father was unable to pull out of me and somehow you know this secret that all of us missed?" She hissed venomously.

"Well when you put it that way, yes I do." He said not showing an ounce of anger or frustration. "I'll admit when I was told about it I doubted it too, honestly I thought it was all bullshit but desperate times….anyways I know you don't understand but I swear on my life you are blessed, maybe it isn't Ice maybe it's nothing anyone has ever seen before but you are blessed." He said with no small amount of conviction.

Somewhere in her anger fueled brain she latched onto two things, he had been desperate when this kidnapping scheme had been hatched and somehow he had confirmed his beliefs in the brief time they had been together.

She met his gaze her eyes fierce and unfaltering. "I will give you one chance to explain everything from why I'm here to why you think I'm blessed or I will never, never stop trying to get away from you." She said managing to keep the quake out of her voice.

Stefan arched a brow slightly, they still weren't quite home free, though he doubted they would run into anymore hiccups it was still a huge risk to tell her now but then again her actions from the moment he told her until this moment were so far from how she had been acting, hell she had walked head first into a wall of flame not even stopping to check if it would burn just steadfast that he wouldn't do that to her….he'd pressed a very serious button with her and if he didn't back it up he believed she would indeed do everything in her power to escape him and that was something he simply could not allow.

With a heartfelt sigh Stefan collapsed forward until his forehead was resting against hers. "If I tell you this there is no going back baby, you're as good as marrying me right here and now." He warned quietly.

His words weighed heavily on her, he had said from the beginning he would explain everything soon or at some point, what he had meant was he would explain when he knew she wouldn't be able to escape, whatever he was about to confess was no doubt a dangerous secret of his.

"No going back then." She replied managing to find her voice though there was a slight shake.

Stefan hesitated for a moment, unable to find the words to explain or really where to start, should he blunt and spit out the basics or be detailed….

"As you know I am the direct decedent of the first blessed because of this I am the strongest Fire blessed to ever live but I can only control it to a point…my body can only handle so much of the Fire, I can only safely use half of my power, if I exceed that I risk destroying myself and its safe to assume that my first born will not be able to control the Fire at all."

Josslynne could tell from his expression that he was telling the truth but she also failed to grasp how she figured into this, after the confusion settled and the gears in her brain started turning, highlighting recent events she began to decipher the puzzle.

"I told you once that I radiate heat which you are immune too but its more than that, you aren't just immune to the Fire that burns through me your presence suppresses it almost entirely." He went on confirming what she had concluded.

She wanted to refute him somehow but she couldn't, she remembered the look on his face the day in the rain, the genuine shock and surprise and now as he hovered over her revealing this dark secret his face spoke nothing but truth to her in what was probably one of the most vulnerable moments of his life.

She was at a cross roads though, to accept his story was to believe that she was blessed, had been all her life and had somehow missed it, but somehow he was so very convinced.

"I'm not…" She started weakly but Stefan hushed her quickly enough.

"You are the only one who can save me. I know you didn't ask for this and you don't deserve it and I am so sorry but I swear I will do everything I can to make you happy, I will give you a good life, a great life if you save mine."

Maybe it was the look on his face or the desperate and agonized tone in his shaky voice combined with the climax of the truth finally being laid before her and the idea of some hidden power inside her, or maybe it was because to him she was the most important person in the world, Josslynne couldn't decide but all the same she whispered. "Okay." As she leaned up and boldly pressed her lips to his, sealing her fate and his.


Alexander frowned at the High Lady of Lightning who sat before him, fury distorting her unremarkable features. "You came all this way to tell me that you failed to secure my daughter?" He mumbled un perturbed.

Kadence bristled. "Not only did you fail to insure she arrived safely you also reneged on marrying my youngest daughter to one of your sons! I never would have agreed to this if I had known-." Alexander cut her off. "Quit saving face, you're desperate to raise your seat of power and I gave you a way to do that, if your that upset then I suggest you stop wasting my time and find my daughter." He droned thoroughly uninterested.

"Do you even know who has taken her?" Kadence snapped practically foaming at the mouth to which Alexander shrugged.

Josslynne had been a weakness for him, so much like her mother and so useless, unable to defend herself from simple attackers, honestly he was lucky to be rid of her, purged at last of the last drop of weakness his heart possessed.

"I have been informed from a high ranking individual that the Fire blessed have taken her, and not just any random hobo, the High Lord's heir has taken her and intends to marry her!" Kadence said almost spitting in deep seated rage.

Alexander was unable to hide his surprise. "Your confident in your source?" He asked frowning.

When Kadence nodded Alexander rubbed his chin in thought, why would the Fire blessed heir be interested in Josslynne? She had no blessing, they were not likely looking for an ally…The current High Lord was married to an unblessed woman as well….perhaps that was why? But why? What did they gain from diluting their line so?

"Your thoughts?" Kadence pressed.

"I don't know but I strongly suggest you reclaim my daughter, else yours will pay for the slight." He warned darkly before waving at his guard to escort the baffled and enraged woman before him away.

Alexander drummed his fingers on his desk furiously thinking away, if only he could fathom why the Fire blessed had taken her, hell had he known they wanted her he would of brokered her away to them instead, James was a hell of a lot more powerful ally than Kadence….


Stefan could of collapsed with the surge of relief that crashed into him swiftly followed by an engulfing passion that threatened to undo him as his tongue swiftly explored Josslynne's warm and accepted mouth.

Stefan swore he could feel her heart thundering in her chest as he pulled her even closer, groaning against her lips as her arms snaked around him pulling him in.

He slowly moved his mouth from hers to her jaw, kissing along the line before dropping to her throat sliding his tongue just under her ear and relishing in the small moan that escaped her as her fingers fisted in his shirt.

He was floored when she mimicked his actions before their mouths met again in a heady and demanding kiss. "Babe if we don't stop now I'm not going to be able to at all." He warned breathlessly.

Josslynne looked at him for a moment, she should stop, they should stop…not even a moment ago she had completely melted down at the prospect of this moment, at his demanding and her willingness, she could feel her cheeks heat from the memory of it but there she was again, laying underneath him, his hardened body pressed against her his eyes hungry but hesitant.

Was she really okay doing this now? Did the truth make that big a difference? Were they not still basically strangers?…was it not custom for a woman to go this far with her betrothed? So many questions tumbled through her head but she was saved from making any decisions when Stefan placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before pushing himself off her.

"Next time you're mine." He said playfully as he got to his feet and helped her up.

"Is that a threat?" She replied good naturedly as she managed to shake her senses back together.

"A promise." Came his swift reply as he tugged her to his side and slung his arm lazily over her shoulders.

By late evening the next day they had managed to finally reach Curio and mercifully they had not encountered any troubles, they had even managed to hold onto the playful mood that had settled between them.

Josslynne did continue to pester him with questions which he answered and returned, pleased that they were both learning about each other though they didn't venture into any heavy topics.

They made their way through the small town finally coming to a cozy little inn with a broken sign.

"Oh look they made it." Came Eran's singsong voice as he was the first to notice them, he took only one look at her in her little slip, though Stefan had long sing handed over his jacket to her she was still quite exposed and the murderous look that Stefan sent at him was enough warning to Eran to neither comment or allow his eyes to linger. "My dear I had bets that you had disposed of our young Lord and were on your way home." He continued before bowing low.

"You sound disappointed." Stefan replied dryly. "Where's my stuff?" He added.

"Never and its in your usual room." He replied though Josslynne wasn't paying them any mind as her eyes landed on the small feast spread across a large table in the center of the large common room.

Stefan knew she was dying to eat real food but first things first he thought as he tugged her along up the stairs on the far side of the room. Josslynne's eyes only briefly strayed back to the feast before she was pulled from sight. "How are you not hungry?" She grumbled dutifully following where he led.

"I'm starving." He answered plainly as he entered his usual room not bothering to close the door he released her hand and started digging through his bags.

"There was food-" She stopped short when he turned and handed her some of his clothes with a smirk on his face.

"Baby if you wanna sit down there with all those people wearing just a slip that's fine with me." He said causing her to blush fiercely and dropped her gaze in embarrassment, somehow she had become oblivious to just how poorly she was clothed.

Stefan couldn't stop the smile that crossed his lips before he tucked his finger under her chin and gently forced her gaze up. "We're officially in Velaze now, only a days walk from Velaze proper." He said before pressing a gentle kiss to her lips and leaving the room.

Josslynne knew what he really meant, they were a days walk away from being married, from their fate being sealed, doing what cannot be undone and any other dramatic way to phrase it.

She no longer felt a sense of dread and thoughts of escape didn't dance in the back of her mind, nor was she bursting at the seems with excitement, not that she had been excited at the prospect of marrying Arnold either, no what she felt now was simple acceptance, the same acceptance she had embraced when her father told her she would be marrying Arnold though somehow more sincere.

She pushed those thoughts aside as she fumbled her way into his overly large clothing, a small smile spread across her lips as she breathed in his scent that now engulfed her like his flames often did.


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