I am a fucking universe

Trapped under this filmsy flesh

Fighting, fighting always

To escape the process of fitting in

Pushing boundaries

I have stars smoldering within

Waiting for their supernovan moment

So they can burst free

And you dare try to define me

With measly human terms?

I'm the energy of the cosmos

Always in constant chaos

Trying to find stability

To search for the calm of freedom

To not be confined

To break past any barriers you've set for me

And you dare to tie me down

With mortal strands of order?

I'm a goddess on rampage

Overturning mountains of injustice

With weaponized questions

Each one so deadly nuclear

Piercing through veils you have spun

With lies and misogyny

And you dare to stifle me

With gags of mere threats?

I scare you

In all my cosmic glory

So much so you call me unearthly

Label me a heretic

Brand me inhuman

Because you are afraid of all those things

The things that make me human.