Recently, my friend was sad. So I wrote her a poem. Ideally, no one will feel this way. However, that is impossible. So if there's anyone feeling unhappy at the center, maybe they can read this poem and feel better.

Just hang on for a bit longer, my dear friend.

Here comes your undeserved suffering's end.

If there's really no one else for you to turn to,

I will happily come and I will find you.

Just hold on. I will find you, sister.

Don't get sad, bitter. Get better.

Pain strengthens the strong.

Fear drives motivation. You might go wrong.

And I don't know what the unknown future will unfold.

But when that overwhelming sea of doubt drowns you whole, you I will mentally hold.

And I will readily pull you out.

I won't let you stay at the bottom, so don't worry about.

The dark hole you're trapped in might be too deep to escape,

And all of your deep wounds may repulsively and openly gape.

But, with my unneeded but eager help, we can get through this.

Please, don't let your justified fear cause you to think that you can't win, sis.

I swear, I'll be there for you.

No matter where you run to.

You know too many of my secrets for me to let you go.

Thank you for reading! A lovely present and future to you.