Kids are the ammo in your divorcing war

When war is declared, the battle is there!

My Princes, my life, my grand child is where?

Parents are fighting and kids become hate

The hate that of, a flashing grenade!


War is not love and kids are the gate,

Fed and filled with endless more hate.

Kids, they are love, they don't want to fight

But parents teach kids, that, their hate is right!


Hate what is taught by parents alike

The kid is the ammo in every damn fight

Husbands are dicks and wives are right,

Why bring the children in to our fight?


Kids have to listen, they have no voice.

Kids have no clue, for why all this noise

The battle raise on, the kid is prevented

Prevented, to see, Grandpa, in this case, it's me!


Grandpa was there, for thirty some years

Grandma divorced him there was the fear

Grandpa is lying he is an ass

Grandma is screaming; I am the best!


Grandma has proven that she is missed

Grandma has shown, the misfit she is

Grandma who married, by now, eight times

But Grandma is awesome Grandma is fine.


The writer is me, bad ass step grandfather; Rene van der Tas. July 2017