Author notes -

Hello and thank you for reading! If any of you have checked out my previous stories then you are probably wondering what this is. Well, to explain, this is the complete and final cut of my story. This one won't be split into parts and will be updated as and when I finish a chapter to a standard I believe is acceptable for uploading. The other versions are little more than drafts that I don't mind if you read too, it'll give a good understanding of where the story is going. In essence, the parts that are individually uploaded are like the web novel version, while this version is the version I wish to release as a published book (And as such, if I ever do publish it, then this version will be removed). So enjoy and feel free to comment opinions and stuff, I love to hear what people think and you can be as critical as you want, I'd prefer honesty rather than someone saying it's good just so they don't make me feel bad. I'll try to update this version regularly but with part 3 in development as well, I can't promise anything.


Space is a vast wilderness of mysteries. No matter where you look, you are sure to find something unexpected. In the part of space you live in, for example, there is a very mysterious thing indeed. In fact, this mysterious thing is right where you are, right now, where you are sat reading this story. For in the space and time that your planet Earth exists, there are two other planets, existing, just slightly, in different realities, just enough so that the three planets don't interact but still remain connected in some way. Well, that is how it was but no longer is that the way, as you all know. It is common knowledge that these three planets merged into one. However, the story of how these three became one is not well known, in fact, very few know about it and that is why I am writing this record of events for you all now. This is a record of events, both before and after the merging and up until the situation our shared world is in now. For if I do not tell this story now, it may one day be lost in the depths of time.

Our story starts on the planet Chasha. It is a rather simple looking planet, covered in sand as far as the eyes can see and then even beyond that. Just a few decades ago, scientists on Earth would've considered this planet uninhabitable, that no life could ever exist here. And, yet there was. On this planet there existed many forms of life and yet none of them relied on directly on water. Instead, the life-forms here evolved to take advantage of the high quantities of hydrogen in the atmosphere of Chasha. The advantage this gives them is that they have oxygen naturally forming in their bodies, this combined with the hydrogen they breathe in, gets fused together to form water inside their respiratory systems, hence why I said they don't directly rely on water. This is how all species on Chasha have come to be and have survived for over two millennia.

This difference is not the only one. Physically, Chashians reach maturity after a much longer time than humans, roughly around 25 Earth years, however, they look very similar to humans excluding their pointed ears, similar to those of elves. This similarity to elves in human mythology and stories is thought to be the possible origin of such creatures in tales, that maybe humans knew about the Chashians long before the merging and simply incorporated them into their stories. Considering I mentioned Earth years, I should also explain that measurements for time are different on this planet. Chashians don't really judge time by minutes or seconds, just by how high their star is in the sky, a period which is only slightly longer than Earth's day. As for their years (which they call cycles), they are five hundred and forty-seven days long compared to Earth's three hundred and sixty-five. Their concepts of time though, were of no concern to the Chashians for they weren't exactly the most scientifically inclined species, they had little in terms of scientific experimentation, any that were done were kept entirely secret. They never even took interest in the stars or other planets, there were some who observed these things but no one actually decided to start studying them. Many others felt it was a pity that the Chashians never took an interest in those tiny, sparkling diamonds in the sky that were the stars, taking everything into account, the Chashians were arguably pretty well suited for space travel. Instead, they ignored the blanket of stars that spread over the sky each night. But that isn't to say that their lack of interest in science held them back, in fact, it helped them in many ways. Without having finances being put towards space travel they focused on developing technology that they thought useful. Still, they were still nowhere near advanced as the Human race had come to be.

In general, a human would consider life on Chasha to be incredibly boring. Everyone was rather friendly to one another and took an evasive approach to any problems that they had with other people. In terms of war, well, there was a couple in the early centuries but within the last millennia, there had been nothing bigger than a large fight consisting of about a hundred people either side. Besides that, the planet had been in peace for a very long time. The society they lived in, raised children to grow into jobs pre-chosen for them, many ended up stuck in jobs that they didn't want, like or deserve. This resulted, in what many onlookers would consider, as a very unhappy life, a life that would span nearly a century on average. There were some that didn't conform to their fates or did something that went against the laws but these people were quickly banished from the cities and towns that the Chashians occupied. This left them wandering the deserts with no food and no hope of finding any safe haven, barring a few rather questionable settlements that were full of just as questionable people. Everyone else lived their lives inside the walls that surrounded every settlement and also died there, most never even see the outside world. It is in one of these settlements that our story begins.

Kono was arguably one of the oldest settlements on Chasha, some believing it to be one of the first. In a house in Kono, there lived a man. This man is the one this story primarily follows and his name is Ensho. Ensho stood at the height of six foot four, a height that was rather tall for a Chashian, setting him apart from others. It wasn't just his height that meant that Ensho wasn't the greatest example of a Chashian though, there were other things too that made him seem almost like a negative of other Chashians. He was curious about the outside world, antisocial towards other Chashians (but only because he found them boring) and he was also violent. His violence stemmed from two things, the first was an incident when he was younger, in which both his parents perished, leaving sixteen-cycle-old Ensho to look after himself. The second reason was one of his favourite hobbies; sword training. You see, while the Chashians were a peace loving race, they also trained themselves to look after one another in the wilds. The reason for this was rooted deep in the past from which stories, myths and legends have been passed down generation to generation telling of an unpredictable event that would change everything and plunge the world into chaos. Ensho wasn't a fan of listening to old stories that he felt would never come true, although he secretly wished that they would, but was glad that it gave him an excuse to fight other people and not get in trouble for it. He was quite good at it too. Not only did he have a natural affinity with swords but he was also rather skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well. In many ways, it was good that he had these things to do, for he had managed to get himself fired from his job as an office attendant, something the boss wasn't happy about, always muttering about how Ensho was the first person to be fired in over four hundred cycles. Nonetheless, Ensho tried his best to fit in and look for another job, little did he know that the search was unneeded. For soon, he would be swept out of Kono and on an adventure that would change who he was.

Ensho looked forward, blinking slightly to remove the mixture of blood, sweat and tears from his eyes. He walked slowly forward, observing the laid down bodies of friend and foe alike, some dead, some barely hanging on to the tiniest bit of rope that gave them life. In front of him, sat on a throne made of wrought iron and inundated in small jewels that decorated the arms, sat the man, the instigator of everything that had happened up until now. Ensho wiped more tears from his eyes. He hated this, this feeling, the feeling of sadness that overwhelmed him. He had promised himself that he would never feel such sadness again, ever since that day. But this man in front of him, he was insistent on making sure Ensho couldn't keep his promise. Friends had died. Enemies had died. Innocent people had died. All Ensho could do at those times was stand and watch as each life came to an end in front of his eyes.

He continued to move forward, his hands shaking, his sadness turning into a rage that burned deep inside him. In his right hand, he squeezed hard on the small crystal that he had carried with him for many cycles now. A swirl of blue flames wrapped around his arm, licking at his body before moving down to form the sword that had seen many a battle. He lifted it up and pointed the tip of the blade at the armoured man sat across the room from him. The man sneered at him.

"Today is the day we fight. I may fall today but I will rise again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. I will not rest until I stop you and if that means that I have to kill you, then so be it." Ensho declared, flames burning in his eyes as he cemented his determination. The man just sat there, unblinking. Ensho ran forward, his feet splashing in crimson pools of blood that lay stagnant on the tiled floor of the room. It flew up in the air, evaporating at the touch of the heat that emanated from the sword in Ensho's hand. His heart beating at a speed that felt like it was literally pulling itself apart, Ensho swung his blade at the man in front of him. The two clashed with echoes that rang out throughout the entire fortress. This was the day, the day Ensho finally fixed the twistedness that had haunted the worlds for far too long.