Ode To Mark Watney

I love space because it's cool

And because astronauts rule

Saturn has many rings

and The Sun's super bling


The Galaxy's huge

and the universe infinite

There's telescopes discovering

planet's like Kepler-186F


Stars explode

Rockets too

We haven't been back to the moon.

We're heading straight for the stars

We're heading straight for Mars.


One small step

Is one giant leap

Mars has Curiosity (rover)


Movies make it seems so deep

I've got heroes like Tim Peake

Want to go to Mars someday

Want to work for the ESA


Maybe Elon Musk will take me

Across the entire Galaxy

(Or at least to Houston, Texas

I'd also settle for Venus)


This all started in 2015

Because of a little space Botany

(Not for real, in the Movie,

Thank you to Mark Watney)