Before there was life, Teproria was a goddess. She danced with the stars and played games with the moons. No one knows what she looked like, but she was surely beautiful. For millions of years, she was alone in the sky.

But as you know, this did not last forever. Teproria began to grow old and became lonely. The stars grew stagnant and the moons simply followed her slowly through the sky. She did not want the world to end when she died. So she created four children, dividing her power between them all. When she was done, her body was hard and heavy. Teproria curled into a ball for her children to rest on and became the core of the planet we live on, today.

All of her children had amazing, unique powers. Peio could create earth. Fenrax created water. Nixus could grow plants, and Lesrion could create animals. By exploring their powers, they created our world almost as it is, now. But the water did not run, plants did not grow fruit, the earth did not rise and fall as it does, and animals did not eat one another. The running of the animals began to make the world turn, and time began. As the days started passing, the animals began to feel hunger. They ran to Lesrion and pleaded to her.

"Lesrion, please! We must eat! We shall starve and die if we do not find food!" Their goddess thought for a moment, and came to a conclusion quickly.

"Ah, I know!" Lesrion kissed their noses and strong teeth grew in their mouths. "Eat from the trees and plants. Nixus will not mind." So the animals ate from the grass, the trees, and all the other plants they could find. But Nixus' beautiful creations were left weak and sick. She was furious and approached her sister.

"What do your monsters think they are doing to my plants?"

"They were starving, so I had no choice but to let them eat the plants." she replied, seeing no reason for Nixus to be upset.

"My plants die because of you! Your stupid beasts will learn what it is like to be eaten." and she stormed off. Lesrion knew Nixus could not control her animals, and was not afraid.

Lesrion had no time to worry anyways, as a new problem arose. Fenrax had began venturing higher, putting his water in the sky. He was amazed when it formed clouds, and rain poured down on Teproria. Storms began to form, rumbling and striking above the earth. The animals did not have homes and were miserable. Again, they ran to Lesrion.

"Lesrion, please! We need shelter! We shall freeze and die if we do not find it!" Again, Lesrion thought and gave them a solution.

"Ah, I know!" she touched each of their paws and hands, and strong claws grew. "Burrow into the earth and hide. Peio will not mind." So the animals dug into the ground and made burrows all over. The ground became pocked and ugly. Peio became cross and sought out his sister.

"Lesrion!" he yelled. "What are your animals doing to my soil?"

"Fenrax was pouring down on them, they would die without burrows." she responded calmly.

"So you let them tear up the very ground we walk on?" he demanded. "They will not find it so easy to dig soon, sister; be warned." he turned quickly and left. Lesrion was admittedly a bit afraid, but knew her brother would forgive her soon enough. She was distracted once again when her creatures came to her.

"Lesrion, please! We are overcrowded! We shall starve and die if we do not find more space!" Lesrion took a long time to answer, but found one.

"Ah, I know!" she touched the animals' feet and they turned to flippers. "Dive into the water. You may live in it, or cross it to live on the land on the other side. Fenrax will not mind." So her animals dove into the water and played, making it dirty and turbulent. Fenrax saw this and approached his sister calmly.

"Lesrion, your animals soil my water." he said.

"Well, they live there. You can't expect animals to be perfectly clean."

"Since when do they live in my water?" he asked pointedly.

"There was not enough room on the earth. I had to let them live there, or they would be unhappy." she replied.

"You did not ask me." he growled. "You test your limits, Lesrion. Cruel things happen to those who are cruel." He left without saying anything else. Lesrion was now very afraid, and went to check on some of the animals farther inland. The first one she came upon was hunched over something red and wet.

"What is that horrid thing?" Lesrion gasped, turning away in disgust.

"I'm sorry, Lesrion. I grew hungry, and I ate the grass as I normally would.." the animal explained. "but it only made me hungrier. I looked for something else that could fill my stomach.. and found this bloke." The animal licked its bloody lips, and Lesrion was nearly sick. She ran from the incident quickly, only to encounter other horrific scenes.

Huge mounds of earth reached into the sky, and in some places, it plummeted into seemingly bottomless chasms. The rivers and seas were turbulent, churning and raising in huge waves that crashed against the earth. In the midst of it all, Lesrion's animals struggled, fighting one another and the elements.

From then on, there was all out war between the sibling gods. The three's revenge on their sister affected one another's domains, as well, and their wrath began to shape the world as we see it, today. Earth shakes, water storms, wild beasts, and poisonous fruits were all born from this war. However, the war to rule the world did not last forever. The gods eventually grew tired, realizing their fight was futile. It was too late to recover the world as it had been. The gods, like their mother, were tired, and ready to leave the world to whoever would come after them. Nixus and Peio have never been seen since, but many say they have glimpsed Lesrion or Fenrax awake and active.