So I came up with this at 3 am in the morning. For some reason, ideas come to me when I'm half-asleep. My computer wasn't playing ball, so I couldn't post this when I wanted to, but it all worked out eventually. Thank you to amalspach at the fan fiction site for the wonderful cover image. Enjoy.

Have you ever dreamed about getting a wish? Whether it be from tossing a coin into a fountain, blowing out those birthday candles, wishing upon a shooting star, or watching that Aladdin movie and wishing you had a genie? Don't deny it. Everyone, as a child, has secretly made a wish, whether they believed it would come true or not.

Me? Well, I thought about what I'd wish for if I got a wish. The whole three wishes with a genie thing seems too good to be true (and I'm an unselfish person who prefers to not ask for a lot). In the end, I planned out the exact wording for a wish if I had one thing to wish for, because there's that whole thing about being too vague and ending up having your wish ruined.

I'm the kind of person who never believed in wishes, ever since I can remember. I knew that they wouldn't change anything, that no matter how much I hoped and prayed for something, it wouldn't have any affect on what happened. I never believed a wish would come true, I never believed in wishing for anything.

I can't change the world. People say that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and I believe that's true, it's just that I don't think I'd be willing to go through all that it takes to make a difference in the world. There are all these stories about years of failure and people telling you that you can't do it. There are stories of people loosing everything before they do something amazing, and that's not a trade I'm willing to make.

No matter how many people there are out there that make a difference, there will always be more people who don't. I'm willing to be one of those people that doesn't make a difference to the world, if it means that someone more qualified has the chance to do so instead. You could call it laziness. You could say that I'm just one of those people that isn't willing to work hard, that just gives up before they even start. And yeah, that's all true. But if we were all ambitious, then no one would seem ambitious in comparison. See my logic?

Anyway, I made a wish. The same wish I always make, because I don't think it's worth wishing for anything else. I don't wish for things in the hope that they'll come true. I don't wish that my parents will get me a new car; I don't wish that I'll ever get a boyfriend (I'm a guy, closet case, don't judge); I don't wish that I'll suddenly be athletic, or that I'll get some fancy scholarship or degree. I don't wish for things like that.

"Hey, Luka, check it out," My best friend, Lucy, says to me.

"What?" I ask her. She points to the sky. We were on the roof of my house, stargazing. As the two of us have established that I hold no romantic feelings for her whatsoever (she's the only person I've told of my sexuality) we had become best friends without any risk of romantics coming between us - which is basically my way of saying we could do things like stargaze together without one of us mistaking it for a date.

"It's a shooting star," She says, half giggling at the prospect. "That's so cliché. You'd think that shooting stars don't exist, but when you see one in real life, it just happens to be when you're stargazing with your best friend of the opposite gender."

"Are you suggesting something?"

"Heavens no. Just saying. If only I spent time with a guy that I actually had a chance with. This would be the perfect opportunity to make a move."

"Sorry to disappoint you."

"Oh, you know I'm kidding. Like I have a chance with any guy. I'd rather be with my best friend any day. No romantic drama can ever come between us."

"Hey, you will totally find someone eventually."

"Yeah right."

"You will. I'm the one with the sore chances."

"Please. I'll bet you twenty bucks you find a guy before I do."

"Deal. What happens if we both never end up with someone?"

"Then neither of us pays the twenty. Or both of us do. We'll decide it when the time comes. Now make a wish, idiot. Don't waste the chance to wish upon a star."

"You were right. So cliché."

"Just do it, Luke. I've already made mine."

"What is it?"

"Can't tell. And no, it has nothing to do with getting you even though you're homosexual." Thankfully, we've established that I don't like the word "gay" as a reference to my sexuality. When that became a trend, I don't know, but I just don't like the word, and Lu understands.


So what do I always wish for? I know you're dying to know. Well…too bad. You're just gonna have to keep reading the story to find out. I know. Don't hate me.

But what I can tell you, is that the wish that I made, against all odds and expectations, came true. And by the next day, my life would never be the same.