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"So…how does this thing work?" Lucy asked.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you," Will said, stealing his watch/teleporter thing from her. "It's as basic as it gets. Set coordinates, push the "Go" button, and you go there. I've already inputted the coordinates for home, but we all have to be touching for it to take us all, and I need to program it for the four of us. It doesn't take uninvited guests, after all. If anyone got their hands on this thing and used it for the wrong reasons, it could be havoc."

"What? Is it illegal or something?"

"No, but it's in beta. Luka's brother's wife usually says things are going to be fine, and then something blows up."

"Could you just say their names so that you don't have to give the entire shpeel each time?" Lu complained.

Will grunted and rolled his eyes, but then sighed.

"Fine. Luka's brother's name is Lukas-"


"Blame his parents, not me. Anyway, Lukas's wife's name is Lumina, and her sister's name is Zalia. Those two sister's hold powers of light and darkness. I don't really get it all, but basically, Lumina's dark, brings with her bad luck, has a sadistic personality, etc., and Zalia's always nice, brings good luck, can make anyone smile, etc. They can also sense things like turmoil and joy respectively. They're a strange pair, more powerful than anyone I've ever seen."

"I'll try not to take offense to that…" Lu muttered.

"Just wait till ya meet them."

"Why did Luka's brother marry the dark one?" Simon asked.

"She's not evil and it's not like she chose to be born the dark one of the two sisters. As far as we've been told, they're experiments too, like Simon had been. Lukas and Lumina are actually a cute couple."

"So many L's," Lu complained.

"If you think that's bad, wait until you hear about Luka's little sister."

"Little sister?!" I complained. "As if a big sister wasn't enough?!"

"So you have Laura in this world?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Is she blind, or visually impaired in any way?"

"She's blind, yeah. Been that way since she was born."

"And Maxine? What about her?"

"She's Laura's best friend and guide."

"Hm, interesting. You see, Laura has the ability to bend, sense, and utilize sound in numerous ways. She uses her powers like echo location, being able to map out the environment around her with just the vibrations of the slightest sound. It's really helpful considering her blindness."

"Was she born blind too?"

"She was born visually impaired…but…well, we're a group of people with rough pasts, and Laura's no exception."

"What do you mean?"

"She doesn't talk about it, but basically, while she was in captivity, her eyes…yeah. We've healed them to the best of our abilities, but we weren't able to recover her eyesight. She uh…she says that…whatever happened…the last thing she remembered seeing was…being held down and…someone coming at her with…knives."

"What about Max?" Lu asked.

"She's a psychic. Very powerful. Telekinetic and telepathic. Of course, Laura found a way to bypass her abilities by vibrating the air at the right frequency of her psychics and rendering her powers null and void."

"That's smart," Lu admitted. "Laura can be scary sometimes. I don't know about in your world, but she's got super-hearing here."

"Can't really be sure whether she has super-hearing, or she's just feeling the vibrations around her and just knows from that. Either way, there is no way to sneak up on that girl. Anyway, you can meet her when we get home."

"What's it like?" Simon asked. "Do…where do we live?"

"Depending on the day? A palace, a camp, a rehab center, an apartment."

"And what do I do for fun? Who do I hang out with? How many friends do I have?"

"Friends, family. There are lots a people you hang out it. Mostly Luka though. Not sure what you do, and I'm sure half the time, I don't wanna know."

"How long have we been together again?" I asked.

"You just recently got together officially. Like, literally, a couple days before you went missing. Actually, Luka was taking you on your first date, Simon. Unless you count the many times you were attacked while together. Oh, and your first and second kiss. Those might count as well."

"What were those?" Simon asked.

"We should probably get your memories back for that. I'm not sure how your first kiss went, since it was a bit rocky and you both refused to say anything about it, and your second, all I know is that you two came home beaming at each other and holding hands. Also, Luka had a pair of wings, which was a bit suspicious."

"What?!" The three of us exclaimed.

"Oh, did I not mention Luka's a shape-shifter? I could've sworn I told you that before. I hate amnesia."

"Shifter of form!" Lu yelled before grabbing my shoulders and shaking me. "Shifter. Of. FORM!"

"Yea, I heard," I said.

"You're the second shifter of form that lightning-armor dude mentioned!" She said.

"Yeah, I figured that out too."

"You can shape-shift! That's awesome! And Simon can change outside forces into other things. It's like you're meant for each other! Shifters of form!"

"Calm down, Lu. Breathe. Please tell me you're not high or drunk or something."

"I don't think we even have alcohol in this house, Luka. Even if we did, you realize I can barely stand most soft drinks? What are the odds I'd ever resort to alcohol or drugs? Makes you do stupid things that you eventually regret later. Not worth it."

"We're agreed, sister," Will said.

I didn't mention that her lack of drugs or alcohol might have lead to her suicidal path, because she never allowed herself any leave of her pain like most teenagers would do. She chose to shoulder the weight of her depression without taking anything that might relieve her of the pain for even a few moments. Drugs and alcohol are bad, of course, but my point is that she never took any opportunity to let go of the pain. She just took it, never complaining, never doing anything about it. No wonder she was in so much pain, but…I just don't understand her.

She took the pain, that ended up making her suicidal. She didn't tell anyone about it, she never acted out in an attempt to numb the pain or get rid of it, and yet it pushed her to nearly killing herself. Gods, if I hadn't confronted her when I did…

"This is awesome," She was saying. "We need to figure out how to activate these powers! Luka, do you know the possibilities of shape-shifting?!"

"Clearly you do," I said.

"He's pretty good at it too," Will said. "I mean, shape-shifting wasn't his initial power, but he learned it pretty fast."

"It wasn't my original power? What's that mean?"

"Everyone where we're from is born with a power, but you, Luka, have a very complicated past, and Lumina ended up having to give you an extra power in order to save your life: shape-shifting. Your original power was that you were a sharp-shooter. Are you far-sighted?"


"Case in point. I've never seen you miss with a gun, or a bow and arrow for that matter, though you prefer the gun."

"When do we get to go home?!" Simon exclaimed. "And when does Luka get to look like an angel?"

"More like a devil with those eyes," Lu muttered.

"I think they're hot," Simon said defensively before suddenly realizing he'd said it aloud and blushing. "I-I mean they're cool. But they're red, so they're not cool, they…they're nice."

"Never said they weren't. They're very handsome."

"What's that mean?!" He snapped.

"Aw, he's jealous," Will cooed.

"I…what?! No! You…! No!"

The two of them laughed, and I couldn't help but smile.

"You're mean! Evil! You set me up for this, didn't you?! I protest! Luka, stop them!"

"Hey, you should know by now that nothing stands in Lu's way. As for Will…" I cleared my throat. "William, I will throw you to Tartarus if you don't shut up and stop laughing at my boyfriend right now!"

"Aw, we're at the boyfriend stage. Before, you were way too shy to admit he was your boyfriend. We've made progress!"

To tell the truth, we were still in that embarrassed stage. The word just slipped out, and now that Will had pointed it out, I was mortified. I mean, I was completely homosexual no matter what Will said, but I'd never dated someone before. Luka Yaru. Boyfriend. The words just don't make sense together.

"Oh, we're kidding, Simon," Lu said.

I realized Simon was hiding behind me. He was pretty pale, and so the blush on his cheeks was obvious. He was so adorable.

"Now what were we talking about?" Lu continued. "Ah! So, teleporter thingy! How long until it's up and running?"

"Not long," Will said, looking at it. "Got anything for breakfast? I could probably finish within a meal's time."

"You're just looking for free food," She muttered.

"I could give you Crystalian currency, however, I believe it would be a bit inappropriate."


"We are from a planet called Crystalia, therefore we are Crystalians. Anyway, we use these."

He pulled out a bunch of rectangular coins, the edges rounded so it could be argued that they were ovals. They had a bunch of weird symbols on them, that I could only assume were Crystalian. They looked to be of all different kinds of metals, and maybe they were stuff like gold, silver and bronze, or maybe they were some alien metals that just looked like said human metals, or maybe they were said humans metals, just the Crystalians had different words for them.

Anybody's guess.

"Those look like the Chinese coins we got from that shop," Lucy realized. "I guess that's one more mystery solved."

"Well I'd assume that on this planet, these things are priceless, if my searching for you has told me anything. I mean, I'm pretty sure I just accidentally paid off this one guy with the most expensive object on this planet. I think they're making it into a ring or something. Really, to us, it's the equivalent of a nickel. Anyway, maybe I am in it for food, but the thing won't take long to fix, so you, human, might as well eat before you starve."

"It doesn't take that little time for us to starve, alien."

"I heard it takes about three of your days, which is like an hour for us."

"That's being without water. Does that exist on your planet, smartass?"

"Duh. It exists everywhere there is life, whether residents realize it or not. Anyway, if you're that keen on sitting around in the morning while hungry, go ahead and wait a few minutes for me to finish."

He went over to sit on the cough and began fiddling with the watch. After a few minutes of the three of us just standing there, Simon and I waiting for Lucy to do something - because let's face it, William actually suggested something that we might've done anyway, and then Lu took it as a challenge, but he's being all casual on the matter, and the proceeded to actually just dare her to do as he'd said because it was actually a good idea, which is basically a recipe for disaster when it comes to Lu and her pride - she stomped into the kitchen and sulked on a glass of lemonade.

Crisis averted(?)

Anyway, taking that as a cue that Lu wasn't going to murder us if I decided to give Simon some Cheerios - which we'd discovered was apparently his favorite cereal, since the marshmallows in Lucky Charms were too sweet and had a weird texture that he didn't like, and cornflakes were either too crunchy or tasted gross when he let them get soggy (which he does with the Cheerios, by the way - don't judge I do it too) - I got us each a bowl of said cereal and we ate at the table.

Taking pity on Lu and her pride, I got her a bowl too, which she begrudgingly ate.

By the time we'd finished and put our dishes in the washer, it was awkward silence, since we were afraid that striking up a conversation with Will would lead to Lu getting riled up, spelling doom for Simon and I.

We stayed out of it, therefore Lucy had no choice but to stay out of it too, since she was the kind of person to hold in her thoughts towards Will out of pride - since making the first move would just make her sound overdramatic and snobby (something she was keen on proving she was not since that was the basic expectation of a teenage girl).

With none of us talking, Will wasn't talking either, both focusing on his task of setting up his little teleporter, while also trying not to make Simon upset, therefore making me upset, therefore giving Lucy a chance to slaughter him.

Got all that?


I was contemplating the situation as a means to filling the silence.

"Okay, I'm gonna need a DNA sample from each of you," Will finally said.

"Oh, so you aliens still have DNA on your planet, huh?" Lucy snapped. "Thought you'd have an overcomplicated fancy name for it or something, or that you wouldn't have the same names than us pitiful humans."

And…there is was.

Of course, Will had half a brain, and so he probably expected anything that came out of his mouth would be met with resistance, standing and walking into the kitchen as calmly as he could.

"Don't really know what you mean."

He tapped the back of his neck.

"Instant translators, used for all different languages. I don't know what you're hearing when I say "DNA," but I'd assume the concept is the same. Anyway."

He plucked a hair from her head, and she expectantly punched him in the gut like a fight-or-flight response. I believe the term had once been described as "fear-punching," but instead of being afraid, it was her lashing out when she was surprised and ticked off.

"OW, shithead! Little warning next time?!"

"But if I'd given you warning, you wouldn't have let me do it," He reasoned with a smile. "Besides, it was either a hair, some skin, or some blood, so I believe I'm doing you a favor."

She moved to kick him in the shins, but he expected it and backed out of the way. Continuing an attack would've just made her flail around embarrassingly, she knew, and so she just huffed and sunk in her chair with her arms crossed, sulking once more.

Man, Will, you are pushing your luck to an extreme extent here. I had no doubt that Lucy was now going to get revenge in every way she could for the rest of Will's life.

Rest in peace, friend.

He put the long strand of black/brown hair (depended on the lighting what color it was, really) into his little watch, and it sucked it up like a spaghetti noodle. After a few beeps and dings, Will slipped the watch on his left wrist.

"Okay, ready to take us all back," He said.

"What about Luka and Simon?!" Lucy protested.

"Luka and I have known each other since we were kids playing with action figures, and I've raised Simon since he was…well, since he was born. I've known them long enough to have their DNA samples."

"Wasn't Simon taken when he was a kid?"

"Unimportant detail. Point is, he's my brother, and I have his DNA. Now let's move it. I'm tired of this tiny planet with three second days, rude common-folk, global warming, and a pure democratic government."

"Sorry to disappoint, your Highness," Lu growled.

"Why thank you, peasant. You know, thanks to Simon and Luka, Lukas and Lumina, Zalia and her husband, Zedekiah - yes, I know, two Z's, get over it - I, technically am royalty. If and when Luka and Simon get married, that is."

Simon blinked in surprise before blushing.

Lucy didn't notice, as she looked more intent on tearing Will limb from limb.

"Yeah, well I'll give you a royal-"

"Okay, let's just go!" I interrupted before Lu could do something along the lines of homicide.

Seriously, did Will have a death wish?! Stop provoking the girl who's willing and able to stab you to death with just a pencil!

"Right. Everyone needs to be touching in some way. I suggest all hands on mine in a sort of rallying bonding session. You know, the whole "1, 2, 3, SOMETHING!" and then everyone breaks apart raising their hands like "who-ho!" I was never a sports guy. Is there a name for that kind of thing? Am I having a brain-fart? Anyway. Hands on, people."

I put my hand on the watch, Simon put his hand on mine, and Lucy put her hand on with a "There, you happy?" face.

"Here we go."

Will pressed the button on the side of the watch and it sparked. The sparks didn't hurt, but it seemed like nothing more than that happened.

Will pressed the button again, but the same result.

"Genius," Lucy muttered sarcastically.

Will glared at her, before turning his attention to the watch, pulling it back and taking it off to examine.

"That's odd. It's fully charged, and it should be up and running. Granted, I ain't a mechanic, so don't quote me on that. There must be interference."

He sighed.

"I was afraid that Lightning Dude wouldn't let us leave so easily. He might be putting an electrical field over the entire planet that nullifies any teleportation."

"Which means…?" Simon began.

"Which means, we're trapped here with that evil soldier coming after us, with no way to escape, no way to contact help, and no way to hide forever. That guy is going to find us eventually, and there's nothing we can do about it."

"Great," Lucy muttered. "My hero."