Take the Wheel:

Written for Twelve Shots of Summer: Quarter Queller - Week 8…

Hey, let's go somewhere, just me and you,
I just want to spend some time with you, there's nothing to be nervous about,
And there's no need for us to hurry, let's take it as slow as you want,
So let's do this, why don't we go now?
Hang on a moment, I want you take the steering wheel,
I know you don't want to, but you have to,
We both know you can't run from this forever...

You know that I can't keep driving for you, you have to do it yourself,
I'm giving back your keys... no, don't push them back to me,
As much pain as you're in, you can still handle driving,
But don't worry, I'm not jumping out of your car,
I'm right beside you, I'm riding shotgun,
I'll leave the steering wheel to you, after all, this is your car,
You don't have to fret, I'm your passenger, and I want to travel along with you.

Do not tremble now, it's alright...
I won't abandon you, not when I care about you,
Do not deny me, do not scream that I'm lying,
I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you,
There's nothing terrible about you, don't say that!
Please, I'm begging you...
Let me be by your side, do not hide your pain!

One day, someday...
Those bumps along the surface will become scars,
Scars that will remind you of those accidents of the past,
But I want you to not look down, just keep your gaze on the road,
Not down at the road, but what's ahead of you,
Do not let your eyes stray, as much as it hurts for you to not look away,
Keep your eyes forward at all costs.

Never let your hand drift towards the keys, do not turn off the car,
You can't stop driving right now, you're in the middle of traffic!
If you turn off the car, then you're throwing your life away!
Live, keep your foot on the gas pedal no matter what!
You got to keep going, even if you're throbbing,
The bumps will become scars, and you'll ride over them,
And slide across the road before you...

I am with you, do not forget you have someone traveling along with you,
Once and a while, I may nudge you in a direction,
But I'm not going to do that forever,
Relax, remember that there's nothing to fear,
You are loved, you are not alone,
You may say you never asked for me, but you never had to ask,
So please, don't push me away, I want to be with you!

Keep driving, I'll be happy wherever you take me,
Through the thickest haze I still see you, even if you don't see yourself,
Know that you're there, still a wonderful person in the world...
No matter how bumpy the road is for you,
No matter how much you want to stop driving,
I will never let go of you, I'm here for you,
Let's take this road trip together, as long as we can make it last!

- END -

I hope you enjoyed my poem! =3


EeveeGen9988: So, I was in the mood for another poem. Now, it may not be a traditional poem (spoken word isn't quite my forte here), but I wanted to express something like this for quite a long time. ...And it was emotionally draining for me, knowing what this poem could mean in a certain way...