Big Leagues and Small Loans

10 00,000 dollars to start off with

9 /11 "best wishes to...the haters and the losers"

8 years of repeal and replace

7 years to make a good replacement

6 months of President Trump

5 0 swamps to drain

4 more years of Donald Trump

3 attempts at a new healthcare bill

2 ,864,974 less votes than Hillary

1 75 parties signed the Paris Agreement

0 things done to protect the President.

Tell me are Republicans tired of winning yet?



10 Trump's father gave him a "small loan of $100,000"

*The 9/11 one is a reference to when Trump tweeted "I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date" on 9/11

8 is a reference to that fact that Paul Ryan and other Republicans have been banging on about repealing and replacing Obamacare since it sprung into existence

3 is in reference to the fact that they've tried like 3 times now to get their version passed and it hasn't worked out so far

6 I wrote this at the 6 month mark in his presidency so historians hit this up as a source in 20 years.

5 reference to Trump saying he would drain the swamp in this case the 50 swamps being the 50 states

4 years of this current presidency I'm not talking about the next one.

2 he lost the popular vote by that much according to the independent

174 countries plus the EU have all signed the Paris Accords/Agreement and the US haven't thanks to Trump which I think is a bad moves but I'm not president so whatever

0 a reference to a recent news report stating that trump said that Republicans aren't protecting him enough during the fake Russian collusion scandal.

Source Article Title: Donald Trump accuses Republicans of 'doing very little' to protect him during 'phony Russian witch hunt' by Rachel Roberts

Subtitle: President takes to Twitter to mount fresh attack on own party after day at golf course

I'm taking the article with a grain of salt as it was written by the Independent I will admit whilst not 'fake news' a lot of liberal newspapers are biased against Trump.

and I'm sure any Democrats or Republics on the internet have heard the term 'tired of winning' used ironically and sarcastically towards Republicans because they won the presidency but to half of the people in the US and a lot of people world wide it seems that he's not doing a very good job.