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This is it! :D Two years in the making this is the start of my Science Fiction/Superhero universe. This universe will kick off the events leading to a massive "Invasion" crossover event (featuring characters from various other authors as well as my own)

This story won't be much of a novel but will be structured more like a comic book. It will be campy, crazy, and will act as a testing ground for various heroes. I'll be introducing new heroes and villains to see how popular they are and if they get good responses then I'll write them in a novel.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)


Strike city was a major metropolis.

Its skyscrapers were higher, its lights were shinier, and its people were kinder. That was the city's motto and one goal, to be the greatest city on Earth.

But to the lone figure waiting on a rooftop, looking down at the streets of the city, it was home.

He wore a simple brown combat jacket and jeans, with his brown hair cut short and trimmed to the top of his head. His eyes flicked to an adjacent building and with a thought and a puff of smoke, he was on the building's roof, gaining a different vantage point.

The target of his gaze was the Strike City Midland bank because his contacts had told him that it was about to be robbed.

What the elite of Strike city didn't want to admit was that their city was the greatest at attracting criminals, many of them armed with elaborate costumes and exotic gadgets, and the police couldn't handle them all.

So that's where Crosscut came into play… to be the hero that his home needed.

He growled and stared down at the bank, unsure when the robbery would begin, but every cell in his body ready for the coming fight.

Away from the prying eyes of the hero, a van slowly coasted its way to the back of the bank, almost invisible in the darkness of night.

The driver glanced out of the window and turned to the four occupants of the van. "Alright boss, the back entrance is clear, but the security cameras are still up."

One of the figures, a man dressed in a suit of medieval style armor, raised a large diamond. Flicking it open, he revealed that it was a remote control as he turned to the rest of his men. "Do you know what they call units of energy in Physics? Joules." He pressed a button on the control and aimed it at the back door, hearing a click as the screen on the control lit up.

"They aren't the same as the jewels I crave, but they do sound the same, and with that energy and the tap of a button I can overload the cameras." He smiled as the screen buzzed, signaling a henchman to open the door. "Alright boys, now we strike Strike city!"

The criminals came into the light, three of them looking like normal thugs, with their leader clanking in his armor.

Armor made not of steel, but of gems.

A ruby encrusted helmet hid his face, he wore a diamond chest plate and an emerald belt, and topaz encrusted boots hit the ground without a care. His jade gauntlets rested on a sword as he drew it, aiming his weapon at the lock on the door.

His blade sheared the lock off as he eased open the door, walking inside as his thugs followed, one of them fingering his gun nervously.

"Boss, I know you said that the famous jewel collection of the Queen of France would be on display and was locked in the bank for safekeeping, but there's almost no security." He shuddered, looking around nervously.

"Relax. For the Jewel has thought of everything!" The armored man smiled behind his helmet. "The French have put their faith in American technology to guard their jewels… and technology is often beaten easier than guardsmen!"

The Jewel marched over to the vault door and smiled. "Take, for instance, an electric lock, only able to be overridden by a specific code… or by a small electric pulse that will trick the lock into thinking the code has been entered." His hand slipped into his pocket and pulled out a string, with a lump of Amber on it. "Thankfully Amber is known for being able to hold electricity, so if I break it…"

He broke it against the lock, and the lock beeped, briefly flashing the correct code as the Jewel chuckled. Swiftly he punched it in, letting his men haul the vault open.

"Now, grab only the Queen's jewels! Stick to the plan and do it silently!" The Jewel smiled "Nothing can go wrong now!"

Unfortunately for the Jewel and his men, something was about to go wrong.

A security guard walked down the hall, whistling to himself as he finished his rounds, his tune pausing as he heard the vault open.

Panic filled him as he sprinted down the hall, his weapon out as his eyes beheld the costumed criminals. "Stop!" He yelled, more out of habit than hoping the shout would affect them, before opening fire.

His bullets pinged off the vault door as the leader of the thugs tossed a vial at his feet, and the Jewel smiled as it exploded.

He turned away as the vial's smoke engulfed the guardsman, and cackled softly "Also men, Amber can hold and preserve life! The perfect weapon to entrap opponents."

When the smoke faded, the guard was engulfed in Amber, completely and utterly paralyzed.

The sound of the gunshots pierced the air as Crosscut smiled, finally ending his vigil and teleporting down to the entrance. His eyes stared at the vault through the glass doors and with a single blink, he was inside.

"So Crosscut, I figured you would come to match powers with the Jewel sooner or later." The criminal smiled, "So you're guarding the Queen's jewels eh? I never saw you as a lapdog… but I appreciate that this heist allows me to prove my superiority! Get him, boys!"

As the three henchmen charged forward, opening fire with their guns, the teleporter chuckled as he teleported around the room. "So you think you're the first costumed criminal to ever attack this city? Seeking to prove he's greater than me? All those super-foes are resting in the Stonewall penitentiary, and I think you'll be joining them soon!"

The henchmen growled and cursed as their bullets missed the superhero by brief moments, gouging out chunks of the bank walls and ceiling as the Jewel entered the vault.

Crosscut leapt off the wall and teleported behind one of the thugs, his fist smashing into his jaw as his leg shot out to kick the gun away, forcing the next shot to slam into the wall.

A meaty hand was flung around his neck as the second thug abandoned his gun and reached around to grab Crosscut from behind, swinging his other fist and smashing it into his back. Crosscut growled at the pain and sucked in air. He just needed to concentrate…

Finally, fighting unconsciousness, he managed to teleport out of his opponent's grip, rubbing his neck as he struggled to get his mind back on the fight.

Teleporting beside the second thug, Crosscut's fist slammed into the back of his head, letting him fall like a bag of rocks before he kicked the chest of another henchman who was struggling to rise.

The third henchman smirked as he took aim, watching the hero struggle with his fellows… if he fired just right…

Crosscut's ears picked up the sound of the gun cocking and as he shoved his opponent into the ground, he teleported towards the final thug and grabbed the gun, shoving it upwards and letting it empty itself into the ceiling.

He then shoved the barrel of the gun into the man's face, knocking him backward and letting him hit the ground, turning back to the vault to see the Jewel walk out.


Tucking the box with the Queen's jewels under his arm, the Jewel inclined his helmeted head at Crosscut. "So you dispatched my minion's hero… but you won't take me to jail!"

He drew his sword and pointed it at Crosscut "I've been studying you,e hero, and I know that your eyes are the key to your powers and gems… well, gems are known for being dazzling!" His blade suddenly glowed with a flashing light and sent Crosscut reeling backward as the hero rubbed at his eyes.

The Jewel's mocking laughter filled the air as he charged forward, striking the hero with the flat of his blade before retrieving a grenade from his pocket and pulling the pin.

"You know, I never thought they were much use, but I have Diamond encrusted grenades for such a time as this. It's a bit expensive, but to finally crush you under the ruins of this bank… I'll pay any price!"

Pulling the pin, he hurled the grenade at Crosscut's feet as his men supported one another to the exit.

Crosscut leapt backward blindly, the grenade deafening him as the diamonds slashed at his skin. His elbow rammed into the vault wall as he fell to the ground, his sight slowly returning in time to hear another explosion.

Cracks appeared in the roof as Crosscut stood, fumbling for the exit as his ears rang, his arms and legs burning in pain as he fell against the desk.

His eyes burned as he struggled to clear them, I just need to see! I need to get out!

Then the roof caved in, and with one final crash and a shower of dust, the bank was rubble.


The Jewel cackled as the bank's exit became blocked by the roof, and he turned to his men as they rushed for the van.

Sirens filled the air as they got inside, the pedal hitting the floor as they sped from the scene, and the Jewel finally allowed himself to open the box and smile.

"Ah, the Queen's jewels… finally mine! And now boys, with Crosscut out of the way, we'll rob every jewelry store in Strike city… and no one will be able to stop us!"

If the now hero less city could hear the laughter of the criminal inside the van, they would tremble in fear and clutch anything jewel related to their chests, but the people could not.

So they slept on or resumed their nightly activities, leaving the news of the bank collapse for others to worry about, everyone but a few unaware of the crime spree that would greet them in the nights to come.

And they were helpless to stop it.


Next up: The Jewel raids Strike city!

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