In the last chapter, Crosscut battled the supervillain the Jewel, a criminal with an obsession for gemstones, and enough gadgets to make good on his threat to rob the city blind!

After attempting to foil his robbery of the Strike city Midland Bank, Crosscut was left trapped under a collapsed ceiling as the Jewel's crime spree swept through the city unopposed.

Can this jeweled jackal's sapphire sins be stopped? Find out now!

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Crosscut's eyes opened as he gingerly felt his limbs, making sure no bones were broken or muscles were torn as he took stock of his situation.

He'd been fighting a new supervillain known as the Jewel at the Strike City Midland bank, he'd had the upper hand until the villain hurled a grenade at him, sending a sizeable chunk of the bank down upon him and burying him in rubble. Now the Jewel was off doing who knows what while he remained stuck.

His brown eyes searched the rubble above him for any light, even the slightest silver, to give him an escape route. All he needed to do was see where he was going and then he could teleport out, that was the key to his powers.

Finally, he found a crack in the stone, and as he peered through it to the floor beyond his body began to fade until he was almost ghostlike.

The Crosscut was pulled through the hole as if it were a magnet, and his body reformed on the other side.

Taking in a gasp of air, Crosscut sunk to his knees before shaking his head to clear it, seeing that the daylight was shining through the windows… and no one was there.

No police, no firemen, or ambulances. It was as if no one cared that a section of an entire building had fallen down in the city.

Looking towards a nearby rooftop, he teleported upwards before running to his hideout. He needed to see what had gone on in his absence.

As Crosscut would soon see, all of Strike city's emergency services were shut down while the Jewel's crime spree ravaged the city. Bullets bounced off his armor as he used his gadgets to outwit every trap and alarm, grabbing whatever loot his greedy mind wanted before leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Until finally the Jewel sat down in his hideout, his men around him as they laid their ill-gotten gains on the table.

"Ten jewelry stores and two museums, all deprived of their most precious gemstones!" The Jewel cackled. "This city has been plagued by countless villains, but I was the one to take down its protector! Crosscut is no more, and now we can plan our biggest caper yet. One that will leave us legends in the annals of crime!"

Standing, he spread blueprints out on the table as his men huddled around. "This is the mansion of Mrs. Dia Mond, and much like her namesake, she has a collection of diamonds just sitting in a safe. It's said to be completely burglar proof, and we're going to put that claim to the test by robbing the place! Then we'll have enough to retire to a country where we can live the good life!"

"Come on Jewel!" One of his men growled, "We've got this city in the palm of our hands, and no superhero can stop us after word gets out what we did to Crosscut, why leave?"

The Jewel rolled his eyes, "You idiot, jewels are meant to be admired from afar, not stuck in a city museum or jail cell. I shall be admired by the criminals of this city… from far away, like a flawless diamond!"

"Now silence!" He growled, starting at the blueprints "We need to plan this caper, nothing can go wrong tonight!"


Crosscut stumbled into his hideout, and after a hot shower to numb the bruises coating his body, his eyes were glued to his computer as he muttered to himself.

"Every single jewelry store or any place carrying jewels has been robbed by a man in armor. They're moving fast and efficiently once they commit the robberies, and then they cause destruction just for the sake of it, before moving on."

His fingers clattered on the keyboard as he pulled up a map of Strike City, scanning for anything jewel related that the Jewel could care about.

"Mrs. Dia Monds mansion, of course!" He muttered, "That's the only place this villainous crew hasn't hit and she's got her diamonds on display."

Swiftly standing up, he rushed towards the door, his eyes already fixed on a rooftop as he began teleporting towards the mansion.

He would either catch the villains in the act and end their crime spree, or set a trap to catch them in the act.

Either way, the final battle would be fought tonight.


The Jewel's truck rumbled to a stop outside the mansion as the criminal donned the last piece of his armor. "Alright, are we all ready to pull off the greatest caper of our career? We steal those jewels and then we'll be out of this country and completely free to live as we wish!"

His men nodded, shouldering their guns as they donned masks before the Jewel stood and exited the car.

Walking by the fence that enclosed the mansion from outside visitors, he drew a diamond encrusted sword and swung it downward, letting the diamonds shear the steel in half as he carved a hole into the mesh. "Mrs. Dia mond is so confident she doesn't even have an electric fence." He chuckled. "Any security system can be beaten."

He walked through the hole and moved forward through the yard, holding up a chunk of copper. "Another lesson my minions, copper can reflect light, and my modified copper can reflect light back into cameras. No one will know we are here."

Breaking another chunk of amber near the electronic lock, he smiled as it buzzed and the door swung open.

As he walked inside, he pushed another button on his armor and copper lenses fell over his eyes, showcasing the rest of the lights and the lasers that crisscrossed the room in front of the diamonds.

"Laser field, hah!" The Jewel giggled, tossing another copper chunk into the field as the lasers bounced off of it. "It's nothing compared to the power of reflection!"

"Grab the diamonds, boys!" He smiled "Then we're out!"

As the Jewel's henchmen walked forward towards the displays, a voice rang out.

"I know Mrs. Dia Mond has visiting hours for her displays, but at this time of night I think visiting hours are over!"

Crosscut leapt down from the rafters and smiled as the Jewel stumbled back. "Also Jewel, you really should make sure that heroes are dead and crushed before you leave them. Otherwise, we come back with a vengeance! Now, I'm going to take you all down and make sure you visit a hospital before you go to Jail!"

The Jewel growled and drew his sword, the blade glittering in the moonlight as he motioned his men forward. "We'll be taking you down hero! Get him, boys!"

The henchmen charged forward, their guns gripped tightly in their hands as they attacked the lone hero. The first thug took aim and squinted, preparing to fire before growling loudly as Crosscut ducked the bullets and shoved a knee into his gut. As he cried out in pain and stumbled backward, a second pull of the trigger sent bullets into the ceiling.


Crosscut lashed out and swung his fist upwards, cracking it against the man's jaw and sending him backward, leaping to the side as the second and third thug opened fire.

"Boss, he's too fast! Even without his powers, we can't hit him!"

The Jewel turned away from the display cases and pointed towards the hero. "No guns you fools, just attack him!"

The thugs nodded as their fallen ally began to rise, and they shouldered their weapons before running forwards, rage in their eyes as they clenched their fists.

Crosscut smirked and lunged forward, throwing his body in front of the charging thugs and sending them to the floor as he kicked out at the rising henchmen.


Another punch sent the second man backward as Crosscut charged towards the Jewel before the third thug drove a shoulder into his gut and sent him to the floor.

His eyes flashed as he teleported behind the third thug, his feet hitting the floor as the man wheeled around to face him, hurling a desperate punch.


Crosscut ducked the punch and swung one of his own, smashing his fist into the man's ribs before bringing his elbow down on his head.


The three dazed and battered henchmen supported one another as they rushed forward for another round, anger in their eyes blinding them as Crosscut teleported out of the way with a smirk.


The three henchmen crashed into the wall, falling to the ground in a pile as they slipped into unconsciousness, as Crosscut moved towards the Jewel, who had gathered his ill-gotten gains into his armor's pockets and was moving to flee.

"Enough Jewel, your blinging blinding crime spree ends tonight!" Crosscut yelled, blocking the exit as he clenched his fists.

The Jewel rushed forward with his sword up, lashing out with the blade. "It will end as I become the criminal who kills Strike city's hero!"

Crosscut ducked as the sword swished over his head, grabbing a pedestal to parry the blow and cursing as the diamond edge sheared the wood apart.

"My blade is strong enough to cut through anything, even your heroic flesh!" The Jewel screamed, continuing to swing his weapon as he kicked Crosscut backward.


Crosscut teleported behind him, and as the Jewel spun around, he grabbed the diamonds on the Jewel's chest plate, ripping two of the biggest ones off despite his hands burning in pain.

Using them as weapons, he parried the diamond-edged blade with a smile. "You forgot one thing, Jewel, diamonds aren't able to cut through other diamonds! And since they're the hardest metal in the world… well, your jaw has no defense!"


His palm thrust the diamond forward, the gemstone piercing the Jewel's helmet and smashing into his jaw, sending the criminal sprawling backward.

"A jewel expert defeated by a jewel," Crosscut smirked, hearing footsteps and sirens cut the air as Dia Mond's private army of security guards finally arrived on the scene.

His eyes shot towards the doorway as he teleported out of the mansion, then to a nearby rooftop as he watched the Jewel and his henchmen get bundled into police vans.

Crosscut teleported away, fully prepared to grab a late meal and then a long rest as reward for his efforts, unaware that the entire scene had been watched by someone else.

And that watcher had a sinister glare as he stepped back into the shadows.


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