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I sharply inhaled as I felt myself begin to become conscious. My eyes were blurry as they shot open to stare at Roxy's white ceiling fan. Rolling over on the bed, my hands fanned out to feel for the other girls, but the bed was totally empty. I sat up and scanned the entirety of the room but they were nowhere to be found. Where are they? Don't tell me that I am the last one to get up.

I quickly unplugged my phone from its charger to see that it was nearly three in the afternoon! Holy shit, I slept that long!

Well, I guess that was to be expected. Last night, we'd stayed up until about three and then Roxy woke me up at the ass crack of dawn for ballet. My body was exhausted.

My body was also in desperate need of a shower. The sweat from ballet and the anxiety that I received from Roman were still on my body. I couldn't go downstairs to see the girls when I probably smelled like an old, wet gym sock.

I quickly scrambled out of the high, king-sized bed to retrieve my gym bag. I'd packed a simple, yet cute outfit for today; dark blue skinny jeans, paired with a black camisole and my favorite red-checkered flannel. I'd left my toiletries in the bathroom so I didn't have to bother with looking for them.

Opening Roxy's bathroom, I pulled back the shower curtain and stared at her shower in confusion. This would be a real problem. How the hell do I turn this thing on? There weren't any color-coordinated dials that indicated hot or cold water. Guess I'll have to go by faith on this one.

Tentatively, I turned the dial to the right and soon, I felt the sting of boiling hot water on my hand.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, FUCK!" I swore as I clutched my hand. The water felt like as if it was conjured up in the depths of hell!

If the right was hell water then the left has to be cold. I turned the dial to the left and waited for the water to change to Antarctica cold, but it remained blistering hot. .shit?

"What the fuck is this?" I mumbled to myself as I began aggressively turning the dial from side-to-side. Why is this shower so damn complicated?

I kept twisting the dial until it suddenly snapped off into my hand. Oh shit! I stared at it in complete horror as the water came gushing out of the spout and onto my clothing.

"Oh no," I said as I scrambled to place the dial back onto the faucet but it wasn't fitting back on like it was supposed to. "Oh no no no! God, please no!"

What do I do? I felt like a chicken who just had its head chopped off! Looking around in desperation, I saw a pile of towels sitting on top of a cream colored shelf. I just got an idea!

Scrambling over to them, I hurriedly yanked the whole pile down, but as soon as I did that, everything else on the shelf, including the shelf itself came toppling down and smashed onto the floor. This is not happening.

"This can't be happening to me," I whispered as I stared at the sight in absolute horror. "This is a dream; I'm still asleep."

But the longer I stared at the calamity in front of me, the more I realized that I was actually awake and that I was truly in some deep shit.

"Ok Fee, calm down," I said to myself as I snatched up the towels from the ground and smothered them over the spout. "Calm down, just explain to Roxy what happened and she'll understand! This wasn't your fault!"

But that was easier said than done. How do I even explain this situation to her? "Hey Roxy, sorry that I accidentally broke your shower and your shelves and also your belongings on the shelf. But we're still friends, right?"

WRONG! She's going to be livid when she sees what I did!

The towels were becoming soaked and weren't very effective at stopping the water anymore. I gulped as I ran my hand through my distressed curls. It's better for me to get help before this situation gets any worse. It's now or never.

I spun around to head towards the door, but my eyes came into the sudden view of a tan set of eight-pack abs. I screamed bloody murder as I stumbled back, nearly stumbling into the shower until I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around my waist to steady me.

"Looks like you're having a wonderful afternoon, eh?" A deep, rumbly voice that I've become quite familiar with said in a sarcastic tone.

My eyes shot open to connect with the steel gray pair of Roman Knox who was staring down at me with a smirk on his face; his arms still tightly gripping on my waist. His hair fell slightly into his eyes and his toned arms were bulging underneath his tight black t-shirt. His handsome face was so close to mine that I felt my face heat up into a blush.

"Uh, umm," I stumbled over my words as I stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

He disconnected his eyes from mine and stared at the catastrophe behind me. Water was now running onto the ground which made it sopping wet. Not to mention, my flannel and tank-top that I had rested on top of the toilet had fallen onto the floor and were now soaked. Great, that's just fantastic.

"What happened?" He asked as he removed his hands from my waist and walked over the broken faucet.

"I-It just broke when I twisted it," I frantically explained as I felt my heart begin to race. "I was just trying to get the water a bit warmer and then the faucet broke! Then I tried to plug it up with some towels and everything just came tumbling down!"

I watched as he removed the water-logged towels and quickly covered the broken faucet with his hand to prevent the water from spraying on him. "Where's the part that broke?"

"Over there," I pointed to the edge of the sink.

He grabbed the piece and with one motion clipped it back onto the faucet; twisting it left and right to test out its functionality. What the hell? Was he secretly some sort of plumber?

"It should be good now, all it needed was to be pushed back on," He said as he walked over to my dumbstruck form.

"Bu-But, I thought it was broken?" I stared up at him in disbelief.

He blinked at me. "It was, but I fixed it."

"With your bare hands?"


I scoffed at how nonchalant he was being about this. "What do you mean 'yep'? Normally, you would use a wrench or something to fix a problem like that."

He simply shrugged before reaching down and lifted the fallen down shelf back into its original place. "Why use a wrench when I could just use my hands?"

He's either dense or purposely not trying to see my point! "But-"

"Just to be safe, you shouldn't try to use this shower again," He interrupted me and walked over to my side. "Come on, I'll take you to another one."

Another one? Shower…take…me?

My mind began racing with naughty thoughts of Roman and I together in the shower and my face became hotter than the Sahara Desert! Stop it Fee, he didn't even mean it like that! But I couldn't stop the thoughts. Just imagining his gorgeous body glistening from the water of a steamy shower. His large hands roaming my body as he leans his head down towards my-

"Are you alright, Africa?" He asked with a wide smirk etched on his face. "You seem a bit…flustered."

God, his smoldering gray eyes felt as if they were staring at my naked body straight through my pajamas! I felt the heat in my lower belly and a familiar wet feeling between my legs. Oh no. He's not even doing anything to me but yet my body is reacting like this.

"I'm fine," I said breathily as I turned away from him and scrambled to grab my things. I know he knows that I'm lying; hopefully, he doesn't say anything further about it.

But when I turned back towards him, he took a deep inhale of the air and his eyes shot open to bore into mine. His gray eyes had turned dark, nearly black. Why was he looking at me like that? His playful smirk had disappeared and his lips were set into a thin line. He looked as if he was angry at me. Was he now angry that I'd broken Roxy's shower faucet?

"Ro-Roman, um, I'm sorry about wh-what I did," I meekly said as I backed away from him. But could you blame me, he looked as if he was ready to murder me! But even with his dead-set glare on me, I still found myself attracted to him and that fluttering feeling in my belly just got stronger. Now is really not the time, Fee!

But that only seemed to make him angrier because he gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes tightly. "Don't apologize," He growled out as his arm shot out to latch firmly onto my wrist.

What the hell is happening! My heartbeat was faster than Usain Bolt running a 200m sprint, as I observed how Roman's hand completely engulfed my entire wrist. I slowly peeked my gaze up to his eyes to see them still tightly clenched as he now struggled with his breathing.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned by his abnormal breathing pattern. He sounded like he was about to have an asthma attack!

His eyes suddenly shot open to stare intensely into mine once again. The glare that was once in them softened as his grip on my wrist loosened slightly. "I'm-I'm fine," He gulped before taking a few deep breaths to calm his erratic breathing pattern.

I stared curiously up at him, the urge to outstretch my hand and caress his handsome face was hard to suppress. "Are you sur-"

"I'm fine, Africa," He said in a firmer tone as he gave me small smile.

With his arm still enclosed on my wrist, he stooped down to the floor to retrieve my soaked clothing. Not only was my flannel soaked, but also my camisole and jeans. But that wasn't what I was really concerned about at the moment. My jeans, which were at the top of my little clothing pile, fell back onto the floor when Roman picked it up and my lacy black and purple underwear were on full display for him to see!

Oh no.

I felt the heat run from my face all the way down to my boobs as Roman's eyes were practically glued to the Victoria Secret bra and panty set that was in his direct line of view. The pervert! He isn't even trying to look away.

I quickly broke my wrist out of this death grip and snatched the lingerie out of his hands and hid it behind my back. I can't believe he just stared at my underwear! I kept my eyes glued to the ground in pure embarrassment. I knew that he was now smirking at me, I could practically feel it!

"Those were cute." He said with mischief in his voice.

"Shut up!" I squeaked out as I bent down to retrieve the rest of my sopping clothes. Unfortunately, I couldn't smother them over my underwear that had miraculously managed to stay dry.

Roman suddenly let out a wail of laughter as he stared at me in amusement. "That's the meanest thing I've ever heard you say."

"That's because you were being a pervert and peeking at my underwear!" I snappily retorted. It wasn't fair. Here I am embarrassed about the situation and he clearly found my embarrassment highly amusing.

"How am I a pervert?" He chuckled. "I didn't purposely look for your underwear, your jeans accidentally fell to the floor and I just happened to spot your lovely undergarments.

Did he just say lovely?

"Yeah, but you still stared at them!" I shot back.

He blinked at me. "I'm a straight male. Of course, if I see a pair of female underwear, I'm going to stare at it!"

"It's still perverted to stare!"

His smirk returned to his face as he held onto the cabinet above our heads and leaned his head down so that we were face to face. "If you thought I was perverted when I simply stared at your underwear, I wonder you would think of me if I saw you wearing your underwear."

Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything or else I would have spat all over his perfect face. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped to the floor as I stared at him in complete disbelief. He didn't say that. He did not just say that!

But his ever-confident grin ensured me that he had, in fact, said what I thought he said. "Ro-Ro-Roman!"

He chuckled as he leaned away from me. "Just teasing you Dollface, no need to get so flustered."

Dollface? I blushed at the cute, little nickname. It was certainly endearing, I'll admit.

Roman sighed as he observed the bathroom once more before returning his gaze to me. "I wouldn't want you to make the same mistake again, so I'll let you use another shower."

That would probably be for the best. I'd fucked up Roxy's bathroom enough. "Ok, thanks."

I quickly gathered my things before walking back into Roxy's bedroom to grab my bag. Roman exited the room and I quietly shut the door before shuffling out behind him. He walked to the end of the corridor and stopped at the last door on the left before pushing it open, revealing a rather plain bedroom. It reminded me a lot of how a hotel room looked. Sure it had the bare necessities and décor, but it lacked personality.

He motioned me to step inside first and I hesitantly obeyed. I gulped as I heard the click of the door shutting behind me. "Is this your room?" I asked softly.

"It was," He breathed out as he sat on the edge of the light brown king-sized bed while his eyes scanned the room. "This used to be my room when I still lived with my folks, but I've got my own place now. I occasionally spend the night here, and when I do, I just sleep in here."

Oh right, I remembered Roxy telling me that he doesn't live with them anymore. "Oh," I said as I looked down at my feet. I couldn't come up with a witty reply to his statement. Typical me.

"The bathroom's right there," He motioned his head to another door directly behind me. "And don't worry, this shower isn't as complicated as my sister's."

"That's good to know," I fiddled with the objects in my hand. But I still had one more problem. "Uh-Um, my clothes are wet."

I'd rather not take a shower and wear my pajamas than take a shower and wear wet clothes. And it's not like I can borrow something from Roxy because she's much thinner than I am; I'd probably rip her shirt in half if I tried to put it over my head!

"One sec," Roman said before he got up from the bed and walked over to one of the dressers. He dug around in it before throwing a black t-shirt at me. "You can wear this."

Barely catching it, I rubbed the soft fabric between my fingers before holding the shirt up to my body and looking into the mirror. It was like a dress. It reached past my knees for goodness sake!

"It's big," I stated as Roman came to stand behind me in the mirror.

He chuckled at my statement. "To you."

Thank goodness my jeans weren't soaking wet – but they were still wet. But speaking of damp clothing. "What about my wet clothes?"

He took the soaking wet camisole and flannel from me. "I'll put them in the dryer."

I quickly wrapped his large t-shirt over my now exposed underwear before he could peek at them again, but a nagging feeling in the back of my head was telling me that he already did. "Thanks."

Turning away from him, I made my way to the bathroom. The layout was exact to Roxy's; the only difference was the color scheme. "Are you sure that this shower is easy to operate?"

"Left is cold, right is hot – it's very simple," He instructed. "There are clean towels in the cabinet and a hair dryer is there if you need it."

"Thank you," I said again as he offered me a small smile before picking up my clothes and exiting the bathroom.

I quickly locked and let out a breath I didn't know that I was holding. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated Roman doing this for me (he really didn't have too), but his presence really exhausted me – but in a good way! God, that sounded masochistic.

I liked being around him, but it drains me. And recently, I'm finding myself to become sexually aroused when he's around. Like he can just be fiddling with his hands and I'll find that to be erotic! I don't know if he's just that attractive or I'm just that sexually deprived – maybe a mixture of both.

I sighed as I quickly got into the shower and following Roman's directions, I got the shower to work with no problems. I don't know why Roxy's shower is so complicated. I stayed in the shower for about ten minutes – thoroughly cleaning my body, shaving my legs and lower region, and conditioning my curls. Afterwards, I applied lotion to my body before brushing my teeth, applying deodorant and putting on my lacy underwear.

I frowned as I stared at my body in the mirror. Perhaps if I were a bit taller, my fat could spread out some more. My body wasn't perfect – far from it actually, but I still tried to find things that I liked about it. For example, I have a pretty even skin-tone and I hardly get acne or rashes - the perks of your father being a dermatologist. But I do have stretch marks on my upper thighs and butt; they're the reasons why I avoid wearing bikinis. My stomach wasn't flat either, I had a pouch and a little bit of love handles. Also, add to the fact that my thighs were so damn jiggly! No matter what exercises I do, my thighs would not tone. It's embarrassing when I wear shorts because the only thing that you can notice are my thighs acting like it's a piece of gelatin on a roller coaster!

I sighed as grabbed my jeans to put them on. I guess I should be happy that my body isn't disabled in any way, because there are a lot of people out there who can't say the same.

After fastening my jeans, I grabbed my hairbrush and my detangling spray and attempted to tame my lion's mane. It wasn't too bad since the leave-in conditioner was already applied, and I'd managed to detangled it in less than five minutes. I also decided to change my hairstyle. I usually wore it down, in a bun, or in a messy ponytail, but wearing a new look won't hurt.

I applied some coconut oil throughout my scalp and some daily moisturizer before I parted my hair down the middle of my head and began braiding each side until I had two neat cornrows that fell to my waist. They looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself! I decided to be a little extra and applied some edge control so that my edges can be sleek and laid down.

"Perfect," I softly said as I admired my shiny braids in the mirror. I even went and applied black eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss.

But wait? Why am I even doing all of this? Well, this was my daily routine for when I go to school and stuff, but I'm just chilling at Roxy's house – I don't have any need to do all of this!

Yes, you do, my subconscious nagged me, Roman's here too. I wanted him to be impressed by my appearance but I shouldn't. Besides he already has a girlfriend. A pretty, blonde, skinny girlfriend who looks like she belonged on the runway.

"Africa, you alright in there?" Roman's deep voice suddenly called from behind the bathroom door – completely disrupting my thoughts.

A squeak left my mouth as I jumped in fright at his sudden voice. Did he stay in the bedroom the entire time? "Ye-Yes, I'll be out soon!"

Grabbing his large, black t-shirt, I threw it over my head and it fell just below my knees while the sleeves went past my elbows. I frowned as I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked ridiculous! But this was the only thing I had to wear besides my pajama top and that wasn't an option anymore.

I hurriedly packed away my things back into my bag and gave myself once last glance over in mirror before slowly opening the door and stepping out. Roman was still seated in the same spot he was before and his eyes shot up from his phone to look at me. As always he smirked at me, but this time, his eyes roamed the entirety of my body before finding their way to my eyes. "You look beautiful."

My face flamed as I nearly dropped my belongings. I looked what? Did he just say beautiful? Me? I looked like a burlap sack in this shirt for Heaven's sake!

But I didn't want to be rude and not accept his compliment. "Thank you," I averted my eyes away from him.

Roman suddenly stood up and made a beeline towards me. Oh, God. "I like these," He said playing with my twin cornrows. "And your little curls in the front," He referred to my laid down edges.

I guess spending that little extra time in the mirror paid off. To be honest, I didn't think he'd notice my edges. He really paid attention to me. But I shouldn't be feeling so special, in fact, I shouldn't be happy about this. He's a twenty-six-year-old man that's in a relationship, he shouldn't be flirting with me.

"Are you sure you should be complimenting me this much?" I blushed as I shuffled my feet. "Your girlfriend wouldn't like it."

His face morphed into shock as he raised an eyebrow at me. "Girlfriend? What girlfriend?"

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at him. Why was he playing dumb? "The tall blonde, with the green eyes. The one who gave me the tea yesterday."

"You mean Jen?" He asked incredulously before erupting in hearty laughter. "She's not my girlfriend."

Of course, she isn't.They're romantically involved but he probably didn't want a label on their relationship because he isn't a 'label' kind of guy. "Well, you probably don't want to call her your girlfriend, but she's still a romantic partner to you, right?"

"No," He stated as he took a step back from me. "She's not my girlfriend, my lover, nor my friend-with-benefits or anything! Jenna's my best friend, our relationship isn't romantic in the slightest."

How stupid does he think I am?

I narrowed my eyes at him as I tugged on the strap of my bag across my shoulder. There is no way that he's not romantic with her! Like come on, the girl was drop dead gorgeous – and with his notorious reputation as a player, of course, he'd been with her. Sure they're best friends- best friends who probably slept with each other. But I wasn't close enough with him to really question him on the matter - albeit he had insisted that we were 'friends'.

"Mmm," I said as I made my way towards the door, but Roman was quicker than me and held his hand over the doorknob. I purposely kept my gaze away from him while his eyes bore into the side of my head.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"That 'Mmm' sound you made." He did a terrible mimic of me.

It means that I don't believe you. "Nothing really, just that I'm…acknowledging your statement."

He chuckled as he leaned his back against the door and crossed his burly arms over his chest. "You don't believe me, do you?"

No. "Yes I do," I lied. "Why would I question your integrity?"

He chuckled again before raking his eyes up and down my form. "What? Can't a guy and girl be friends without being romantic with each other?"

I gulped as I felt my body grow hot under his gaze. "Su-Sure they can."

"Then why don't you believe that Jen and I are just friends?" His voice became even huskier as he leaned his head closer to mine.

He was too close – I was beginning to stress sweat! "I-I-" I stumbled as I felt myself become tongue-tied. He'd leaned his body until we were now eye-to-eye. Well, eye-to-lips, because his gray orbs were stuck on my trembling lips.

"Jenna and I are just friends. We never had a romantic relationship and we never will." He firmly states as his hand reached forward to fiddle with my cornrow. "You on the other hand – well, it'll be pretty hard for me stay just friends with you."

What. The. FUCK!

My jaw unhinged so fast that I thought it dropped into the depths of hell. Did he actually just say that? Holy shit! This smoking hot twenty-six-year-old man practically admitted that he was romantically attracted to me. Me! A socially-awkward, bumbling seventeen-year-old! I was so gobsmacked that I didn't even know how to reply to him.

But I didn't even have time to think of a reply before the shrill tone of my iPhone broke me out of my idiotic gaze. I quickly slipped away from Roman's death-stare to retrieve the rose gold device to see the caller I.D 'Mom' light up my screen. Oh boy.

Answering it, I tentatively placed the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Hello, Fi-Fi? Honey are you all right?" My mother into the receiver. "You haven't called me all day!"

I rolled my eyes at my mother. She's so overdramatic. "I'm fine mom, I just came out of the shower actually."

"The shower?" She repeated. "Don't tell me that you just woke up Fee."


She sighed. "Honestly, I don't want to know what time you went to bed, but I do want to know what time you're coming home. It's nearly five o'clock and you have school tomorrow, I want you back in my house no later than seven pm, capiche?"

Typical over protective mother. "Capiche." I sighed. "It takes like an hour drive back home."

"Well, then you better be on your way." She said in a sing-song tone. "And please be on time because I want you to be here for dinner, Seth and his parents are coming over."

"Yeah, I'll be there," I scratched my head. Although I don't really understand why I have to be there for dinner with Eden's future in-laws. "I'll go start gathering my things."

"Is Roxy able to bring you back or do you need me to send your grandmother to get you?"

"Um, I think Roxy's taking me back so…" I trailed off.

"Alright then." She chirped. "I'll you see you get back."

"Ok, bye," I said before hanging up.

Looks like my sleepover has officially come to an end.

"Your mom sounds strict," Roman whistled as he came to stand beside me.

It's as if that moment hadn't transpired between us a few minutes ago. He doesn't even seem to be in a flirty moon anymore. Great timing you had there, Mom. "Only when it comes to certain things."

He nodded as he strummed his fingers on the bed. "Well, I guess-"

He suddenly stopped mid-sentence as his eyes locked onto the window behind me. I watched as they darkened and his face morphed into pure anger. What the hell?

I looked back-and-forth between the window and him to see what was making him so angry but I didn't see anything. "What's wrong?"

"You should go home," He suddenly growled out as he snatched my gym bag and my wrist before tugging me out of the room and down the corridor.

"Hey, wait!" I struggled against his tight grip. What the hell was his problem? "You're hurting me!"

He froze for a second and his grip loosened a bit before he began marching down the stairs. He stalked across the living room and into the kitchen where I saw that it was full with occupancy. Roxy and the girls were all down here along with Mr. & Mrs. Knox, Jenna, and another tall attractive male with dark brown eyes and black hair. Oh great, another beautiful person.

"Roman, what the hell?" Roxy shot up as she glared at Roman's death grip on me. "Why are you dragging her like that? What's wrong?"

But he didn't even respond to her, instead, he practically shoved me and my bag into her arms. "Take her home, NOW!"

I jumped at the ferocity of his tone. This guy had to have a bipolar disorder. He was just so flirty a moment ago, and now he suddenly wants me gone out of his sight. Surprisingly, Roxy didn't put a fight with him like she normally would. She just gulped and nodded.

"Son, what's the matter?" Mr. Knox said as he came around to place a hand on his shoulder.

Roman stared intensely into his eyes and I watched as Mr. Knox's widened before his jaw set in a tight line. It's like they spoke…without actually speaking.

"Come on Fee, let's get you home," Roxy said as scrambled to grab her keys.

"Bu-But," I wanted to protest but I couldn't even get the words out. I'm so confused. What was happening? Everyone is acting weird like they're waiting for an impending doom or something.

"You three go as well," He said to Kenzie, Ashley, and Blair. "Jen, you and Xavier come with me."

Roman, Jenna and the new guy 'Xavier' practically bolted out the front door while Roxy began tugging me towards the door as well. Mrs. Knox stared apologetically at me before she rushed over to give me small hug. "I'm so sorry about all this Africa, but something suddenly came up, that's why Roman is in such a rush – it doesn't have anything to do with you."

She doesn't seem any all concerned that I was upstairs with her son and not her daughter. "It's fine Mrs. Knox."

"Rose," She corrected with a smile. "Don't be a stranger now, you can come over anytime."

I awkwardly nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Come on, Fi-Fi," Roxy tugged me so hard that I nearly fell out the damn door. "Your mom wants you home by seven right?"

How did she even know that? "Yeah, she does." I looked at her skeptically. "How do you-"

"You should take your dad's car so that all of us can fit better," Blair suddenly cut me off as she pointed to a black Bentley SUV. My eyes widened as I took in the luxury vehicle. I shouldn't be so surprised at the car; the Knox family is clearly loaded.

They all hurriedly entered the vehicle while I scrambled into the front seat. I barely even got time to admire the interior before Roxy quickly started the car and swiftly pulled out the driveway. Before I knew it, we were speeding down the long, empty road.

Roxy looked tense. Her hands were clenched around the steering wheel and she was gritting her teeth. I looked behind me to see the girls all looking out the windows as if they were preparing for something to jump out at us. We zoomed past the large sign that was at the entrance of their constituency.

Haurient caecum et luna in sanguinem biberent – it reads. I've been wanting to ask Roxy what it means but now doesn't seem like the best time. I sneaked another glance over at her - she doesn't even look like she wants to speak.

Sighing in discontent, I unraveled my earphones and listened to some music for the reminder of the long car ride.

"So I guess I see you at ballet tomorrow?" I said as Roxy pulled into my driveway. She wasn't as tense as she was before and she was actually talking to me now, so were the rest of the girls.

"Yeah tomorrow," She said before looking at me apologetically. "I'm sorry about earlier Fee. It's just that Roman suddenly remembered something he had to do for his job and he got all snappy and-".

"Roxy, it's fine," I cut her off as I opened the door and pulled my bag across my shoulder. "That still doesn't take away from the fact that I had an awesome sleepover with you guys!"

I turned to smile at Blair, Ashley, and Kenzie. "I'm so glad I got to meet you three!"

"We're glad too Fi-Fi," Blair said as she grabbed my hand.

"Trust me, we're gonna be seeing a lot of each other," Kenzie grinned as Ashley nodded her head in agreement.

"I can believe that," I laughed. "Maybe we can all go out somewhere next weekend?"

"I'm down with that idea!" Roxy grinned. "I say we go clubbing."

"Roxy, we're underage!"


I rolled my eyes at my friend's antics. "Anyways, we'll discuss this over our new Whatsapp group chat that I'm going to create tonight. Right now, I have to get inside before my mom starts freaking out."

"Bye Fee!" They shouted as I shut the car door and waved to the girls as Roxy quickly made a U-turn and went on her merry way.

I sighed as I found my front door unlocked. A strange was in our yard so I figured that it was Seth's parents. Here we go. I gently closed the door and tried to be stealthy as I darted across the living room, towards the stairs.

"Fi-Fi, is that you?" I heard my mother's voice resound through the halls.

But as I walked past one of the mirrors that were near the stairs. My eyes widened in horror as I stared at my appearance. Oh shit, I was still wearing Roman's shirt! My mother would freak if she saw me wearing a man's shirt!

With speed rivaling an Olympic sprinter, I darted up the stairs and into my room before I practically peeled the shirt off of my body and hid it under my pillows. I nervously fumbled around in my drawers for another shirt and just as I was about to pull an orange camisole over my head, my mom stood in my doorway, staring at me with raised eyebrows.

"What are you doing?" She asked walking towards me. "You stomped up the stairs as if a murderer was behind you!"

"I uh, um-" I stuttered as I pulled the shirt over my bra and stomach. "My other shirt was dirty and I didn't want my guests to see."

She stared at my orange camisole disapprovingly. "So you thought that a neon orange camisole would be better?"

Anything was better than you seeing me in Roman's clothing! But I simply shrugged at her as she sighed before turning to make her way back downstairs. "Please change into something less…bright."

I waited until I heard her walk down the stairs before I shut my door and pulled Roman's t-shirt from underneath my pillow. If she had seen this, I would've been dead for sure! I'd probably be best for me to hide this until I can return it to him – can't risk anyone finding it. I wrapped it up into a ball and stuffed it at the bottom of the drawer that I kept my underwear in. No one should go snooping in there.

I peeled off the ugly orange cami and dug through my closet for a nice top to wear. Lord, please help me make it through this stupid dinner!

I told you guys that this chapter was going to be long.

The next chapter's not going to be up for a while sadly – maybe in another week or so. (I'm going to be really busy these next two weeks).