The forest is warm, not so much at night but it isn't unbearbly cold this season. All I needed was a light blanket and I was comfortable for the night.

Light from the rising sun streamed in through the trees, telling me it was time to get moving. The small clearing, and I mean small, in the forest was a nice place to settle down for the night. A portruding boulder gave me a nice wall to sleep against. I don't worry too much about forest monsters attacking me, I am covered in a natural armor.

My skin acts more like the scaled armor of a dragon, infact it resembles it too; but it's more leathery feeling and it's really, or at least I want to believe that it's soft. My body is smooth and firm, hunting monsters that hunt in the night for the better part of a decade will tone your body.

I stretched, driving the evening sleep away and I'm glad it was warm last night, my tail decided to slip out from under the blanket. Damn that tail for having a mind of its own.

I sat up and yawned, scratching the underside of my muzzle with my claws. Hmm, that's good. Time for food.

My blanket and bedroll got rolled back up together and stuffed into the pouch-of-holding I carry them in. I couldn't afford a bag-of-holding or a camp-in-a-bag like I wanted so I'm stuck with this. It's barely big enough to carry my camping gear, and it's a hassle cramming everything back in through it's rather unrelenting small hole. I hate being broke. I need to find another monster bounty. Hopefully the next village will have work.

Breakfast is a whole fish I caught in the river last night. Crunchy skin and juicy meat, even if it is cold because I don't want to waste more fire magic, is still a good meal.

After breakfast, I tied my pouch onto my belt, tied my silver-etched sword on the other side, checked my dagger, and headed north. I've heard there's a werewolf problem in one of the northern villages.

While I walk, I combed my claws through my hair. It's silver-blue, like my skin, and falls to just above my tail. My hair only grows on my head, which makes grooming and hairstyling a lot easier, and no where else on my body. I tied it back with a band at the back of my head and slid my claws over my horns. They're not small, but they're not big either, and they're smooth, only a few shades darker than my hair. They grow out from behind my ears, about the same height as my temples and they wrap around to the front of my head, with a little upward curve above my eyes. They're like a natural crown or tiara made out of horn.

The walk is long, but I pass the time by looking for magical plants and herbs along the way. I do have some magic, all Draconians do to some extent, but I'm not very good at it. I can feel or sense magic well enough, saved my life a time or three as well, but I never could focus much more than a spark spell or a simple light spell. No, magic is not my specialty.

Hunting, that is what I excel at. I can track, smell, hear, and see with the best of them. I can hide in the forest despite my rather bright looking skin and I can move so steathly, the wind gets spooked when I jump out. Yes, I'm a hunter. A huntress. And I'm damn good at it.

By midday I find the trail I'm looking for. It'll take me to the village without weaving through the forest too much. Along the path, in the trees I see claw marks. Territorial markings.

They're big, these werewolves. I guess I'm heading to the right village. Lucky me, I won't be broke much longer.

I follow the claw marks with my own claws. The four scars are wide apart, much farther apart than my own three claws. I have four claws, but the forth would be my thumb and the others my fingers as human describe their claws.

I stand about 5'9" if I don't include my horns and I have to reach up to touch these markings. I would say that makes the werewolf alpha about 7, 7 and a half feet tall. Big.

The marking is new too, probably made last full moon. I'm definitely in the right area now.

The village is decently sized, with a wood and stone wall encircling it. There's old claw marks in the wood logs from them scaling the sides. The gate has metal bands crisscrossing on each side. Yup, why break down the gate when you can easily scale the wall. Stupid humans.

The guards watch me as I get closer, straightening their backs and tightening their grip on their weapons.

They don't say anything as I walk between them but they watch me. I'm used to it. Aside from being a Draconian, humans always have been xenophobic. Hippocrates. They'll say anything to get you into their bed for a quick fuck and maybe some light foreplay, if you can find one brave enough. I suppose they think I'll be a good story to tell to their friends, a way of gloating and thumping their chest. 'Yes, I fucked a Draconian and she loved it'.

Hardly. I hate intamacy, and relationships will only end badly and will only hurt you. I'm not into being hurt. I'll find a human male brave enough to have sex with me and I only stay for my own pleasure. After my orgasm, I leave, whether they're done or not. It's made for some satisfying fights after sex. Especially when they find out just how weak they are. The look on their faces always makes me smile.

Human pleasuremates are always the worse. Self centered and only worried about sticking their dick inside you, in any of your holes, and twitching their seed into your body. I shudder at the thought. I never like feeling their seed splash inside me.

God I'm horny. The guards didn't look half bad, but I doubt one of them will be brave enough to try. Too tense and they stank of fear. Of course, that stink may not be entirely my fault.

It's a typical human village. Lots of humans walking around, male and female talking about everything. Most stay out of my way, fearful of what I might do. If anything, it's other spieces that should be fearful of humans. They breed like vermin and spread out everywhere. Always taking, wanting more and never agreeing on a fair deal.

I'm average for a female in human standards, at least like this I am. If they only knew. The males tower over me, mostly. I'd like to enjoy looking up at a male but all I really feel is annoyance. Maybe picking this height was a bad idea?

Someone kicked my tail as they walk behind me. It doesn't hurt but it pisses me off.

"Hey!" I yell after the laughing kids as they run off. Damn troublemakers.

The inn is easy enough to find, it's directly in front of the main gate and a straight shot from the 2 side gates. I came in from the South gate, through the forest. The main gate opens up to the vast fields and farmland to the northeast. The last gate opens up to a path following the edge of the forest to the west.

The wanted posters make me chuckle to myself. Humans are always willing to pay for someone to do it for them. Helping move things, protect something or someone while they travel to another village. The blacksmith wants a dragon or dragon subspecies to fuel their forge for smithing metal. That's a bit insulting.

Finally, a bounty poster catches my eye.

Wanted: higherd kiler to help rid viledge of wairwulf problem.

Yeah, that person didn't finish school. But at half cost for lodging until the full moon, I really should complain... much.

Meat at Midnight Howling In, bring help. Ax for Lucy. 10 gold per wairwulf.

Really? They have a werewolf problem and their inn is called The Midnight Howling? No wonder they showed up here. You basically called them. I say again, stupid humans.

I picked the poster off the wall and think back to the last full moon. It was about 3 weeks ago so the next full moon should be in the next few days. Checking my coins I think, yeah, I can manage that.

So, off I walk to the inn, still snickering to myself about the name. If this is some stupid human trick to get people to stay at the inn, I will be kicking someone's ass, if not the whole towns.

Walking down the main path through the village I draw a lot of attention to myself. Granted, I'm probably the only Draconian they've ever seen, but the lust filled stares and primal grunts some of the males make lead me to believe they're just staring at my tits and ass. And why not? I rather enjoy my tits and I have an ass that won't quit being sexy.

Now, if I can find one brave enough I might just get some fun before I have to leave. After this, I should head back into monster territory. The 'monster species' as humans call them are much more open in their sexual encounters. Less intimate as well. No touchy feeling after sex and no cuddling. Another shiver ran down my spine.