By Stan Harp

Chapter 1: How it all started

Have you ever had a day that has already happen? Was it all just déjà vu? This is how it all happened.

Friday, July 20

I was sound asleep in my bed. Then, all of a sudden, my alarm goes off. I raised my eyes open, placed my hand on the snooze, got up and stretched. I yawned. I looked at my clock, it was 7:35am. I knew I had school in 10 minutes. I got up from my bed and headed towards the bathroom to change. But then, a loud bang came through the door.

"Time to get up!" Someone said through the door, which startled me. That person is my dork little brother, Ryan. God, he always does this! He's 9 years old and he doesn't go to school, because he's homeschooled. I turned and saw Ryan and yelled, "RYAN, I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK WHEN I'M TRYING TO CHANGE!"

"Sorry." He said, smiling as he walked out.

"Dork." I muttered. I finished changing to my school clothes. I went downstairs and saw my dad making breakfast for me.

"Hey, there she is! Ready for the last day of school?" My Dad shouted as I came downstairs. My dad is the only parent in this house, since my mother passed away about a few months ago. He is always a good guy. And yes, today is the last day of school. I cannot believe that I'm going to be a senior! All of my friends are too!

"Yes! It's going to be awesome!" I said excitedly.

"I bet it is. But just remember, you are about to become a senior. So act like one, if you are like one. Got it?" He said. I nodded.

"Alright. Now hurry up and eat your breakfast, because you don't want to be late for your last day of school!" He said. I did what I was told. He made me pancakes and bacon, the usuals.

10 minutes later…

I walked in the building. There were a lot of people walking down the hallway. Must be pumped for the last day. I walked to my home room where I saw my friends: Ashley, Marilyn and Teddy.

"Heeeeey girl. How do you do?" Ashley said, with a southern accent. She's from Texas.

"Hey Ashley." I said.

"Hey Stacy. Ready for the last day?" Marilyn asked. Stacy was my name. Forgot to mention that.

"Oh yeah I am! What do you think we should do for the new year?"

"I don't know. There's a lot to do for the new year. New classes, new teachers, new…" Teddy said. Marilyn cut her off.

"Ok, Teddy. We know. New stuff for a new year of learning!" She said.

"Right. Maybe we should talk more at lunchtime." Ashley said.

"Ok." We all said as we take our seats for class.

As soon as everyone walks in, one kid named Billy walked to his desk, but he got tripped over by Rob, the quarterback of the school football team, and fell on the floor face first. Rob looked down and said, "You just got robbed, Billy!" He laughed as Billy got up to walk to his desk. But then, his paperwork falls out of his binder. I saw them and picked them up for him.

"Here, let me help you." I said.

"Thank you." Billy said as he went to his desk. I just helped a nerd!


"So, Stacy. Are you still into that Rocky guy?" Marilyn asked. Rocky is my soon-to-be boyfriend. He's tall, handsome and every girl he sees, he winks and clicks at them. He likes to flirt with a lot with girls. But, I think he is so into me.

"I don't know yet. Still waiting." I said.

"Still waiting?" Ashley said, raising her eyebrow.

"Well, you see, he hasn't asked me out or anything."

"Well then, why don't you go talk to him then." Teddy said. I turned and saw Rocky sitting at a table with his friends. I gulped.

"Ok. Here I go." I said as I stood up and walked over to him.

"That's my girl." Marilyn said.

As I walked over to Rocky, someone spill applesauce all over me on purpose. I turned and saw it Chelsea. She is one of the most meanest girls of the school. She then turned and saw me.

"Oops, that's a shame." She said, acting like it was an accident. But it wasn't an accident. I turned and saw that Rocky was looking right at me. I got so embarrassed with applesauce all over my shirt. I ran to the bathroom. I tried to wash off the applesauce on my shirt. But it wouldn't come off. God, why is Chelsea such a bitch? Speaking of Chelsea, I saw her right behind me. As soon as I turned around, she took a picture of me with my applesauced shirt.

"Wow. Perfect picture, Stacy. Just wait until everyone and even your boyfriend, Rocky, sees this." Chelsea said, as she posted it on FaceBook.

"Why are you such a bitch, Chelsea?" I yelled.

"Why am I a bitch? You're the bitch, slut!" Chelsea said.

"I am not a bitch, nor a slut!"

"Well, tell that to the whole school. Now you will be a laughingstock for the whole school year. Even your new year of senior."

I got so furious that I started to cry a little.

"Aww, are you ok? Are you gonna cry? Don't worry, everyone who will see this picture will make you feel better." She said, sarcastically. I got from sad to mad. I walked over to Chelsea. Looked her right in the eyes.

"What are you gonna do, bitch?" She said, smiling. I got into full rage. I slapped her across the face. But then, a few seconds after she recovered, she slapped me back, but harder than I did to her. I screamed in pain. Then I pushed her. She pushed me back. But, I got really mad, I pushed her back one more time even harder this time. But she slipped from the water I used to get the applesauce off my shirt, and hit her head on the wall with an uncomfortable crack. I flinched a little bit. I waited for her to get up and fight me again. I waited 10 more seconds, but she still hasn't gotten up. Did I knock her out cold. Did I kill her?! No, a wall wouldn't have killed her. I walked over to Chelsea.

"Chelsea?" I said. I lift her head, but felt something wet on her back. Blood. Holy shit! I did kill her! On the outside, I was relieved from her and her 5 years of mentor. But, on the inside, I was panicking! I killed a girl! All I did was push her against a wall. I got so scared. I ran out of the bathroom. Ran out the front door. Escaping the murder! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. This is bad. This is so bad! As I kept running, my phone rang. It was Ashley. Hope she didn't know about Chelsea yet.

"H-hello?" I said, breathing rapidly.

"Stacy? Are you ok? What's wrong? Where are you?" Ashley said, worried.

"No, I'm not ok. I'm outside of the school." I said to her.

"What? Outside? What happened with you and Chelsea?"

"Ashley. I killed Chelsea." There was silence on the phone for a few seconds.

"What? You killed her? How?" Ashley said.

"I pushed her too hard that her head cracked against the wall."

"Oh my god! That's terrible! But, it's kinda awesome that it was Chelsea, but still."

"I'm sorry, Ashley. I did not mean to." I started to cry.

"No, no, no, don't be. It's fine."

"Thank you. I actually need to head home. I'll see you tomorrow."

"You're going home? It's only been 2 hours of school. And it's the last day."

"I know. But I just need to rest."

"Ok. I hear you. See you tomorrow, I guess."


"Byyyyye!" I hung up and continued my way home.


"Goodnight, honey. I know you had a rough last day. But maybe you can start over in the new year." My Dad said as he kissed me goodnight.

"I don't know Dad. I wish I could just start the day over again." I said.

"Yeah. I wish too. But, the new year will be a lot different."

"Ok. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." He walked out and closed to door halfway. As soon as he left, my phone vibrated. It was a text from Rocky. Oh boy, I hope he doesn't hate me for killing Chelsea. I looked at the text.

Hey Stacy,

I'm really sorry about what happened to Chelsea. I don't blame you at all. I do miss her, but she was a real jerk. So I was just wondering if you wanna get together this weekend for the summer. I mean if you don't want to since you killed someone, that's fine by me. But if you do, see you there.

Yours truly, Rocky ;)

So glad that Rocky forgave me for Chelsea. I guess I'll have to go to bed. And start a new day. And pretend none of this ever happened. I turned off my lamp. I closed my eyes and went sound asleep.

Tomorrow is another day.