What am I supposed to do now? I am on the ground with the beat within me going into shock.

Yesterday passed away and now today I am on my knees, which have skin scraped away from hitting the hard gray surface.

My fingers grasp the letter in one hand, while the other still has the shield you gave me.

No one is around, since they are still hanging about the house, and I am a few doors down.

The words repeat in my head, making me confused on what to feel.

All I know is you left from all the stupid mistakes that we kept making, which I thought we were all through that.

You still care apparently, but couldn't bear to be near me anymore.

So you just ran off when I wasn't looking, safe and sound I was sleeping.

All you left was this shield that you gave me to protect myself from the upcoming darkness.

I still had to fight whatever is thrown at me, now without you by my side.

There are others still going to fight with me, but none of them are you, who give me the strength to go on.

Not sure where you went, the letter does not give me a hint.

All I can hope is that you will come back, while I try my best still to fight with all my heart, despite the ache that is going to haunt me.

The memory of yesterday still in full intact, from all the laughing and smiles we constantly kept forming.

For now, I better stand up, and take shield in my hand, so I have something to defend myself.

I got people counting on me, so death isn't an option, and I know you left this so I have more of a fighting chance to survive. Knowing you wouldn't be around for the battle occurring soon, and I have tendency to run in without any defense.

I look at the letter one more time, then the wind starts to blow away from me, so I throw the letter along with it, and watch it with my now watery eyes. I see it go off in a distance, then I turn away, hoping everything will be okay and I'll somehow see you again someday.