The sun burnt; pinkie orange coloured sky stagnated above a weathered white house, with the remnants of light reflecting off the attic windows in a blinding fashion.

All the while the surrounding trees shifted in a ghostly, windless motion causing a shiver to go down the spines of two unaware onlookers, the onlooker on the left was a dressed in a black leather jacket, a grey top, dark blue trousers and brown boots, his hair was jet black with hints of grey hair mixed in.

Next to him was a woman just a year younger then him, her hair fell down to her shoulders and was blond bordering white in colour, the woman was dressed in a red and blue checkered Shirt with light blue jeans and red converse.

Walking down the cold muddy path, the man glanced over at the building curiosity entering his eyes, just as the leaves on the ground threw themselves upwards forming the lower half of a person before dissipating into the wind scattering the leaves across the yard like seeds on a field.

"We're here," the man states in a British accent walking up to the yard of the weathered building, looking around the woman had a sceptical look on her face.

"Mark are you sure that this is the House he would have used to hide from them?" the woman questions in an American accent causing the man to rub the stubble on his chin in thought.

"That I am Alexa," the man known as Mark says after a few moments of thought receiving a nod from the woman named Alexa.

Walking away the duo went back up the road leading to the house and got into the dark blue Ford focus ST, before driving it down to the house by this time the sun had dipped more than three quarters of the way down into the horizon.

"What is it with America and its creepy houses in the middle of nowhere?" Alexa ask being creeped out by the state the house is in as she got out of the car this time with a faded brown backpack, although the building was all intact that only added to Alexa's creep factor.

"I don't know, you're the American in this so I thought you'd know," Mark replies taking the mic out of her for her question turning the car off before exiting it hauling out a bigger faded brown bag.

"Raven, was clever he always knew where best to lay low to avoid detection," Mark comments as he approaches the porch of the house, to the left of the duo a shadow swiftly moved as the house slowly became shrouded in darkness from the lack of sun, this caused Mark to get out his flashlight, "This place, it's… familiar," Mark says looking around the area sceptically.

"Mark… you never did tell me what happened, when you and Sam left for 'training'" Alexa question as she catches up with Mark, causing him to stop.

"Alexa, now is not the time for me to be sharing past stories ok, what happened with me and your brother has nothing to do with you," Mark stats his tone cold like the small breeze that washed over them.

"Look… when we find the others then I'll be happy to explain then, anyway no more questions, the faster we get this done the faster we get to the reunion," Mark finishes before walking up to the porch door, pulling out a torch to light up the darkening area Mark takes a quick look around the surrounding area of forest, "Alexa," Mark then says glaring at the shadows around them.

"Yes Mark," Alexa replies looking in the same direction as him trying to see what he was glaring at.

"Keep your Sidearm nearby" Mark says quietly putting an emphasis on the last half of his sentence before turning towards the door, almost hesitantly Mark slowly opens the door with a loud creaking groan coming from the withered door.

In front of them was a dark hallway, lighting it up with his torch Mark quickly glanced around, the hallway was covered in shattered glass, frames, ripped books and paper littered across the once peach carpet now faded due to time, the walls were covered in ripped and water stained wallpaper which held a spiral pattern to it.

"Strange," Mark comments looking at the pattern the rips were in, while Alexa looked at some of the things on the floor.

"What is?" Alexa questions looking up from her crouched position farther down the hall, in her hand was a photo which had been ripped, the Photo contained a teenage boy with raven black hair which almost covered his eyes he was dressed in a grey bond wool cashmere black overcoat, a brown shirt, greyish blue jeans with black boots.

Next to him was a girl around the same age as the boy, her hair was a dark blonde colour that fell to her shoulders, she was dressed in a dark cyan blue bond wool cashmere black overcoat, a red shirt, greyish jeans with black boots.

Then next to her was another girl with auburn hair that landed around shoulder length, wearing similar clothing except for she was wearing a black shirt, the final boy in the photo had similar hair to the first girl except it was a lot shorter, his clothes matched that of the first boy in the photo except his shirt was white.

"These marks on the wall, they're consistent, as if a blade was being slashed about," Mark states as he runs across the indents in the wall, Mark then turns to look at Alexa noticing the photo in her hand, "No," Mark whispers as his eyes widen remembering when that photo was taken.

"Mark, what's wrong?" Alexa asks worry edged into her voice at her friends' actions, Mark's face then fell as memories flashed across his eyes.

"The old team," Mark started after a few moments of silence, only to get a confused look from his partner, causing him to explain after taking the picture off of her, "It's not a full picture as two people are missing from it," Mark states examining the rip, "It's a photo from a time where we thought on the wrong side, the guy with the dark hair, that's 'Raven' never did like his real name, the girl next to him is Lynda quiet but caring really not traits they wanted…" Mark stops as he examines the second girl in the photo, soon Mark felt tears roll down his face, all though unseen by Alexa though she knew that girl meant something to him.

"Her name was Zoe, Loyal till the end damn she'd put me to shame," Mark continues fondly, until his eyes fell onto the last boy in the photo aggression etched onto his face faster than Alexa could register the change, "James, the man who broke Lynda's heart while also attempting to eradicate mine…" Mark starts anger seeping from his voice while his tone was cold as stone before being stopped mid-sentence by a large thudding sound coming from the adjoining room.

"What the," Mark says looking at the wall behind them, suddenly, the thudding stopped just as quickly as it started, "let's move," Mark commands leading the way past Alexa and through an open doorway.

The room they entered was a rundown kitchen, the tiled walls both the counters had faded and cracked some littered onto the counter tops, some of the cupboard doors had fallen off while the others hung from a single hinge.

"You said till the end," Alexa comments after a while of silence, although she didn't see it Alexa knew that Meddo shivered at her comment, "What happened?" Alexa then asks while stepping in front of him.

"She died," Mark says through gritted teeth, his clenched fist went unnoticed by the blonde woman in front of him, "We need to get moving," Mark then says walking out of the room leading the way back outside.

"Wait Mark we haven't searched the hole building yet," Comments as she jogged to catch up with him, Alexa then stops as she catches Mark in the light of the moon, his face held a sad and voided look, she then notices what he's looking at, Mark was looking directly at the moon she normally would have dismissed this as usual behaviour but now it wasn't, the moon was larger than usual holding a reddish orange hue to it.

Just as Alexa lost her train of thought walking up to her partner, the building behind her collapsed with a ear shattering thud causing the duo to turn and look at it.

"Though that was the case," Mark says looking at the debris, "Raven was long gone before we even stepped foot in the forest," Mark then comments as Alexa motioned to the now crushed car, "Oh come on," Mark then whines out in annoyance.

"We best start walking then," Alexa states with a tiny bit of happiness in her voice which confused Mark as she starts her way up the path back to civilisation, with Mark in tow not noticing a ghostly shimmer from the trees nearby.