"An Ode to My Craft,"

By: Sakura Reyna

I wouldn't sleep because I couldn't sleep.

You invaded my docile listlessness with maddening visions.

Rainbow dust and smeared mascara covered messes waited beneath the tangles of what you showed me.

I want to see you again; to fall in love with my reason for living.

This is my love song to you.

More than anything else my starved heart knows

You gave me so much more than I ever asked for.

The darkness and light that are forever entangled in each other

Is the part of me that you exposed

Don't let me wander off and abandon you again.

I couldn't sleep because I never want to sleep again.

Arouse my longing for the comfort only you can give me.

I miss you.

Sing to me.

Show me your wild visions of the dreams you wish for me to realize in this life.

The words give me strength.

The chaos gives me courage.

The words help me love.

It burns when I can't see you.

It burns when I'm in silence for too long.

Sing to me and show me those visions once more.