The stairs seem endless, while running from the growling that is chasing us. Footsteps echo off the gray stone walls, while we kept running to the bottom. Darkness kept running in the back of us, since the beasts are trying to devour us.

Night time is when the beasts lurk around, and they can be anywhere. My heart keeps beating faster, but we are almost at the bottom. My eyes flicker to the bottom of the stone tower, and see two large white squares that seem out of place. We done this before actually and you would think it gets easier as times goes on, but it does not. The beasts are highly unpredictable, and always appear from different directions and the numbers of them varies. I can never remember much of where they came from or how many they were on previous nights anyways, considering they appear random.

I am one of the first ones to the bottom, so I quickly lift up the white square block, in which a hole appears under it. Everyone behind me climbs down the hole, while I'm the last one to climb down. I carefully put the white square back on top of the hole, and climb down into the underground dark room.

Growling can be heard louder every few seconds, but my heart calms down for a bit. I look around the room, and see a pit under me, while sitting on some brown beams supports. My hands grips the beam, and I take a glance at the other side of the room to see a platform with a golden door leading to the underground dungeon, The walls are stone, just like the in the room above us. We sat quietly, until a noise came from behind the door leading into the dungeon. The rest of us stayed where we were, with just the noise of breathing and distant sound of growling that is getting closer.

After a few more minutes pass by, more growling can be heard from the door in a louder tone. I start to panic, and think we are better off fighting up above with the other creatures, since more open space up there. I move closer to the opening, and push the block upward, while I move with it. I move it to the side, and stuck out my head and arms.

Immediately, darkness engulfs my vision and growling can be heard, breathing down the back of my neck. The beast attacked my left hand, while I quickly dove back down underground, while my heart is frantic. People backed away from me, as I tried to wave the beast off my hand, and eventually were able to pin it down with my body. Someone from the group, a guy with short brown hair and dark blue eyes, quickly ran up and stabbed it. The growling ceased to exist anymore, and it let go if my hand.

I studied my hand, and noticed a bunch of bite marks oozing out blood. I take a glance at the guy, and said "Thanks.", with a dazed voice coming out of my mouth.

The guy gave me a small smile on his pale face, and said, "No problem."

"Is it daylight yet?" a girl with dark hair and amber eyes asked with a soft voice.

I looked at her, and a smile appeared on my face. "It should be, since we been running all night and hiding under here for a bit…well besides me panicking, and going to the above ground too early. Sorry for that, thankfully it was only one waiting," I said with a guilty look.

"It's okay, at least that's one less beast to deal with now," the girl said.

"True…so what are your guys names again?" I asked with my face turning red from embarrassment in forgetting their names. I mean they told me, but being chased by dark beasts, totally messes with your mind.

The guy chuckles, and says, "Brad."

The girl gives me a small smile, and says, "Its Eve, and now would be a good time to ask for yours since I also forgot."

"Sky is my name, and glad I'm not the only one who has forgotten people's names. Just these nights are always hell to go through, and never with the same exact people always either," I said while climbing the beams to the hole again, and noticing specks of light coming from the cracks of the stone.

I pushed the stone off the hole, and my eyes got hit by the glare of the sunlight. I placed my hands over my eyes, and pushed myself up out into the open. Relief flooded me, knowing we are finally safe. My eyes start to droop a bit, and when I started walking around to the other side of the tower, away from the stairs, I felt a bit dizzy.

Everyone who was with me also came up from the underground. My hand throbbed with pain, and I immediately clutched it with my other hand. Okay, probably should get that checked out I thought.

Brad noticed me clutching my bleeding hand, and asked, "Hand hurting?"

"Yeah, should have figured it would, considering it isn't even the first time I got bitten by one of those dark beast creatures."

Brad gives me a weird look, and asks, "You been bitten before by one of those creatures?"

I shrugged, and thought about last time I was bit. "It was a few months ago, when I was with a few of my friends. One of my friends…well she freaked out and decided to go face one of the creatures…really need a name for them, considering its been months since they appeared…" I shake my head to get off thought process to stop rambling and continued. " Anyways, we were at the field at the time, when it was night so we didn't really have any place to hide…"

Flashback to a few months ago

"This is totally not going well at all," I said, while out of breath from all the running.

Blaze, Cale, and Joey were also out of breath, and gave me a look, which told me they agreed.

"Dude, we should have stayed in the house," Blaze said, while looking in the distance.

"I don't think that would have been much better, since it's in a enclose space, and they can easily break down the door or crash through the window," Cale said.

"Yeah, especially without any light in the house to protect us," I said looking around, and hearing the soft tone of growling in a distance. The wind started to pick up, and blow away the grass in the direction in front of us.

"Guys, we probably should keep running, I can start to hear growling coming closer," Joey said with wide eyes.

"I don't even know if I can keep moving…" Blaze paused for a second and then her tone of voice got louder, while her expression turns frantic. "I can't even take this anymore! Maybe we would have a better chance by just facing them together," Blaze said while having panic in her voice.

"With what? We have no weapons at all." Cale said while giving her look.

A thought came to me, and I started to feel around my blue hoodie I was wearing, and put my hands in my pocket. I felt something sharp in one of them, and pulled it out. "Hey, I got a pocket knife," I said while holding it in my hand.

Cale gives me a weird look, and asks "A pocket knife?"

"What? It is better than nothing," I said, noticing the growling noise is a lot louder.

"Okay, seriously screw this, I'm going to punch the one I notice coming any second," Blaze said getting in a defensive stance.

"Blaze, I don't think…" Joey started to say, but got cut short by a beast about to jump on him.

Joey screams, and Blaze tries to punch the beast in the face, but it dodges. The beast turns towards Blaze, and I drop the pocket knife without thinking, and ran at the beast to tackle it. I collided with the beast, and it bit me on the shoulder, while I try to fight it. The beast pin me down, while blood gushed down my shoulder and throbbed with pain. It tried to bite me again, but it stopped when Cale came up and stabbed it in the back, making it get off me and wail. It tried to attack Cale, but it was paralyzed from the pain, and Cale stabbed it again, which made it collapsed to death in a splattered of blood on the ground.

"Guess it was better than nothing," Cale said while giving me a worried look, and looking at the bloody knife. He took a cloth and wrapped the pocket knife in it, and placed it in his pocket.

"Told you it was," I said with pain shooting through me. My heart was pounding fast still, and Cale came over to help me up.

My shoulder hurt more, when I got up and felt nausea somewhat, to the point that I almost fell to the side. Cale caught hold of me, and noticed blood was still coming out of the bite wound of my shoulder.

Blaze and Joey looked at me with concern.

"Okay, maybe that wasn't the best idea, but at least one is dead now. But dude are you okay? That seems like it hurts like hell, and you are losing quite a lot of blood…," Blaze said with a pale face.

"Maybe we should bandage up the wound somehow," Joey said.

Blaze takes out of a piece of cloth, and says, "Here, we can use this to bandage it up." Blaze comes closer to me, while Cale holds me up, and wraps the cloth around my shoulder. I winced in pain from the pressure, while she tied it.

"There," Blaze said, while she finished tying it up, and the blood finally stopped, though the cloth was cover in blood now.

"Thanks," I said in a weak voice.

"Do I need to carry you?" Cale asked, still holding on me and giving me a questioning look.

"No, I think I can manage to walk," I said, not really knowing for sure if I'm able too, but didn't want to be a burden.

"Are you sure?" Cale asked, with a voice if not believing me.

"Yes, I'm sure," I said with doubt in my voice.

"Sky..," Cale said giving me a look.

"Sky, just let Cale carry you. You don't look well anyways," Blaze said.

"Yeah, plus we can't sit here and argue all day. There might be more beasts showing up any minute," Joey said, looking around.

I sighed and said "Fine."

"Good girl," Cale said, while patting me on the head.

End of flashback

"And that's how that happened. Pretty much I didn't want my friends to get hurt, especially Blaze since she could have gotten killed ," I said.

Brad smiled, and said, " True, may have been stupid, but no one wants their friends to get hurt. Anyways lets go get you bandage up."

"Yeah, good thing I'm right handed at least," I said chuckling a bit.

"Definitely could have been worse too," Brad said, while both of us started walking to find someone or somewhere to help bandage me up.