A Nightmare, A Dream

I don't know what I should feel.

I know this can't seem so real.

I don't know how I could heal.

With these wounds inscribed and set to kill.

I'm living a nightmare that's deadly and fierce.

With an arrow of despair that's ready to pierce.

My cheeks stain'd red with the path of dried tears.

The dusk'ness shrouding o'er and set free my fear.

This is a nightmare! 'Tis not a dream!

You act like I don't care, but I jus' wanna scream!

You tell me you love me and that you want me,

I believed you, yet I deceived you,

I told you I loved you and that I fell for you,

That was not a lie, 'tis not a dream.

And with you gone, I jus' wanna die.

Can't you tell, I jus' wanna scream?

And with you gone, I feel like I don't belong.

And if you were here, instead of there,

This wouldn't be a nightmare,

It wouldn't be a dream,

I wouldn't be so scared,

But this is what I'm deemed.

Jus' remember I love you.

Forever more.