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Key 10

"Sweetie, can you come over here and help me peel the potatoes, please?" Willow asked softly.

Bella blinked, glancing between Nick, who was sitting down in his large arm chair and where Willow was sitting at the dinning room table. Nick made no reaction, so Bella tensely started forward to help.

"I'll help too, Mom," Marcus made to get up from where he was sitting on the loveseat next to Malik.

"You will do no such thing," Nick barked at the boy, who instantly tensed. "It's not a man's job to be in the kitchen. Leave the housework to the womenfolk, to your mother and sister," he ordered.

Malik chuckled nervously, patting Marcus' back. "Y-yeah, Dad's right. Mom and Girl got this," he murmured. Dropping his voice to a tiny whisper, he leaned his head close to his twin's. "Marcus! I hate it as much as you, but until we can figure out how to get away from here, play along!" he reminded his brother harshly.

Fighting the instinct to rise up and start trying to beat up the human, Marcus slowly settled back in his chair. "Right. Sorry, Dad. I forgot. I'm still trying to get use to the Way," he muttered. Closing his eyes, he profusely swore he'd never become like Nick. He'd never become the monster that had spawned him.

"That's okay, son. Just try to keep in mind how well your older brother is adjusting and aim to be like him." Nick nodded his head in encouragement before returning his attention back to the TV screen.

"Beer!" Darvey called out as he shuffled back to his chair from the bathroom. Kicking off his shoes, he groaned in delight when Girl appeared by his elbow a few seconds later, holding out a cold Bud Light. He took the can from her, waving his hand dismissively to let her know he didn't need her anymore.

Girl returned to the kitchen, sitting down in the seat next to Willow. The woman's hands on the knife were weak and shaky so Girl had to do most of the paring. But she didn't complain. While Willow had been sleeping, Nick had placed a collar of the horrible anti-magic metal around her neck. Now she had even more of the metal touching her skin and she looked as pale as her complexion could look. Deep, dark circles were beginning to show under her eyes. To be completely honest, the woman looked like she was half-dead, which wasn't very far from the truth honestly.

Somehow, Willow had been managing to dodge all of Nick's advances toward having sex. She hadn't been able to stop his pawing and groping, but she'd narrowly avoided having him sling her over his shoulder and drag her off to his bedroom. He'd wanted her to sleep with him, like she did as a child, but the boys had managed to convince Nick that they were honestly scared if she wasn't sleeping with them. When Nick had grunted in derision, telling them that they were acting like babies, the twins had begged him to give them a few days to adjust.

Well, their few days were up, since from what Willow had been able to tell, they'd been stuck in this awful house for the past three days. Nick had already made it very clear that he was going to get his wife back in his bed tonight and anyone-including his brothers-who tried to interrupt or stop him was going to pay dearly.

Willow gulped just imaging it, but she couldn't think of anything more that she could use to stop it. She couldn't say she was on her period, since Nick would want proof. She already knew it didn't matter to Nick if she was sick or weak either. In fact, he'd probably prefer it, which was most likely why he'd put the collar on her. With as weak as she was, she wouldn't have the strength to try and fight him off.

"Tonight is going to be a good night," Nick decreed, kicking back his chair to rest his feet forward.


Bri sucked in a deep breath, fighting to stay calm right now. "So, like I said, I'm sorry I didn't call you guys sooner. I've been busy trying to locate Willow."

"No biggie," Bren's voice murmured. "Personally, I understand. It's just Aiden that's gone a bit crazy right now. He's, uh…W-well…You said you're in West Virginia, right?"

"Yep," Bri nodded quickly, eyeing the house the car was parked five houses down the street from. "941 N. Pine St. New Haven, West Virginia. Andre's already confirmed that he recognized two of the guys who've come out of the house as his cousins," she explained.

"New Haven…New Haven," Bren murmured distractedly. A few seconds later, his voice came back through clear. "Oh, wow. The Gate we jumped through is in Racine, Ohio. We are only a little less than half an hour away," he reported in relief. "Better news would be that we ended up in the right town, but the Gates are only in set locations normally so-"

"Half an hour?" Bri grumbled. "Bren, I am going in there now!"

"I…What? No, that's dangerous, Bri! You need to wait until backup gets there so-" he tried to explain.

She shook her head. "No! She's already been gone for four days. Four days! Who knows what these crazy mother fuckers have done to her or those two boys they took?!"

"I…I understand where you're coming from, but you have to realize that you could be harmed and-"

"So the fuck what?" Bri demanded. "My best friend is locked up in some crazy man's house and you expect me to just sit on my ass and wait for you all to save the day? Fuck that!" Her anger spiking, she hung up the phone.

"Um…Bren's right, Bri," Andre told her tentatively. He fought to keep his expression calm as she turned burning brown eyes to him. "I get your worked up right now, but you don't know what they've done to Willow. You know she wouldn't have gone willingly and that she wouldn't be staying willingly. So what have they done to make sure she can't or doesn't leave?"

"Threaten those boys!" Bri threw her hands up in exasperation. "Willow wouldn't want some innocent kids to be harmed simply because her life's a train wreck," she muttered darkly.

"W-well…there you go. A-anyway," he cleared his throat quickly. "How do you plan to just gain entrance? What will you do if you do get inside? How do you plan to take out all three guys by yourself? I'd like to think I could help, but I've never been much of a fighter," he admitted with a sigh.

"I'm a fucking siren," she reminded him tightly.

"Yeah, and? You're only going to be able to keep one, maybe two tops pinned down with your abilities. You're a half-blood, Bri. You can't enthrall an entire room of people," he tried to get her to see sense.

"I can sure as hell try, for Willow!" Bri barely stopped herself from shouting. "She's been there for me whenever I need someone and I am not going to let her stay trapped and pinned down by some asshole who doesn't know how to move on."

Sighing heavily, Andre ran his fingers through his hair. "Gods you are insufferable!" he shouted himself, at the end of his patience. "You know what, fine. Fine! Go in there and get your ass beat. Go in there and get your ass killed because you can't wait thirty god damn minutes for reinforcements to get here! You are the most…This is the thing I always hated about you, Bri. You're so fucking stupid and bull-headed when you get some idea in your head! You never stop to think about the danger you're putting yourself and others in when you do this shit!"

Spine stiffening, Bri tipped her head up, chin in the air. "Thank you. I will do just that," she hissed icily. "I'm going to make you eat your words," she swore. "I'm going to go in there, the one damn fucking woman here who gives a shit…I'm going to go in there and show you that I don't need any man to play damsel with!" she declared.

He threw his hands out, smiling in an almost sadistic challenge. "Go the fuck right ahead, Bri. Do it and I'll gladly eat my words."

"Yeah, you will," she nodded, reaching out to open her door. Climbing out, she slammed the door closed. Once she was around the front of the car, she glanced back at inside at Andre. He was wearing an angry smile, lips pulled up in laughter. Growling, she turned fully to flip him off. His lips lifted even higher and he smirked, slowly raising a hand to flip her off as well. Eyes narrowing in a glare, she raised her other hand to flip him off with it as well. He just shook his head and kept smirking.

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she dismissed him with the turn of her head. Standing ten feet in front of the car, on the sidewalk, she crossed her arms over her chest. Worrying her bottom lip with her teeth, she tried to think. Andre was right. How was she going to get into the house? How was she going to arouse the least amount of suspicion?

A car pulled into the driveway of the house she was standing in front of. Eyeing it, an idea came to her mind. But she sighed, realizing how much of a dick it was going to make her. Groaning, she told herself it was for a good cause. Reaching into her pants pocket, she pulled out five hundred dollars, all she had in cash on her. This will have to make up for it, she told herself.

Stepping forward, she called out to the young man climbing out of the Pizza Hut car. He was wearing the black ball cap and red jack with the Pizza Hut lettering on the front right breast. "Hello there," she waved as he started to lift out the black duffel bag with the pizza's inside.

He paused, blinking, staring at her. "Hello, ma'am," he nodded his head in polite greeting before returning his attention to the bag.

"I, uh, actually, I really need to ask you for a favor," Bri cleared her throat, thinking fast on her feet.

He lifted his hazel eyes back to her, frowning. "…Yeah, what favor?"

"I'm actually trying to surprise my boyfriend. You see, we got into this big fight and he sort of told me he never wanted to see me again…" As she spoke, she was slowly getting closer to him, trying to get within range for her magic to work.

He stared at her blandly, looking bored. "…Ever think maybe that's what you should do, ma'am? You know, just leave it there? Obviously you must have done something real bad for him say something like that."

She chuckled nervously, brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "Well, normally I would," she agreed. Making a blush fill her cheeks, she glanced shyly up at the man through her lashes. "But, I mean…h-he's the one. I…I really love him. I don't want to loose him over one bad drinking spree out with my girlfriends."

His gaze narrowed and he looked disgusted. "Oh. You're one of those women." His voice held a bitter note of an old grudge. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I have a long evening of deliveries to make today. My afternoon is just starting and I still have a lot of houses to get to." Dismissing her, pulled the duffel bag out of the car. Slamming the door close, he began walking toward the front of the house.

Biting back a growl, she rushed toward him. "Wait, please!" she called out again. I was hoping I could just convince him with a little pity story, but I guess magic it is.

"Really, ma'am, I can't hel-" His voice stopped as he turned his head to glance at her over his shoulder.

"Give me the bag, hat, and jacket," she ordered firmly, magic in her voice.

He blinked, dazed, but his hazel eyes were alight with a happy joy. Nodding his head, he very quickly held out the duffel bag toward her. "Sure, whatever you say, ma'am." He threw her a lopsided grin, his heart in his eyes.

Wincing, hating herself, since the kid honestly didn't seem that bad of a guy, Bri took hold of the bag. Placing it on the ground, she quickly pulled on the jacket he was eagerly taking off, as well as the cap. Once she had the uniform on, she held out the five bills. "Take this and forget that you ever saw me. If anyone asks, you got lost because your GPS system was acting funny."

He nodded his head, expression souring a little. "Y-yeah, that old thing's always been pretty iffy." He chuckled nervously, rubbing at the back of his neck, shooting her a shy smile as he took the money with his other hand. "I…um, can I see you again, sometime?"

"No, you're going to turn around, count to sixty, and forget all about this conversation."

Slowly, he nodded again, hazel eyes growing cloudy in a dazed and reluctant confusion. "Oh, yeah…I have to forget about you. You're so pretty though…I've never seen someone before as pretty as you…You're voice sounds like music…I think…I think I'm in love with you," he swallowed, half-fighting her power.

Narrowing her eyes, she added more magic, squashing what remained of his will to try and resist her. "Turn around, count to sixty, and forget everything that happened as soon as I started to talk to you," she ordered.

His hazel eyes filled with tears as he sucked in a sharp, heartbroken breath. "Of course," he nodded, though he looked like it was tearing him to shreds to agree. He sucked in another shaky sob before doing what she'd ordered. By the time he'd gotten to fifty-three seconds, Bri was standing at the door of the house Willow was being held at.

Jeremy Graves blinked slowly, shaking his head. Raising a shaking hand to his face, he felt tears on his cheeks. Frowning, confused, he glanced around in confusion. He was in the driveway of a house. Turning his head to the left, he saw his car sitting there. Glancing down, he stared at the wet tears on his fingers.

"What was I doing? Where am I?" He took in the neighborhood with a quick glance. Going by what he could recognize of the city, he was somewhere on the east side of New Haven. Frowning, he glanced at the house of the driveway he was in. "Did I deliver their pizza already?" Opening his driver side door, he stuck his head in, not finding the black duffel bag where he usually kept it in the front passenger seat. Nodding his head slowly, he slipped into the driver seat, closed the door, and started the car.

Instantly, the radio turned on and 'Gone Forever' by Three Days Grace started playing. Hands squeezing the steering wheel tightly, Jeremy told himself to just turn off the damn radio. He reached out to do so, but as he did, his eyes fell on the small picture clipped through the vent of one of the fans. The second verse began and he sang along to it fiercely, glaring at the photo.

"Now things are coming clear and I don't need you here. And in this world around me I'm glad you disappeared," he growled out. Reaching up, he jerked off the photo, hating those bright green eyes and charming face with her short, pixie-cut red hair that smiled back at him. "So I'll stay out all night, get drunk and fuck and fight. Until the morning comes, I'll forget about our life…I feel so much better, now that you're gone forever!"

His voice breaking in a strangled shout, he turned the photo to start to tear it apart. "My fucking BEST FRIEND! Damn it, Jennifer, you couldn't stop yourself from getting drunk and fucking Tim?!"

A sob tore through his throat as the song kept going, the electric guitar and drums seeming to edge him to just do it. Just rip the damn photo to shreds. It was the last one he had of the cheating, lying bitch anyway!

"F-five fucking years!" he snarled in a sobbing breath. "Five years and I was ready…I was going to give you my name, give you everything," he choked. Applying pressure, he began to let his fingers pull the bendable material.

He'd gotten less than a millimeter of the photo torn apart before his hands stopped and he couldn't go any further. Growling in frustration, he tossed it to the floor. It fluttered slowly down, twisting and turning so that Jennifer's bright green eyes seemed to wink at him in mocking glee. Jerking the car into reverse, he slammed down on the gas to rush out of the driveway, barely stopping to check if there were any cars.

But what did it matter anyway? The one reason why'd he'd given a shit about anything, the one light in his life had betrayed him and left him. Why? 'Cause she'd gone out with her friends, got drunk, fucked his best friend and liked it better. She'd told him that he wasn't as much of a man, as Tim. Tim wouldn't care if she'd cheated on him. He'd just yell at her and forgive her for the heartbreak she'd brought upon his head. At least Tim could have kids. At least Tim wasn't a college drop out.

When he'd tried to remind her that the only reason he'd drop out of college had been to be able to work more, in order to give her a house, a life…He'd only dropped out because she'd begged him that she never got to see him enough since he'd had so much school to do, trying to get a lawyer degree…

Shouting in rage, he slammed his hands against the top curve of the steering wheel. "Why the hell am I even thinking about this?! I'm over her," he told himself fiercely. "She was just using me, draining me of all the life I had…This is why women are the same as devils. They tempt you, take everything you've worked for, make you feel like they'll give you the world, until they toss you aside."

Long forgotten in the mind of the heartbroken young man, Bri stood on the small porch of the house. Feeling her nerves spike, realizing that Andre was right and she was being not only stupid but crazy, she cleared her throat. Too late, girlie! You've made your bed, so lie in it and hope for the best! Reaching out, she pulled forth a bright smile and knocked on the door.

Cavin glanced up, startled at the sound of a knock on the door. He glanced toward his oldest brother, Nick, who frowned. "Who's that?" Nick rumbled in wary distrust.

"I'll get it." Cavin rose to his feet. "Maybe it's the Avon lady. Want to invite her in again? She's a nice little ride with the right amount of sweet talk," he grinned.

"Are you banging random women again?" Darvey asked in annoyed disgust. "You know you can't do that. You've got to keep up your appearance until you and Mackenzie get married. Once she's yours officially, go out and cheat all you want."

Cavin threw a cheeky grin over his shoulder. "Mackenzie's just a little mouse. She'd never defy me."

"Which makes her the perfect wife for you," Nick observed. "After how many months we had to research and observe how she acts, I'd say she better be perfect," he grumbled darkly. "Just hurry up and send the intruder off," he ordered.

Smirking, Cavin opened the front door, taking in the sight of red jacket, black Pizza Hut ball cap, and big black duffel bag. "Uh, sorry, but we didn't-"

The head lifted up and he stared down into a pair of bright brown eyes, framed by a beautiful face. She was a hell of a lot more woman than his fiancée, who wasn't more than a tiny wisp in comparison. This woman's body was filled out and curved in all the ways that made his mouth water at the thought of undressing her. Even in that shapeless jacket, her body filled it out and he could feel an ache start in his fingers. He licked his lips, eyes smoldering in delight. "How much do I owe you?" he asked in a low chuckle.

She smiled, her dark brown eyes filling with a small amount of answering heat. "Oh…I don't know. I'm pretty sure it was a woman and two kids?"

Cavin frowned, confused, his mind trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about. "What?"

The woman dropped the bag, quickly took off jacket, and threw off the ball cap, stepping close, into his personal space. She slipped her hands up his chest, over his shirt, feeling the muscles of his chest. "You know me. I'm an old 'friend' of yours from high school. Let's make out and reacquaint ourselves with each other, baby. Let me in and show me to your bedroom."

Cavin chuckled lightly, wrapping his arms around her in a half-groping hug, letting his hands travel down her spine. Grabbing her ass, he squeezed it, groaning quietly, before lowering his head down to sweep his tongue into her mouth.

Bri didn't fight it, pulling forth the façade she always did while on a job. This bitch is a target, as is the rest of his family. She pressed herself closer to him, taking on the roll of slut as she opened her mouth to his kiss even more. He stumbled back a little, adjusting to her weight, one of his hands clumsily reaching out to close the front door behind them.

"What the hell are you doing?" Darvey asked in shock.

Cavin thought about answering, but the body of sex in his arms was too distracting. He'd never felt like this before. Hell, if he didn't kiss her, didn't hear her voice, see her face, he was going to die! His stupid older brother meant nothing to him in comparison to the woman in his arms. The sexy vixen, she was calling to him, singing in his mind. He couldn't get her voice out of his head. He groaned, loving the taste of her.

She was a drug he very abruptly found himself addicted to. His hands roamed all over her body, quickly slipping through the thin material of her tank top. She rocked her hips against him in encouragement, panting, and he let out a low chuckle.

"Cavin?!" Darvey's voice once again.

While the young kid in her arms kept trying to strangle her with his tongue-really, this kid sucked at kissing-her gaze was very quickly flittering around, trying to take in the area. She was in the living room with the guy in her enthrall right now, plus two other men sitting in armchairs in front of the TV about twenty feet away. Against the far right wall was a loveseat, where two young teenage boys were sitting down at. The boys had wide black eyes trained on her, their jaws nearly touching the floor. Bri blinked in shock. Holy shit they look just like Willow!

The older and taller of the men in the chairs slowly rose to his feet. "What is going on?" he demanded in a deep, gravely voice.

"Tell them I'm an old lover of yours. We haven't seen each other in a long time and we got a little enthusiastic with our greeting. Make up any name you want." She whispered very, very softly into his ear, licking it as she did.

Cavin pulled back enough to sort of be able to talk. "I'm sorry," he laughed, not sounding sorry in the slightest. "This is an old friend of mine, if you know what I mean. Her name's Kali. I've been talking to her for awhile but she decided to surprise me with a visit."

Nick's dark eyes narrowed, studying the woman's face, which was filled with a light of hunger and mild curiosity as to who the other people were in the room. "…Fine. But take her to the back and have your fun with her. After you're done, she leaves. That's an order," he said calmly, lowering back down to his seat. "Melody, bring me a beer," he ordered.

Bri tensed, mind trying to figure out how best to handle this. But she felt disbelief and shock, very quickly followed by rage fill her at what happened next.

Willow, looking half-dead and like she'd fall over with the smallest breeze, appeared from around a wall. She was carrying a beer can, but her legs and arms both looked shaky. Her skin tone was at least three shades lighter than normal, prominent dark circles under her eyes. She looked like she'd barely slept, like she'd hardly ate. Ugly bruises in the shapes of hand prints, as well as a few scratches littered her arms and shoulders, as well as one very bad one around her throat.

She raised dead, flat eyes to glance up at the visitor. But she barely stirred, even as Bri saw just the tiniest light of recognition in her eyes. She simply continued forward and held out the can to the man that had spoken earlier. As soon as she did, he wrapped and arm around her middle and pulled her half down into the chair, kissing her roughly. Willow didn't even try to fight it. The man kissed her violently, leaving behind bleeding lips that he was very quick to lick the blood from as he threw her away from him a few seconds later. "Good girl," he reached out to pat her ass like he was rewarding her. "Now, honey, get your ass back in the kitchen and hurry the hell up with dinner. We're all starving!"

Cavin wrapped an arm around Bri's shoulders, jostling her back to her self. She fought to try and keep her rage down at the man's actions. Cavin started to guide her further into the house and, for now, she let him.

"Boys, does your mother always take this long to feed you?" Nick growled, glancing at his sons.

"Yeah, Dad," Marcus mumbled, hating himself. "Mom's so lazy."

"We tried to teach her better, but she really is just worthless," Malik added a second later, hiding his grimace.

Bri fought not to rush over to the teenagers and punch them. What the hell are they talking about? 'Mom'? 'Dad'? …Are they talking about Willowand the asshole?

"You surprised me today, Kali. You really shouldn't do that, you know. Some people don't take too well to surprises, Kali," Cavin lowered his head down to murmur in her ear. He squeezed her ass again, chuckling when she jumped, startled out of her thoughts. "You're so far away…where did you go?"

"I was just thinking about all the naughty, naughty things I'm going to do to you," she grinned, slapping his chest playfully. He groaned, pausing two feet in front of the teenage boys to pull her into another kiss. Fighting not to gag, Bri held down her disgust and made it all seem natural.

Marcus raised an eyebrow, glancing at Malik, who was wearing a mirroring expression. Something was up. Cavin was letting off waves of lust, but Kali wasn't turned on in the slightest. There was none of the high, buzzing energy coming off of her that told them a woman was feeling in the mood. If anything, she seemed disgusted by Cavin.

"Do you think it would be okay if I get a drink real quick though?" Bri asked in a purr, running her finger nails over his chest.

Cavin squirmed, nodding his head. "Sure, I'll go with you."

"Damn, how did he end up with the sexy-ass?" Darvey muttered in jealousy under his breath.

"Just shut up and ignored the horny fools," Nick ordered, returning his attention back to the show on the screen.

"…Hello," Bri greeted the young girl with the dark hair and eyes. She was sitting down at the small dinning room table, peeling potatoes. Every now and then, she would reach out and steady Willow's hand, helping the woman peel as well. Shit, shit, shit! We didn't know there was another kid involved!

The girl glanced up, hazel eyes filled with panicked terror. She quickly lowered her head down and proceeded to try and ignore the two who'd just entered the kitchen.

Hands traveling over Bri's body, finding her breast and squeezing it, Cavin lowered his head down to lick along Bri's neck. "Girl, hurry up and get Kali a drink," he ordered.

Flinching like a kicked dog, 'Girl' did just that. Rising to her feet, keeping her head down, she pulled a cup down from a lower-built cabinet. Down, she went to the refrigerator and poured some tea in it. Done, she lifted it up and handed it out to Bri. Swallowing, Bri silently took it, slowly raising it to her lips. Her eyes flickered over to Willow, still at the table, as Cavin squeezed her left breast so hard, it actually hurt a little.

Black eyes soul-weary, Willow stared directly into her friend's face. Slowly, she pointed to the grey metal choker around her throat and lifted up her left wrist, which had another grey metal band on it. Instantly, Bri got the message. Anti-magic metal, which would explain why Willow looked as sick as she did. It would also explain partly why Willow hadn't just kissed all these men and killed them, making her escape. Willow couldn't use any of her magic because of the metal, besides it was eating away at her energy and life-force, with how much they'd put on her.

She must have put up quite the fight, for them to go to such extreme lengths to keep her in line, Bri thought sadly. Alright, that's enough. I'm beating all these bastards up and then carving out their black hearts, she decided determinedly.