My Mother's Classroom Is Not My Own.

By Shadowgate

Hydra Decker and her 9 year old daughter Macy were driving back from Branson Missouri to Little Rock Arkansas. They stopped at a McDonalds for lunch.

After lunch they continued on their way home. Macy was looking out the window when suddenly Hydra asked her if she had fun. Macy replied "of course" and continued looking out the window.

Hydra asked Macy "did you have fun?"

Macy smiled and said "parents always ask their children if they had fun right after a vacation and the answer is always yes."

Hydra responded "you know that's a good point. Also I want to cover the issue we had."

Macy asked "what issue?"

Hydra instantly responded "the spanking."

Macy gave a look of discomfort but then remarked "I deserved it."

Hydra said "well yes but I want to go over why I gave you a spanking."

Macy said "oh dear mother I've confessed that I deserved it. What more is there to be said?"

Hydra replied "okay now it's great you understand that you were in the wrong but I want still want to go over the events that led up to your spanking."

Hydra takes Macy by her hand gently and says "you did not get off the monkey bars when I said it was time to come back to our rental house. I don't give a damn how grand in appearance that playground was. It was certainly fucking huge I'll say that."

Macy replied "mommy you cussed."

Hydra said "well deal with it because I'm allowed to and furthermore your defiant behavior caused a scene and I wasn't going to have it."

Macy replied "no you weren't going to have it and in the end I got it."

Hydra said "it's clear to me that you understand clearly as to why you got it."

Macy sat back with a smile and nodded clearly. Hydra felt that she had successfully put her precious 9 year old daughter in place.

They continued on their trip to Little Rock Arkansas.

They arrived home late at night. They decided they would unpack tomorrow after the very first day back to school.

Macy was in bed after washing up and brushing her teeth.

Hydra said "are you ready for your first day of school?"

Macy answered "not yet because it's still nighttime and no kid goes to school at night."

Hydra rolled her eyes and then turned out the night.

The next day Macy Decker got on her bus and went to school.

When she arrived all fourth grade students were lined up based upon their bus number. One line for a bus number would have students with the last names A-M. The second line N-Z.

When Macy got to her class she was shocked to her mother was her teacher for the year. She asked "mom how did this happen?"

Mrs. Decker turned to her daughter and said "well young lady when the ladies in office who place students with teachers do their jobs what comes out is what comes out. This is legit and you must call me Mrs. Decker even though I'm your mother.

Other students smirked and giggled.

Mrs. Decker said "it's no big deal really and I will treat you the same as I treat the rest of the students."

Macy replied back "yes I suppose so mom, I mean Mrs. Decker."

Mrs. Decker started rollcall.

After that she asked everyone to talk about what they did over their summer vacation.

She called upon Mark Vern to come up and talk about his summer vacation. He stood up before the class and said "this summer my sister got bit by a snake. Oh she screamed so loud my mom almost peed her pants."

All the kids laughed including the teacher. Macy could not believe her mother was acting like this.

The next student was Natasha Smith and she gave a mediocre story about what she did over the summer.

After that Mrs. Decker said "well we'll skip the next student since the next student is my daughter and I know what she did last summer."

Kids turned to face Macy and all of them said at once "I know what you did last summer."

Suddenly Macy felt very uncomfortable.

Mrs. Decker said "well we went off on a nice mother and daughter vacation. My husband is an alcoholic and likes to smoke crack occasionally so we left him behind.

All the kids started laughing. Macy yelled "my dad is not a crack head! Mother what the hell are you talking about?"

The teacher snapped "young lady I told you before you call me Mrs. Decker and furthermore you don't cuss in a school classroom!'

Macy snapped at her mother "do you think it's appropriate for a teacher to say a student's dad is a crack head?"

Hydra Decker yelled "don't question my teaching methods just sit down and shut your mouth!"

All the kids in the class said "eww" and laughed at Macy.

The teacher continued on "while we were in Branson Missouri my daughter enjoyed a great big playground."

Macy shrugged her shoulders.

The teacher then remarked smugly "she enjoyed it so much she wouldn't stop playing when I called her. As a result I had to spank her."

The classroom laughed and Macy stood up and yelled "what the fuck mom that's fucking private!"

Mrs. Decker yelled "young lady you do not use that kind of language in the classroom and how many times do I have to tell you that you must call me Mrs. Decker?"

The assistant principal barged through the door of the classroom and said "I heard profanity being used."

The kids went "ewww"

Mrs. Decker said "unfortunately my own daughter thought that because her mother is the teacher the rules don't apply to her."

The assistant principal looks at Macy and tells her "you better realize the rules apply to you young lady."

Macy stood up and said "are you aware of what the teacher said which set me off?"

The assistant principal yelled "young lady I don't want to hear it."

The assistant principal was very angry and stomped out of the classroom slamming the door behind her.

Mrs. Decker went back to speaking "well as I was saying Macy was not listening to mommy so I spanked her butt hard. Oh but when she was three years old I took her to a restaurant with her stupid father and she puked all over the restaurant floor."

The class laughed. Macy was so humiliated.

"Mother I hate you and I will kill you some day. The police will know."

Natasha said "oh look the sissy white girl is crying."

Macy yelled "you shut up you stupid nigger bitch!"

Mrs. Decker yelled "Macy you said the n-word. That sets off the angry disciplinary robot that the school has started using this year."

A robot with red eyes knocked the classroom door down and said in a robotic voice "I will kill the student who was disruptive in the classroom."

The robot began making horrible noises and demanded to know "who the fuck said the word nigger in this classroom?"

All the kids point to Macy.

The robot said "oh I will kill you for being a naughty girl."

The robot pointed a 357 magnum at Macy and pulled the trigger.

Macy woke up screaming.

Her parents Hydra and Richard Decker came in the room. They helped calm her down.

The next morning while Macy was at the breakfast table her parents asked her about her nightmare. She said "it was just a bad dream and I will be over it by lunch time at school today."

Sure enough she was alright in the end and had a wonderful first day back at school.