A Passionate Man's Heart & his Love's Response

Come to me the love of my heart,

And see the light within the dark

That your eyes can rover upon me,

And my heart shall be without a fee.

Oh, if I were your heart's true love,

And if I were to see the light above

That my eyes might gaze upon your face,

To come to you in a hail of white lace.

For you, my love, my heart shall be pure,

And for me to wait for you for all you've endured;

My love of mine I solely adore,

And to lay beside you I wish for once more.

Oh, my darling who says he loves me so,

You cannot wait for me; I really must go

For time will drive our hearts apart,

To deviate from the world's destined counterpart.

I'll give you, my love, a bed of golden lilies

And they'll shine yellow bright and pretty;

I'll give to you a thousand glowing stars

And moons engraved upon a sterling bar.

Oh, if the life of these lilies shall fade away,

And the ground was covered in winter's decay

With the clouds above and way up high,

To come to me with all your lies.

I'll give you a pearl pink with the brightest radiance

And which we pull from the clam's resilience;

I'll give to you a necklace of glorious jewels

And with a pair of the brightest blue emeralds.

Oh, if what you speak shall be the truth

And you brought to me a tale of rueth;

If pearls were pink and emeralds blue,

I still cannot say I'll marry you.

To you, my love, a dress of golden purity,

And a moonstone of the grandest rarity;

A belt inscribed with the words forever and love,

So come to me with your heart from above.

Oh, if a dress of gold could do me in

And a stone from the moon could have been;

If our love is great and our love was strong,

To me my heart says that our love is still so wrong.

If none of those shall make you happy,

I'll sing you a song with words most sappy;

I'll write you a poem with words most sweet,

And hope for life these words you'll keep.

Oh, if such a song could be sung and a poem be written,

And hopes from above that you won't be be bitten

From these words you do so speak,

To come forth and meet me at our destined peak.