Grassy waves billow across a valley green. A tiny boat rows across the bladed sea. The stoic grasshopper at the bow seems an unlikely fit for a creature known for its carefree nature. That glare of a seeker long into his quest is evident upon this captain's face as his eyes scan the valleyscape. His dogged determination keeps him standing at the boat's bow while his loyal insect crew maintains the oars' rhythmic motion.

Every now and again, an elder dandelion greets the crew's gaze. They patiently watch for the aging plant to release its seeds in to the breeze. As the wind snatches the seed through the air, the buggy rowboat follows as quickly as it can. They can only hope that this will finally be the seed that leads them to their true goal: the village of the Everlions.

Born of dandelion seeds, Everlions are tiny creatures that have been granted eternity. They cluster together in small communities to enjoy their everlasting lives in quiet harmony. Through the Everlions, the grasshopper and his crew also seek immortality. Such a rare gift can only be found in equally rare places.

Because of their scarcity, an Everlion village only settles in the footsteps of dragons. Most dragons fly over the wide open areas where they cannot hide. Those who can't fly generally stay within the misty swamps or among the shielding trees. So a dragon that ventures through a valley is a special breed.

As with most things, even a dragon's footprint fades from view. Enfolded by the mists of Time, the Everlion village also becomes hidden from mortal eyes. In a vast stretch of wavering green, who'd notice a footprint anyway?

Follow the dandelion's seed in the wind and perhaps you'll find the Everlions too. Or perhaps if you're quick, you'll find a grasshopper and his rowboat crew.