I'm not anywhere.

At least, nowhere I know.

I'm driving on the road,

Somewhere between where I'm going

And where I'm coming from.

The road stretches seemingly endlessly,

And I'm following, balanced between the yellow and white lines on the black cement.

Trees follow.

Fields pass.

Potholes jostle the car, and the radio static crackles through the speakers.

The only thing guiding me is the GPS and it suggests different routes once and awhile.

One six minutes faster.

Another with a gas and go.

But following the guide, seeing the blue line urging me to keep slightly left, the GPS glitches.

I did as it told,

Staying on the path,

But somehow this road loses connection with the satellite.

At first, I'm scared.

Nervous I missed something and now I'm really lost in between where I'm going and where I'm coming from.

But looking at the devices, I see the blue line off to the left.

I'm still going in the right direction,

Just a little off course.

I feel a bit of relief and know eventually, I'll hear that rerouting noise and I'll be back on track.

So onward I go.

And I look up.

I'd been focused on the yellow and white lines,

But now I see the blue sky.

Clouds are scattered across the wide expanse,

And they've broken

Allowing the sun's rays to fall to the ground and kiss the earth.

And it hits me.

I'm not anywhere I know,

Just somewhere between where I'm going and where I'm coming from.

But where I've come from,

There was sun.

Here, in this anywhere, there is sun.

And I'm sure where I'm going, the sun will be there too.

To welcome me.

Even when night falls

The moon will come out,

And the only reason it shines will be because the sun is reflecting off its surface.

Reminding us the sun is still there,

Even when we can't see it.

It's there for another.

Breaking between clouds on their anywhere moment between where they have come from and where they're heading.

I smile,

Hear the GPS reroute,

And focus back on the road.

I'm anywhere.

But myself and the sun are there.

And the sun will be there too when I get to where I'm going.