Written in 2015. Because nature just rocks. ;)

T'was a Perfect Storm

T'was a perfect storm;
The clouds hung grey –
Gloomy and dark,
Even though it was day.

The wind howled like a wild
Cat in a cage
And she whipped up the trees
In her indignant rage

And the sun was gone;
Did it ever exist?
But now came the rain
First, like a mist

And then fast like a roar,
Fat drops flinging down
On the drum of our rooftop,
On the rivers of the ground.

T'was a perfect storm;
The whole world was wet
Soaked to the core;
Shivering, and yet –

It came to the end,
When the rain had stopped
When the leaves were just dripping,
The wild wind had dropped –

Gloomy and dark
The clouds hung grey
And just a remnant of the wildcat,
Only, remained:

A tree ravaged, roots exposed
On its side, in the clay;
The wind sang of disaster,
And the clouds hung, grey.