The Colony® Brochure

Tune in any time. 24 hour live streaming. All of the Colony, all the time!

Warning: The Feed® may Contain images of death, graphic bloody violence, gore, strong sexual content, Nudity, use of explicit language, use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, adult situations, images of war, ect. ect. Viewer discretion is advised. (For full disclosure of the rating process please visit The Feed® holo site)

Some things to consider.

Sure the idea of living as free as a bird, being able to do what ever you wish when ever you wish, is an enticing idea, but before you go jumping onto the first shuttle to The Colony® remember these two simple rules…

1- Once your there you can never leave!

Due to the Bio organic Nano Machines present in the air above The Colony® any attempt to leave the Borders of the United States will result in your immediate

But don't worry. You can still have all the experiences of The Colony® by simply renting a synth to have your conscience placed into. Its as good as actually being there or your money back guaranteed!

(Prices for Synth rental and realism may vary) The Feed® is not responsible for any psychological damage, or physical complications one might incur from renting a synth in The Colony®. The Feed® is also legally obligated to inform you that The Colony® is a place full of psychopathic criminals and genetically modified weapons, and coming in contact with these aforementioned things, even while inhabiting a synth, may cause psychological damage and physical complications.

2. No Guns allowed!

The Nanomachines that are present in the air above The Colony® where programmed to not allow the use of any form of firearm. They also impede the use of other advanced forms of warfare, I.e. Rockets, bombs, High energy weapons ect. ect. Use of the prior will result in your immediate termination. Use of the latter will result in the malfunctioning of the devices themselves.

Do you think you have what it takes to survive with nothing but your wit and physicality against the dangers of The Colony®?

But how is this possible you might ask.

Well we here at The Feed® would like to thank Dr. Hiro Serizawa for his innovative creation of the B-O-3800®. It was with this revolutionized nanomachine that the allied Nations where able to bring the outlaw USA to its knees. For it was within the dark shadow of WWIII that the good doctor invented the self replicating Bio Organic Nano machine. These amazing little robots, outfitted with advanced cameras, internal programing, and Symbiosis technology, where able to treat all forms of physical illness and more importantly mental illness by actually altering the function of the brain.

So the Dr in conjunction with the heads of the rest of the world formulated a plan to stop war forever. The plan was simple. Pump the Nano machines into the atmosphere after programing them to inhibit violence of any type. Once activated the nano machines would, in theory, fix the human condition permanently. Unfortunately for all of us a leak would be given to the American rebels, sending terrorist forces converging on his lab forcing him to enact his plan prematurely. A beta version of the nano machines programming would be initiated, one that simply locked off the borders of the USA and prevent any one within from using what we consider to be tools of modern war. Then sadly as we all know the hero Serizawa would meet a brutal end at the hands of the terrorists. And with him the secret to his nanomachines would die with him.

Though not to the grand vision of their creator the nano machines succeeded in ending the war, and inadvertently gave peace to the rest of the world. They did this by ensuring that all the nations had a place to throw their trash.

The violent, the deceitful, the rebellious, and all others that would stand against Serizawas vision would be sent to this place. By doing this we ensure that we live in a clean and perfect society. So we turn our eyes to those that live in lawlessness so that we may live in peace. As in ancient Rome the the coliseum helped maintain order by providing an outlet for others, and so does The Colony® for the allied nations of the world.

In the words of President William Ashford, 'Let us watch The Colony® in remembrance of Serizawas sacrifice and let us all take part in the punishment of those within!' And with that, we here at The Feed® ask that you subscribe to The Colony®. Just so you know, with each subscription, we as a people progress toward the future Serizawa envisioned for the world. A place without war, without sickness, and without pain. Help us achieve this and subscribe today.

Sincerely yours

Owner and Founder of The Feed® Tomas Ashford

Disclaimer: All footage from The Colony® is aquired by the B-O-3800 Nanomachine and is owned and distributed by The Feed®. Any attempt to bypass The Feed® will be punishable in a court of law by immediate and summary deportation to The Colony®

Would you like to know more?

We here at The Feed® believe in making sure that you as a member of The Alliance deserve the very best in entertainment, which is why we spare no expense in orchestrating some of the finest entertainment that we can. Here is some of the things that you will be able to find in The Colony®.

Death Races: Be it our famous Hover-board Chainsaw races, or our classic 32 vehicle "Catch the Rabbit" free for all, we bring you the best in high octane violence! Tune into frequency 4800 in order to find out listings times and varieties. Also feel free to take full use of the newly provided Betting tab provided on frequency 4800.

Create your own mutations: With the help of the Genco® Genetics laboratories we offer a rare oppurtunity for you at home to create your own cooky creatures to let loose into The Colony®. So we encourage you to gather the kiddies and let the imagination flow and create to your hearts content! Some of the Mutations from Genco® include but are not limited to, Flesh Strippers, Howlers, Stalkers, and many more! Prices may vary.

Trancedence Tours: (See legal warning in page 1 of Brochure) Have you ever wanted to walk through the shattered remnants of Americas cities first hand but without the danger of actually being eviscerated by a raider warlord? Have you ever wanted to see the glorious wilderness of the Rockies but your worried about getting devoured by a mutated Grizzly? Of course you have! With our Transcendence tours you can now experience all the adventures The Colony® offers within the safety of our Hyper realistic Synths. Its as good as actually being there we guarantee it or your money back! (Prices and realism may vary)

Personalized Arena fights: If ever you find yourself in some form of disagreement whether its with a fellow co-worker for a promotion, or with your significant other about where to go out to eat. Don't argue it out in person. Take it to The Colony® and pay for a couple of Champions to slug it out in your name. (You can find registered champions and prices on frequency 4700)

Offer aid: If a loved one of yours is sent to The Colony® or you wish to help out a settlement or a particular colonist that you have been watching you will be happy to know that with the proper amount of credits you can purchase Aid packages to give them a little boost up and increase their chances of survival. (Aid packages start at 10000 credits, contents may vary)

Hire a Hitter: Just in case someone in The Colony® really rubs you the wrong way or maybe you wish to eliminate one of the oppositions assets from an upcoming competition. The Feed® offers a long list of sponsored Killers that you can Hire to snuff them out for you. ( Hitters and prices can be found on frequency 4600)

Base subscription prices

1 month Subscription- 99 credits

6 month subscription- 599 credits

12 month subscription- 999 credits

Prices on any and all subscriptions to personal Feeds are subject to change. The Feed® is not legally obligated to refund money if the subject of the personal Feed meets an untimely end. We thank you for you Patronage.