You are Toxic

You spew hate,
It falls off your tongue
Like venom, like poison,
Infecting, Tainting, Killing.

But no,
"There's nothing wrong with them,"
I know that, you don't have to tell me,
Your hate is atrocious, and I'm to believe you!

Can you even hear yourself?
Do you know what you sound like?
And I'm bad for accusing you?
If your intent was pure, why is it so hard to believe you?

You are bad,
You are what people fear,
You are what I fear,
You are what I have given up on.

The lost cause,
That is blind to its mistakes.
If you cannot even recognise it,
How can I trust you?

You are toxic,
It's not my fault that I left.

Yes it was selfish,
Yes, for once I was selfish!
I grasped for my happiness
That was hidden behind your back.

I'm not slaving away for your benefit!
I got away from you,
You, who spreads your hate
Like a cloud of acidic liquid.

Yes it was selfish,
Yes, I'm glad it was selfish!
And no,
I don't regret a thing!