Texas Rebel

By Shadowgate

Theodore Craig graduated law school in 2014. He joined the criminal defense firm Mark and Duff in 2015. This law firm had been in operation for the past 10 years. They made a name for themselves in Dallas Texas. If they felt justified in taking a criminal case they didn't give a damn if it looked ugly on any news media network.

Theodore Craig fit right in. When he was in fourth grade he got into a fight with a school bully and a teacher whom he didn't know screamed at him for 30 minutes straight before making him sit out for a week at recess. He became very cynical of authority after that. Now he was a criminal defense attorney. He didn't hate state prosecutors. But when he had cases that went to trial instead of being plea bargained he sure loved tearing apart the prosecution witnesses like most defense attorneys would.

Monday morning January 6, 2016 two men walked into the law firm. The first man said "my name is Arvin Edwards and this is my son Nicholas. He's 18 years old and we need to see a defense attorney because he's being accused of a terrible act."

All other attorneys were in court. Theodore Craig introduced himself and explained he had a few years of experience. Theodore Craig asked to hear their case though Arvin was skeptical due to Theodore's lack of experience.

Nicholas wanted to go ahead regardless.

They all took their seats and Nicholas explained he went on a weekend get away with his cousin to celebrate her high school graduation. "We came here from Houston to celebrate and stayed in a hotel. My cousin is named Tina Bowers and she had a friend named Ace Diner. My cousin knew Ace for two years. He graduated with her so they figured why not celebrate together and that's why we all went to the Great Sanders Hotel here in Dallas. Well Ace's little sister Monica came along and I slept in the same room as she did. Tina and Ace slept in beds. Monica and I slept on the floor."

"When we woke up she accused me of touching her inappropriately. It's bullshit and I hope they don't actually press charges."

Nichols starts to cry a little.

Theodore said "that is very troubling."

Nicholas quickly responded "when I woke up there was screaming and her stupid ass brother tried to beat me up. I never would have molested his fucking sister."

Arvin told Nicholas to calm down and then Theodore asked "have they gone to the police in Houston?"

Arvin answered "we don't know."

Nicholas yelled "shit by now they could have gone to the police or even hired a hitman!"

Arvin did what he could to encourage Nicholas to calm down.

Nicholas said "I didn't do it. I've always been scared of getting detention for chewing gum in school due to my personal anxiety."

Theodore didn't know how to respond to that but he was no less familiar with depression and anxiety.

Arvin went on to explain that for the past year Nicholas did not go to school because he had a "school-phobia" diagnosis. Theodore became quite trusting of the father and son.

Nicholas asked "why would this girl want to lie about me like this? I've struggled so hard and two years ago I was suicidal and now that I'm over that this happens."

Theodore promised that if the firm agreed to represent them they would get strong representation. However they were also informed that juries are generally swayed by young girls who claim molestation.

In the meantime back in Houston TX 7:30PM.

14 year old Monica Diner and her parents Duffy and Helen were sitting at their living room table. Monica's grandparents Lacy and Evan were also present.

Evan was drinking his coffee and after he put his cup of coffee down he said "they need to start hanging these teenage punks who touch little girls."

Duffy told his dad to calm down due to his high blood pressure. Helen shouted "why didn't they get fucking separate rooms?"

Duffy replied "I don't know."

Helen picked up a bottle of vodka and drank it down.

Evan yelled "That does not matter that they didn't get separate rooms. The government needs to start hanging these teenage rapists but unfortunately the liberal judges won't allow it."

Monica said "well TX is not a state known for liberal judges so I'll bet we'll get this pervert like we did the last two."

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office got the case the following Tuesday.

The head DA Matthew Hunt told two assistants Wanda Lair and Jim Blank about what happened.

"Alright we have a case where teenagers had a getaway and one stands accused of molesting another."

Jim Blank commented "it happens all the time."

Matthew Hunt went on to say "the accused is 18 year old Nicholas Edwards. He along with the alleged victim both live in Houston."

Wanda Lair said "well let's bring that punk back here for trial. I don't care if he lives in Japan."

Jim said "well we have to investigate Wanda and you just want lynching."

Wanda yelled "shut up" at Jim.

Matthew was irritated and rebuked her.

Later that evening Wanda called Matthew on her cell phone and said "I want to prosecute Nicholas Edwards. I'm certain he's guilty."

Matthew said "hold up we ran a check on the alleged victim. It turns out there are two other teenagers who were convicted of molesting this Monica Diner. Each of the two were convicted separately and the two alleged incidents of previous molestation were separate."

Matthew was struggling to catch his breath and Wanda said "well then the third punk who molested her will be convicted as well."

Matthew had to ask "don't you think it's strange that she's been molested on three different occasions by three different boys?"

Wanda answered "what is that supposed to mean? The victim is lying?"

Matthew quickly replied "could be."

Wanda said "I want to go ahead with this case. As for the two previous cases well we just won't tell the defense attorney about those because it might sound strange to a jury should the defense attorney argue that to a jury."

Wanda hung up.

Wanda Lair was going on her fifth year as an assistant DA in Dallas County. She hated offering plea bargains to defense attorneys but she knew she had to do it. She was known for being impatient with defense attorneys.

When she heard about a mandatory drug testing policy for all students in a Louisiana Public School District that a DA was endorsing she wanted it for Dallas County Public School Districts as well.

She drove her colleagues' nuts for a whole week trying to get them to write the TX Governor. Now she was determined to go through with a case her boss wasn't crazy about prosecuting.

Nicholas Edwards was arrested the following Saturday. Monday morning the case went before Judge Tom Jordan.

Theodore Craig was on the case personally. During jury selection she gave him dirty looks every time he struck a juror.

By 11:30 AM they'd picked a jury. The judge set the trial date to begin tomorrow morning.

Nicholas was held without bail and under suicide watch.

The next morning Wanda was determined to start her case with a bang.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury June 9, 2017 Friday evening the defendant came here to Dallas from Houston with his cousin Tina Bowers to celebrate her graduation from high school."

Tina Bowers stood up and yelled "that's Mrs. Bowers to you, I graduated high school."

Everybody in court laughed except Nicholas Edwards. The prosecutor and judge were not amused and Tina Bowers was held in contempt of court. She was led out in handcuffs.

Nicholas Edwards's older brother Timothy, aged 28 was very pissed off.

Wanda Lair got back to her opening statement.

"As I was saying you members of the jury will certainly find beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty."

All of the sudden Jim Blank busted through the door and said "no they won't because I have exculpatory evidence. Your honor the accuser has testified against two other young males and got them convicted. Miss Lair has withheld that information from the defense."

Wanda Lair yelled "you son of a bitch!"

Jim yelled "I'm one rebellious son of a bitch."

Wanda yelled back "I'm reporting you to the American Bar Association for this!"

Jim yelled "go fuck yourself bitch!"

The judge was in shock but he finally yelled "enough is enough Mister Blank what the hell is all this about?"

30 minutes later Judge Jordan declared a mistrial. The press got word of the case.

Matthew Hunt had to resign from his position as district attorney.

The Dallas local news interviewed Evan Diner and he said "that assistant DA who ruined the trial should be in prison."

Timothy Edwards yelled "my brother is innocent you fucking bastard!"

The angry old fool yelled back "he molested my granddaughter you asshole."

Timothy yelled "fuck you asshole!"

Timothy punched Evan in the face breaking his nose.

The next day on Dallas morning news.

"Welcome to the Chris Gunner Show today I'll be talking about the scandal in Dallas. An assistant DA deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence. Another assistant DA exposed it at a child molestation trial and the case was thrown out. The Dallas County District Attorney has resigned over this. I'm on the phone with Rebecca Edwards who is the mother of the wrongfully accused. Hello Mrs. Edwards."

Rebecca replied "hello and today I want to say I'm so grateful that Jim Blank did what he did. I along with my family are so happy."

Chris replied "I'll bet I mean Wanda Lair just wanted to get a conviction no matter what."

The End