Jian bing is a common Chinese street food, use in this poem attempts to reference or rather link meaning and connotation to a somewhat famous Chinese proverb. The proverb basically reflects how stupid someone would be to miss a great opportunity. The wording implies to say that if a xi'er bing (meat filled pita-bread kind of thing) fell out of the sky and hit you in the face, you still would somehow wind up going hungry and not being able to eat. The reason for using Jian bing here instead of xi'er bing is one that would be too complicated for me to explain here I think…

Jian Bing Fell From Sky

a jian bing fell out of the sky

and I was hungry

but I couldn't tell

if it was Food or a Bomb

so I Dodged it

it Fell to the ground

and I Regretted


Because, I was Hungry

I picked up the jian bing

and I Ate it.