Chapter 5

The next day the two vacationing families were back on the beach in accordance with the routine of the week. Mookie and Rollie did their part by keeping an eye on the younger kids so their parents could have some down time and near the end of the day, the parents headed back to the cottages to get dinner started.

The surf was particularly rough on this day so the younger kids declined going back in the water as the tide came in and they opted to go play at the playground which was within viewing distance from where Mookie and Rollie were camped out. The two teens continued to ride the surf with their boogie boards - the tide just about high now and the surf rougher than it had been all day.

Mookie was laughing and having a good time. She was easy to spot in the surf because she was wearing a bright yellow bikini and she spent more time making sure it stayed on in the rough surf than she did holding onto the board. At one point, Mookie mistimed a breaking wave and instead of riding it, she ended up having it break right on top of her, corkscrewing her into the floor of the ocean, sending her boogie board about twenty feet into the air, and then washing her in an continuous tumble into the shore with the tide.

Rollie witnessed the whole episode from where he stood near the shore having successfully ridden the previous wave in - watching Mookie somersaulting in the air before disappearing into the sea of foamy surf, her legs flying up in the air and suddenly he saw a flash of yellow flying through the air and he realized it was Mookie's bikini bottoms looking like a frisbee in flight.

The surf washed Mookie all the way in and she actually was stopped when she bumped against Rollie's legs. She was coughing and gagging but all Rollie saw was the white of her naked rear poking out of the surf before the next wave knocked her onto her back and Rollie saw something he had never seen before.

Remarkably, the yellow bikini bottoms came in on the next wave and Rollie was able to swoop the briefs out of the surf with one hand. The dazed Mookie was still coughing and choking on salt water and mud. Luckily, the beach was relatively deserted as it was late in the day and the kids were still at the playground so nobody but Rollie witnessed Mookie's delicate situation. He handed her the bikini bottoms but she was still to dazed to react, sitting on her naked backside with her legs spread apart trying to come to her senses.

"You need to put your bottoms back on," Rollie said as the next wave knocked her over and he saw her backside again.

He reached down, picked her up her arm, shielded her nakedness with his body and gestured for her to put the bikini bottoms on. Mookie finally realized her state of compromise and she quickly slid the bottoms up her legs to cover her exposed womanhood and her full fanny. Rollie helped her to the shore as she continued to gag and spit and hack. They made it to the blankets and she fell onto one.

"I thought I was going to die," Mookie finally said when she was able to form words again.

"You did get mangled out there," Rollie observed.

"What happened?" Shooey asked as she and the others returned.

"Mookie got creamed," Rollie reported. "Can you go get our boogie boards back?"

"Sure!" Dooley said as he, Desi and Honey ran to the surf's edge to retrieve the boards.

"You okay?" Shooey asked Mookie. "You hurt?"

"Just my dignity and pride," Mookie said, throwing Rollie a humiliated look knowing he had seen what he wasn't supposed to see.

"The important thing is you're okay," Rollie reasoned.

"Let's not tell anybody about this," Mookie suggested when the boys and Honey returned with the boards. "My Dad might freak out if he thinks I nearly got killed."

"Okay," her brothers agreed in unison.

"You'll never mention any of what happened ever again?" Mookie asked, giving Rollie a stern look.

"Your secret is safe with me," Rollie assured her.

The group returned to the cottages and Rollie didn't see Mookie for the rest of the evening. The next day, the girls went whale watching while the guys went deep sea fishing. The group met up on the beach later and Rollie noticed that Mookie was wearing a one piece bathing suit underneath a pair of gym shorts. She didn't have much to say to Rollie and she occupied her time building a huge sand castle with her brothers.

They had pizza as a group that night in the yard between the cottages and then Mookie and her step mom and Rollie's mom went out on a boardwalk shopping spree and Rollie understood that Mookie was avoiding him, obviously embarrassed and humiliated about what happened, almost as if she was mad at and blaming him for her full frontal exposure.

It rained the next day - the first bad weather day of the vacation week. The girls went to a museum and the guys went to a movie to occupy a good portion of the day. The weather got better near the end of the day - Mookie and her family went out to dinner at a fish place a few miles up the beach while Rollie and his family played mini-golf on the boardwalk and saw a show at the bandstand.

The two families returned to their cottages at about the same time that evening.

"Tomorrow's our last full day of vacation," Rollie told Mookie as they stood in the driveway. "Can't we just pretend nothing happened and enjoy our final day together?" He asked hopefully.

"It's hard for me to face you after what happened," Mookie admitted.

"I'm sorry about that," Rollie said. "But is this how we want to end our friendship?"

She didn't answer as she went into her cottage and Rollie let out a loud sigh. Stupid waves.

Rollie was feeling down and defeated the next morning. It was a picture perfect beach day and he went to the set up early, the only one at the spot. He lay down on one of the blankets and dozed in the peaceful morning sea air. He felt movement next to him and when he opened his eyes he saw that it was Mookie sitting next to him, once again in a one piece bathing suit with gym shorts over it. He could tell that she still felt self-conscious and awkward.

"Are you ready to talk with me?" Rollie asked.

"It is our last day here," she said, not looking him in the eyes.

"Why don't we take a walk?" Rollie suggested as he sat up on the blanket.

Mookie agreed with a nod and she stood. Rollie got up too and they walked along the shore line.

"I just wanted to thank you for making such a big splash in my life," Rollie said after a while.

"What do you mean?" She asked defensively and he blushed when he realized she thought he meant her accident in the surf.

"I was a mess when I got here," he said. "Barely functioning. You gave me a new energy I was desperate for."

"Oh," she said, relieved.

He wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked. "Each day with you has been magical."

"And now it's about to end," she sighed.

"Will you miss me?" He asked.

"Every day," she replied.

"Thanks for teaching me to splash again."

"Promise you won't forget me," Mookie pleaded.

"Never," he said. "You will be a perfect happy memory of a perfect summer vacation."

They kept walking along the sand, wishing they could walk together forever.