Episode 18: Good Neighbors

Falcon Wize is a new recruit to the Crimson Guard of Babylon, fresh from a two year training tour, one of the lucky ten recruits whom if shown promise during basic training. Lights flickered across his armored mask as he follows the energy signals spiking on his optic lens.

"The energy levels are spiking, you think it's the rebels?" his partner Spinny riding on the hover bike beside his.
"Levels that high, has to be" Falcon brandishes his combat knife, no matter how many times he stared into the chrome edge he couldn't see his own reflection. He could only see the face of his wife and daughter staring back at him.

Meanwhile in the Babylon 6th Sector Slums...

Caulifa's skin glows with a dark blue light as sparks of electricity dances off the tips of her fingers and powering the busted lampposts surrounding them in the street. An impressive display but Jhazberyl wasn't impressed.

Standing off to the side, Hilda reaches out one last time. "Caulifa you don't have to do this. We're Luke's neighbors we're not here to hurt you or anything you have going on"

"Stop saying my name like you know me!"
"Heh...that's it"
Jhazberyl rushes in first with her umbrella dancing about as she bounced with a fencing gusto! Caulifa braces herself and launches a bolt of lightning which rips across the night air! Light fills the darkened urban street and the vermin quickly dart away! "Don't screw with me!" Caulifa calls out before she feels a hard hit to the back of her neck causing her to sling forward and hit the pavement.

"Lesson one, when adults are speaking you...are supposed to stay quiet until spoken to" Jhazberyl appears standing above Caulifa pointing her umbrella down almost mockingly.


Caulifa breakdance spins attempting to trip Jhazberyl up but the duchess simple steps back avoiding the swing kicks until she twists to her feet. "10,000,000 Volts!" the air heats up and the grass in the yards of the surrounding abandoned buildings stand up. The electrokinetic girl glows then she thrusts her palm forth blasting a beam of concentrated lightning!


With one slap from her umbrella the beam curves around Jhazberyl and melts the frame of an old abandoned car on the side of the street immediately setting it ablaze. "Lesson two..." Jhazberyl blinks before Caulifa and pounds her in the stomach with the ball tip of her umbrella! "Agh!" before the poor girl could retaliate she slaps her in the chin sending her flipping backwards and landing on her head.

"When called upon by adults you show respect and say 'yes ma'am/sir' or 'no ma'am/sir'. Understand?"

The electro girl slowly picks herself up off of the ground. "W-Who are you?"

"Is it starting to sink in yet?" the duchess thumps her umbrella on the ball of her palm.

The duchess is strong and she knew it, but she was just so damn cocky that it was annoying. Caulifa flips to her feet again. Hilda grabs her forehead then she raises her forehead. "Hey! We have to leave now!"


Swooping in on the busted ghetto is three Crimson Guard patrol cruisers! Two men per cruiser leap out of the armored hover cars in heavy armor and rifles. "Freeze! Hands up d'abel!"

"Hands up! Hands UP!"

Caulifa turns her back on Jhazberyl facing the soldiers. "Friends of yours?"
"Never" Jhazberyl responds.

Hilda touches her left temple with her left hand and with her right palm open wide she telepathically rips the rifles from her hands and raises them above their heads. "Run!" the psychic shouts and with that the three of them dash off as fast as they could away from the scene.

They cut through an open alley passing by burning drum canisters and outreaching Chem Addicts, bums and two bit hustlers. Normally they'd mob beautiful ladies especially if they're alone but since they were being chased by Crimson Guard, they knew better.

Again Hilda touches her left temple and her purple psychic aura flashes from her head. "On our-"


Kicking through a graffiti covered wall is a Crimson Guard soldier six feet tall on a hover cycle ramming directly into Hilda!

"Powers above!" Jhaz comes to skiddering stop.

Caulifa ditches them making a run for it but a second cycling Crimson Guard spun out of the other end of the alley and fires a laser net from one of the barrels on his assault cycle! Caulifa doesn't get far, the net trips her up and somehow it surpresses her electrokinesis.

Hilda lay on her side unmoving as both officers jump off of the cycles.

"By order of the Crimson Guard you're under arrest rebel scum" The larger of the two officers point at Jhaz.

The duchess smirks and raises her umbrella in a fencing pose. "The woman you just hit...she'd better still be alive"

The taller officer's armored mask recedes revealing his scarred face, his gray eyes scan Hilda's body as she lies unconscious before him. He draws his combat knife. "To be honest, I don't give a damn if you scum are taken dead or alive"

"Fal!" Spinny says. "Of course we're going to take them alive...let's just wait for back-up"
"The fuck is wrong with you Spinny, can't you see these heartless rebels...these terrorists standing right in front of you? How many lives have these bastards taken?! How many daughters and sons lost to their idiocy?"

Jhazberyl narrows her eyes. "I don't know what you're on about and much less I don't even care. I'm here to find my neighbor's first born and that little shit over there our only lead to him"

Both officers look back at Caulifa struggling in the energy net which is sapping her power and shooting it back into her in a full feedback pulse.

"If that really is the whole of it then why are you with her? Why're you running beside her from US?" Falcon darts at her and thrusts his knife! She quickly jukes out of the path of the blade and swings her umbrella into his face! He catches it then boots her in the stomach causing her to spit up as she slides back!

"Geho" Jhazberyl looks up seeing Falcon's flickering blade as he brings it down.



The tip of his blade rams the pavement and he pauses as the sound gets louder in the back of his head. "Huh?" his eyes widen as he realized only half a second after his blade hit that he didn't get her. In that instance he throws up blood feeling pain coursing his entire boy.

"How dare you put your dirty filthy boots on my dress!" Jhazberyl's eyes pink and wide with anger glow in the night of the dark alley. She'd removed both her tiny white gloves revealing her finger tips covered in blood.

There were eight holes shooting through Falcon as he drops to his knees, blood pooling below him. "This dress was made from the finest silks in Dinesh! Hand woven by the infamous threadmaster Stiltskin...I demand compensation"

"Heh heh...I'll give you compensation"
He rises to his feet and swings! Jhazberyl quickly stabs and pierces Falcon's arms in the precised locations across his forearm, bicep and tricep causing him to lose feeling in the arm. Her nails were as sharp as knives easily barreling through his armor leaving perfect bullet like holes. Blood spewed from the holes as his arm drops to his side.

"Argh! How?!"

Spinny can no longer watch, he draws his side arm and open fires! The resulting bangs cause the bums on the street to take off. Afew feral cats and dogs also clear the area as quickly as possible!

"Tcch!" Annoyed Jhazberyl fades to the right as a bullet hits her in the back! "RRRaa!" she spins and blinks over to Spinny. "Yubigan!" with her index finger she stabs Spinny in his chest and he falls.

With both officers down Jhaz turns towards Hilda making sure she was still breathing first. She was. After that the duchess makes her way over to Caulifa and yanks the energy net off of her. The electrokinetic laid there twitching.

"Hey! Wake up!" Jhazberyl slaps her one hard time!


"Fumu!" she wakes from her electro feedback shock. "Ugh...you..."

"Yeah it's me you little disrespectful cunt. I've been shot, I ruined my dress and my umbrella's broken! YOU'RE GOING TO TELL ME WHERE THAT CUNT'S SON IS RIGHT NOW OR I'M GOING KILL YOU!" Jhazberyl screamed while strangling Caulifa.

"Eyaaaaaaaaa! Ok! Ok! I-I'll...tell you"

The duchess has lost her umbrella and her dress has been dirtied by a deranged officer's boot! Tell her where Luke is Caulifa if you value your life! Find out where Luke is in the next SMWFS!