"Enough. You don't pass."


Tammy pulled her skin back on and stomped out.

I really did like her audition. Really! But, even without skin, she just couldn't project the right persona—I don't need something cute.
I need someone who can play at being a spooky, scary skeleton.

Plus, she had no rhythm when it came to drumming her ribcage. That's the final nail in the coffin.
I sighed, hand waving.


A gorgeous, goth-looking girl with a stilted gait and unholy jewelry shuffled in.

I sat up eagerly. "Name?"

"Raven." She rasped, tugging her hands off like gloves.

A/N Uuuuhhh...

The moral of the story is people are shallow no matter what, especially in entertainment! ^_^

I made myself sad. :'(