As quickly as her gigantic legs could carry her Sammy rushed to her living room where she could see Charlie lying down. He looked to be sleeping at first but when she carefully nudged him he didn't wake up. She feared that he had died but Zero told her that he could still detect a heartbeat. One thing that she knew for certain was that she needed to take him back to the hospital as soon as possible.

Thoughts were rushing through her mind that this would be the end of Charlie and how much trouble she was going to be in. She had effectively kidnapped him although he had come with her willingly and under no false pretences. If people hated her before they certainly were going to now.

Quickly Sammy threw on some clothes and picked up the unconscious Charlie, she made sure that he was safe in her hand before she rushed out to take him back to the hospital. Unfortunately, the only footwear that was available to her were her flip flops and they were not very good for running. Despite this handicap she still rushed back as fast as she could, anything to ensure that he would be safe.

This time when Sammy went through the streets she didn't bother waiting for people to get out of her way. Instead she had to find large sections of road where she could place her feet but now she had another problem. With her right eye now gone she had a fairly large blind spot. This put a lot of people and property at risk as she could easily miss something that was very breakable.

"S-Sammy," said a voice. This was when she looked down at her hand and she could see that Charlie was coming to. She was relieved with this but she still rushing to get him back to the hospital. "W-What's happening?"

"Don't worry Charlie," replied Sammy. She could feel that every footstep that she took was causing a small tremor. She did find this to be a little embarrassing but there wasn't much she could do about it. "I'm taking you back to the hospital." She did feel a huge sense of relief that he was awake now. She had begun to fear the worst.

"But why, I thought that we were going to have some fun?" He seemed to be disappointed by this as he had hoped to spend more time with her. He was now somewhat intimidated by her but he still looked up to her.

"I'm sorry but you passed out on my sofa, I don't want to put your health at risk so I'm taking you back. I promise that we can hang out again at some point in the future. How does that sound?"

"That sounds awesome and hopefully by then I'll be all better."

Sammy wasn't sure what to say. It was obvious to her that he didn't know that his cancer was terminal and that he only had days to live. He still believed that the doctors were able to cure him, if he knew the truth it was unlikely that he would be so upbeat. He still couldn't help but be optimistic, especially with his hero being there for him.

It didn't take long for Sammy to reach the hospital and she remembered where Charlie's room was. She went down to one knee and made sure that the window was open enough for him to get through. Her presence had been noticed but for the moment nothing was being done about it.

"Home sweet home," said Sammy. She placed him on ground inside of his room. She was just able to get her giant fingers through and she saw him land on his feet. "I'll see you again soon Charlie."

"Wait, before you go can I ask you something?" replied Charlie. He had turned himself around so that he could look up at Sammy.

"Sure, fire away."

"When I grow up do you think that I'll become as strong as you?" This made her fall silent for a moment as she tried to think of the best response. She extended her finger and gently placed it on his head.

"Of course, you will, but don't try to make yourself too strong now. Wait until you're feeling better then try."

"I will do, thank you for tonight, I've really enjoyed it."

"So, have I but now it's time for you to go o bed, you need your rest after all."

Charlie nodded as he made his way back to bed. He pulled his drip along with him and he carefully climbed into the bed he looked quite weak as he did this and it was only a reminder to her that he was truly sick. She did see him lie down on his bed and place his quilt over him, she chuckled before saying one last goodbye.

With Charlie now in bed Sammy stood back up to her full height and began to walk back to her home. She did feel something odd on her skin, it was something that was wet that impacted her nose. Then it was her shoulders and then on her arms, she realised that they were raindrops.

Before she could get too far there was a rumble of thunder and the rain began to come down very quickly. She found herself drenched within seconds and this only added to her annoyance, she had already had a shower and she didn't particularly want to get wet again. It also made traversing through the streets more difficult as the ground was wet and she was wearing her flip flops rather than her sneakers.

At one-point Sammy did begin to lose her balance and she was on the verge of slipping over. She had to place her hand on the top of a nearby building in order to keep her balance. This caused a small amount of damage to the top of the building but it could have been much worse if she had fallen over. There was no telling just how much damage could have been caused, the continued rainfall didn't help her cause.

After several more minutes of walking Sammy finally reached her home and she didn't have to wait long for Zero to open the door in order to let him in. When she finally did step inside she was soaked to the bone. She was also shivering and even sneezed, this was odd for her as this was one of the very few times she sneezed since she had grown. To a normal person the force of the sneeze would have been like a hurricane.

"Ms Sammy you've returned," said Zero. It hadn't seemed to noticed that she was soaked just yet. "Did you get young Charlie back in time?"

"Thankfully yes but now I'm completely soaked," replied Sammy. She sneezed again but it was only a small sneeze.

"And it looks like you have a cold."

"Zero, I'm three hundred and fifty feet tall and destroy kaijus so often that it is more or less a sport, I don't get colds." She sneezed again, this time it was a large sneeze and it made her see silver specks in her vision for a few seconds before they subsided.

"I beg to differ, I suggest that you go to bed Ms Sammy and rest. You've got that mission to complete tomorrow."

"Thanks for reminding me." There was sarcasm in her voice and she still couldn't believe that she was having to go through with it again. She placed her fingers over her missing eye and this caused her both anger and sadness.

"You're welcome Ms Sammy, now off to bed with you so that you can suitably rest, although you might want to dry yourself off first."

Sammy didn't respond but instead went into the bathroom to pick up a fresh large towel. She used it to dry herself off as best as she could and she took off her soaking clothes until she was down to her undergarments. Her bra was very wet so she took that off as well and she saw her breasts in the mirror.

Despite her injuries her breasts had remained more or less the same, she wasn't sure whether to be thankful for this or not. With scratches and bite marks over many parts of her body it was at least one place that was still like it was before her growth spurt. She did think that they were a little bigger in proportion to her body than they had before. This made her smile a little to herself as an idea popped into her head.

Through some concentration Sammy began to activate her muscular form. She felt the muscles underneath her skin begin to swell and grow which also caused an increase in height. By the time the process was finished she once again stood as a tower of both great size and unbelievable strength. She could see how much her body had changed but it still wasn't enough to get rid of the scars.

This didn't stop her from posing in the mirror a few times before she reverted back to her normal self. She felt very weak after going back to normal but she was still strong enough to take on any kaiju. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt another sneeze coming, she tried to prevent it from happening but she soon unleashed a loud sneeze. It was enough to make her take a step back and she sniffed afterwards.

Sammy did realise that she needed to go to bed and she slowly made her way out of her bathroom and into the bedroom. She was able to put some nightclothes on and she slowly crawled into her bed. She didn't feel all that well but she found it to be quite odd that she was suffering from a cold. Her body's healing properties had prevented her from getting sick in the past but now she was suffering from something as common as a cold. She didn't know what it meant but she knew that she was going to be suffering for the next few days at the very least.

"Can I do anything for you before you go to sleep Ms Sammy?" asked Zero who was preparing to power down for a while.

"No, just wake me up when I have to get ready for the mission," replied Sammy. She didn't particularly want to go but she knew that she had to or there might be serious consequences if she didn't.

"As you wish, have a pleasant sleep ma'am."

"You too Zero, goodnight."

With that Zero deactivated the lights and Sammy found herself in complete darkness. Slowly she began to close her eye and drifted off to sleep, she just hoped that she wouldn't have another nightmare, they seemed to be happening so frequently that she was more or less expecting them.

Meanwhile in a classified location the night was not over for one particular woman. This woman was Doctor Hardy who was hard at work saving the woman who many thought was invincible. On the outside Sammy was difficult if not nigh impossible to kill but on the inside, she was still vulnerable. Doctor Hardy knew this better than anyone. Ever since she had discovered Sammy's illness she had spent every waking hour trying to develop a cure for the condition.

Right now, the illness didn't have a name so she just called in Hardy's Disease as she was the one who had discovered it. That was the only thing that she had been successful with since all of her efforts to stop or cure the illness had gone nowhere near her expectations. She tried numerous anti-biotics and chemicals to try and destroy the infection but nothing seemed to be working.

Doctor Harding grunted with frustration as she thought that she would find more success if she bashed her head against a brick wall. There was one that she had discovered though and it was something else mixed into Sammy's blood. She had been able to separate a small amount of it from the blood sample so that she could study it closer. Since her work on the blood sample hadn't gone very well she thought that this sample might give her some results.

The sample itself was a clear liquid that had been extracted from the blood. Doctor Hardy thought that it could be the cause of Sammy's illness or even something else entirely. It was something that she hadn't seen in the blood sample of anyone else so she assumed that it was unique to Sammy. She also thought that it could be the key to finding a cure to her current condition.

However, upon further examination of the liquid Doctor Hardy found something a little odd about it. There were components to this liquid that she had never seen before and after some research she discovered that they had not been documented. Through her examinations she began to unravel more about it. She wasn't quite sure how to really put it but she thought it was what made Sammy survive.

Doctor Harding didn't need to be a genius to know that people weren't supposed to grow as large as Sammy and the fact that she was able to walk around and react like a normal person had stumped her and the other scientists for some time now but she thought that this liquid helped support Sammy's body. It was something that could help revolutionise the world as there were cosmetic uses for it as well.

She began to consider that it might be used as a growth stimulant as well. It could help people legitimately grow taller without any painful operations. It was obvious to her that there would be a lot of testing that would need to be done before anything like that could take place.

Unfortunately, Doctor Harding's main problem was still apparent, she was still no closer to finding the cure to Sammy's condition. She was getting frustrated with herself but she knew that she was attempting something that hadn't been done before.

She was ready to throw away everything that she had done so far and starting from fresh but that would waste too much time. There were documents about Sammy's healing properties and Doctor Harding knew that probably by now they were beginning to weaken. The body was fighting the disease as much as it could but it was also allowing other infections to set in. She didn't realise that Sammy was beginning to suffer from a cold but if she did she wouldn't be surprised. The further the illness grew and spread the more that Sammy's incredible immune system had to combat it.

Just as Doctor Harding was going to call it a night when she heard the door to her lab open. She turned so that she could take a look and she could see a man entering. She wasn't anxious at all as he was someone that she recognised. He was her assistant who had worked alongside her for some years now. He was a fairly short man who did look quite handsome, it was surprising that he was a scientist rather than a model.

"What is it Doctor Laurel?" asked Doctor Harding as she turned her chair toward him. There was some impatience in her voice.

"I'm sorry to distract you but I just had a call from Senator Gallows," replied Doctor Laurel. "He's asking about an update on your research."

"Tell him that I said that I'd call if I had made a breakthrough but since I haven't called him it's obvious that hasn't happened. Tell him not to bother me again!" There was some annoyance in her voice. This was picked up by her assistant who looked at her with the slightest hint of fear.

"I-I'll tell him that."

"No wait." She gave a sigh. "I'm sorry but I'm just in a fine mess. I've been looking over these samples until my eyes pop out and I'm still no closer to finding a cure to Miss Anderson's condition. All I've been able to do is give it a name and that's about it. It's like hitting my head against a brick wall."

"Maybe you're looking at it from the wrong angle. Try taking a little time away from it and then look at it again. You'll probably see something that you missed before, I've had that happen to me on some crosswords."

"You're probably right." She gave a sigh as she sat back on her chair. "When I first got my PhD I always wanted a challenge. But this is a challenge that's getting the better of me. If I don't succeed we might be in big trouble."

"Why would you say that?" He pulled a chair that was nearby and sat down on it. "It can't be all that bad."

"Well let's just say that we don't find a cure and Miss Anderson were to perish? There would be no one to stop the Kaijus from tearing up Westhampton City and since we still don't know where they're coming from it isn't like we can just stop them at the source. Despite popular belief she is the least destructive method of taking down the kaijus but with her illness she'll now be gradually getting weaker and weaker. Eventually the illness will either kill her or a stronger kaiju will. That's why we're trying to end the threat on two fronts, while I am trying to find a cure the efforts for finding the kaiju source as intensified. If one succeeds before it is too late then we might just be saved."

"What about using the serum that caused Miss Anderson to grow in the first place? Couldn't we use that to create more people, possibly those who have the right training and composure for the job."

"That's the thing, we don't know exactly why Miss Anderson changed the way that she did. She was only one of around a dozen men and women who took the drug. None of them went through the hyper-gigantism that she did. We're still trying to figure it out but at this moment in time we have nothing concrete."

"Ok so that's ruled out then." He fell silent for a moment before an idea did pop into his mind. "I think that I might have an idea."

"Don't keep it to yourself, spill it out."

"I've read some papers about a new procedure that is supposed to help people with infections. Strong ones that antibiotics are ineffective against or even virus. A chemical is placed into the system and it seems to attract the infectious entities. A little like a bug zapper, it attracts the entities and then exterminates them."

"Sounds like it's science fiction to me. But I couldn't put it against some mad scientist to try it out on someone."

"Well we could be that mad scientist if you know what I mean. If we're successful in our efforts then Miss Anderson would survive to fight kaijus long enough for us to find the kaiju source and a cure to her gigantism."

"That would be a very unwise move. We can't risk trying a procedure that is ultimately only a theory, the risks involved are too great. And I'm guessing that there are some dangers to the procedure that you haven't mentioned."

"Well there is a few, the main one is that if the chemical remains in the body for too long it can cause serious damage to the patient but again this only a theory."

"My point exactly, if we did something that got Miss Anderson killed we'd be sent to the darkest government cell that they can find."

"But if we don't do it then she will die anyway. At least consider it as a last resort, if all else fails we can still use it."

"I'll think about it but for now don't you mention it to any of the higher ups. I don't want to be forced into it if I'm not ready."

"As you wish Doctor Harding."

With that Doctor Laurel got up from the chair and walked out of the lab. He smiled a little to himself as he was happy with how things had gone. He thought that she would have shot him down in flames but from the sounds of it she was slightly considering what he had suggested. This was better than he had expected, this made him want to research as much about the procedure as he could just in case Doctor Hardy decided to go through with it. He wanted to know everything he could beforehand.

For Doctor Hardy she just had to sit there and rest for a short while. She knew that her assistant meant well but taking a risk like that was something that she wasn't prepared to do at that moment in time. She thought that if she continued to study Sammy's blood sample she would make a breakthrough. She knew that her time was limited but she always seemed to work at her best when she was under pressure.

The giantess at the centre of all this was fast asleep in her bed. Her snoring would be enough to keep the entire city awake if it could get through the soundproof walls. Her foot was sitting off the side of the bed along with one of her arms. Her mouth was wide open which would allow practically anything to go inside.

One thing that had gone practically unnoticed was that a pigeon had been able to get inside of the building. It was flying around and had the misfortune of flying too close to the mouth of the giantess. It felt itself begin to get sucked into the mouth and it seemed to be saved when she began to exhale.

This was only a temporary stay of execution as when she inhaled again the pigeon had no chance of escaped. It was sucked into her mouth and made its way down her gigantic throat. The incident hadn't gone unnoticed as Sammy quickly woke up and began to cough. This had lasted several moments and when she coughed into her hand she could see the tiny feathers landing on them.

"Fucking birds," said Sammy to herself although she was still half asleep. This wasn't the first time that such an event had happened and it was unlikely to be the last. Thanks to her immense size an average bird was no bigger than an insect to her. She didn't know how they were getting in or how they were even going below Zero's notice. All she knew was that the next day she was going to have to return to where she had lost her eye and a wave of fear did strike her. She didn't want to lose any more of her body parts and become less human in the process.