A couple of years passed since the epic battle between Sammy and Amy and the city of Westhampton was still rebuilding. The majority of damage had been repaired but construction was still ongoing and was likely for the next several months at least. Since the alien ship had been destroyed during the battle there had been no more kaiju attacks which was a huge relief for everyone.

Outside of city hall a large crowd had gathered as there was a special event that was about to take place. Thankfully it was a warm day so no one had to worry about things such as a cool breeze or rain. Some of them had been standing there for hours in order to get the best view, for now all that could be seen was the statue of Jed Williamson and something else that looked to be equally large but covered completely by a red cloth.

There was also a podium that was there which had numerous microphones for numerous TV stations and radios. There was also one that would project the voice of whoever spoke through it so that the crowd could hear them. There was also the sound of trumpets played as a man approached the podium.

This man was the recently elected mayor of Westhampton after the previous mayor had completed his terms. He was a man in his fifties and was still somewhat getting used to his duties. This was a day that had been in preparation for some time and he already knew almost everything that was going to happen. Despite this he did have some aides with him and a couple of body guards. When he appeared on the podium almost instantly the crowd became extremely silent.

"Greetings and I thank you today for coming," said the Mayor. "We are here to honour the acts and courage of Samantha Anderson who two years ago today gave her life so that this fine city can live on. But before the unveiling a close colleague of Ms Anderson would like to say a few words. Please welcome Senator Karl Gallows." There was a round of applause as the Mayor stepped to one side and Senator Gallows stepped up. He was still in office as his term had not finished yet. He too had been prepared for this day and he looked out on the crowd that had gathered.

"Well what can be said about Samantha Anderson that hasn't been said before?" asked Senator Gallows. "For a short period of time I knew her and everything that she accomplished. Without her heroic sacrifice this city would have been wiped off the map along with many others. It is such a shame that she had to lose her life in the process so that we could have our own. It truly was an honour knowing her and working alongside her for whatever time we had. When I spoke with her I respected her courage and ability to do the right thing no matter what harm it could cause to her. Because of this we will fondly remember her actions as those of a hero." He then grabbed onto the cloth as the mayor did the same as well. "It gives us great pleasure to unveil this statue of Samantha Anderson so that her legacy can live on until the end of days."

With a quick tug the cloth was pulled off revealing the statue of Sammy that had been erected. It was not life size but still stood at an impressive eight feet in height without the base, it was also based on Sammy's appearance before she had lost her eye and even gave her a slightly more beautiful look that she had in life.

The clothing of the statue was her usual tank top with trousers and sneakers as this was the attire that many people saw her in during her lifetime. The statue was made out of bronze and thus would not rust and would likely last forever. Her pose was of her with her hands on her hips and giving a small smile which gave her a powerful yet comforting demeanour. On the base read the words 'Samantha Anderson. A woman of both great size and heart.' There was also a loud round of applause from the crowd as well as several flashes as the press got the pictures that they needed.

The Mayor and Senator Gallows were also shaking hands which was something else that the press was taking pictures of. But there had been controversy over erecting the statue as some felt that her past criminal record meant that she should not be honoured in anyway as her good deeds were not enough to erase the bad. This was the minority however as many felt that she was deserving of such a tribute.

One particular person who was in the crowd was Leslie who was reporting on the event. Over the last couple of years, she had become more respected as a reporter and had even written a bestselling book based on the interviews she had with Sammy. She had originally written down how much Sammy had despised Senator Gallows but the publisher and some outside parties had been able to get those sections removed. This had angered her but there was nothing that she could do about it, however she did hope to one day expose Senator Gallows and what he had done.

Every word that Senator Gallows was saying was a lie when he mentioned how much he respected Sammy. Leslie knew that if Sammy had met with him face to face after becoming gigantic she would likely crush him where he stood. She thought that it was a huge injustice that Sammy had died protecting the city while Senator Gallows seemed to get off freely with no sign of repercussions.

In her mind this was something very unfortunate as she knew that it was simply life. The good guys didn't always win and the villains didn't always get what was coming to them. But this didn't mean that Leslie wouldn't stop trying, she was going to show the world the despicable acts that Senator Gallows had done, even if she was trying to prove it until her very last breath.

On the outskirts of Westhampton Sammy's home still existed. In the couple of years since the giantess had last entered it had been refitted into a museum. It was attracting tourists from all around the world who wanted to enter the home of an actual giant. It was not the most lucrative tourist spot in the country but it did bring in some sizeable revenue to the city. It even helped to rebuild the city after the colossal battle.

Before the home had become a museum, there was a large clean up that took place inside to make it look more presentable. Anything just lying around like empty beer bottles were taken out besides one. A few of her personal effects were left out to help give tourists a sense of just how big Sammy had been in life.

This included leaving a beer bottle on a table that tourists could walk on. Her flip flops were left by her bed and the picture that she had been colouring before she had set out for her final battle also remained where she had left them. It was a way to show the human side of Sammy as tourists could see that she had been doing things that a lot of normal people did when she wasn't fighting giant monsters. Evidence of her meltdowns and declining mental health had been taken away so that the image of her as a hero couldn't be tarnished.

On this particular day there was a group of tourists who had arrived to go on a tour. They were mostly from Japan who was visiting the home as part of their tour of the American West Coast. They were used to hearing such giant monsters in fiction but not in real life. Because of this the museum was popular with the Japanese tourists.

Just as the group entered the museum they found themselves in a specially built guest area that was closed off from the rest of the museum. This was just so they could so that it was easier to have an entrance and exit that could be monitored.

Inside the guest area stood a young woman who couldn't have been any older than nineteen who was wearing a blue outfit. She had short blonde hair and a smile that could be seen by practically everyone. She was only a small woman but she seemed genuinely happy to be there.

"Hello and welcome to the Samantha Anderson Memorial Museum," said the woman. "My name is Hilary and I will be your tour guide today but before we start I'd like to introduce to the other tour guide." She continued to smile and she even chuckled. "Do you want to say hello to the nice people Zero?"

"Hello everyone," replied Zero. The A.I. was still up and running even though Sammy hadn't been in the building for a couple of years but now it seemed to have a new purpose. "During her stay here, I was Samantha's assistant and friend. If you would kindly walk through the door we can begin our tour."

Just then a door in front of the tourists opened and it allowed them to step through. They could see the inside of Sammy's home for the first time and they marvelled over how gigantic everything was. To them it felt like they had been shrunk down in size and that they were going around a normal home. They just had to keep reminding themselves that they were normal and everything else was huge.

A few of them began to take pictures of the what they were seeing but soon a vehicle pulled up besides them. There was a driver in the cab of the vehicle and attached to it were several trailers with seating on them. The tourists began to sit down in these seats and put their seatbelts on while Hilary got into one of the front seats and grabbed a small microphone that was located close by.

As the vehicle began to move Hilary began to give information about each room and a little something more about Sammy. Zero would help along with this as it would tell them about its experience with her. It mainly stated positive things and kept out any part of Sammy's depression or fits of rage. All evidence of those episodes had been hidden away by the government and Zero was to follow suit.

After going through roughly half of the building the vehicle eventually stopped near a wall in what had been Sammy's bedroom. Hilary instructed the tourists to step on a very large elevator which was located close by. One by one each of the tourists did as they were told and when all of them were secure on the elevator it rose up.

The ride up took roughly a minute or two before it finally reached the top. Then the tourists could step onto a small table that was located right next to the bed. There were a few things on there like a gigantic digital clock, a beer bottle and even a leather bracelet that had been made after Sammy's death. It was just placed there so that the tourist could see something that was normally so small scaled up to fit the giantess.

One change that had been made was that railing had been placed all around the table so that it was much more difficult for any of the tourists to fall. If any of them did accidentally fall there was little chance of survival as it was a near two-hundred-foot drop to the cold ground below.

While on top of the table Hilary continued to give the tourists information while they would look around and take pictures. A few of the children there wanted to go onto the bed and jump as much as they wished. She would tell them that for health and safety reasons they couldn't allow this to take place.

"I bet you still have some funny stories about Samantha don't you Zero?" asked Hilary who looked over her shoulder as if she was trying to spot Zero.

"Indeed, I do," replied Zero. He changed his setting so that he would speak in Japanese just so that the tourists had a better chance of understanding. "I remember one morning when Samantha woke up and told me that she had dreamt that it had been raining corgis. They were all around her and they were liking her face and rubbing their bodies onto hers. She did love corgis."

This caused some of the tourists to chuckle and Hilary continued to smile. Even though she didn't fully understand Japanese she did know exactly what Zero was going to say. She had heard about Sammy's corgi dream on many, many occasions in too many different languages for her to count. She too did like dogs but preferred pugs over corgis.

The tourists continued to take pictures and see the sights before it was time to safely make their way back down to the ground below. One by one they stepped onto the elevator again and it began to move down.

The tour lasted a little longer before they eventually made their way outside. Right next the building was an extremely large grave with a normal sized headstone. This was none other than the final resting place of Sammy who had been buried there not too long after she had succumbed to her injuries. At the time a large funeral had taken place there with thousands of people attending to pay their respects to the fallen giantess.

Nowadays when many saw the grave they would be surprised by it. They expected the gravestone to be gigantic much like the woman itself but they would find it somewhat boring to see that she had a normal size gravestone. It had written 'Here Lies Samantha Dorothy Anderson. Born April 19th 1988, Died August 23rd 2018. Now in the hands of God.' Judy stood close to the gravestone and the tourists could see her clearly. This time she didn't have alongside her as it couldn't leave the building.

"Well here she is," said Judy. "Samantha Anderson herself, this just shows me that no matter how big and powerful you might be you're still mortal. Although her life was short the impact that she has left will live long after we have gone. She showed us that despite her great size and appearance she was no monster, just an unfortunate woman in an impossible situation. Out of respect we ask that you do not take pictures and instead simply view the grave and take what you see."

Although it was not mandatory to stop any pictures being taken the majority of the tourists who came did not take any pictures. A few of them would but in this group too any pictures and instead observed the grave. Some of them even placed their hand on the gravestone in an attempt to feel some of Sammy's energy. Nothing could be felt but such a tour took place many times a day almost every day. Every time it would end here where people paid their respects to her.

Meanwhile some miles away Carl was working away but not in a prison cell as many would expect. Instead he was using his hacking skills on a computer but this time it wasn't an attempt to take someone's life. It was lifting files from a computer that was located in another country entirely.

Normally such an activity would be illegal but not only was what he was doing legal but he was also being paid for it. When Leslie had been able to discover that eh was the one who had tried to murder Sammy he was soon reported to the police and arrested. However, things had not been as straight forward as it could have been. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough evidence to charge him so Carl was able to walk free.

Not only that but his activities had been picked up by the government. Rather than arresting him for his previous hacks he was instead hired to work for them. This allowed him to use his skills in order to serve his country. If the masses knew about him and what he had done some would call him an American hero while others would brand him a criminal who should be rotting in jail.

Nonetheless Carl was happy with his role as any of his past discretions had been wiped away and he could just go along with his work. He was somewhat happy to see Sammy fall in battle but it did leave him with an empty feeling inside. He would have preferred to have done the deed himself but at least now there wasn't any giant monsters left in the world. That was one victory in his mind.

The body of Amy had disappeared after her death. Once the titanic clash between her and Sammy had ended her body had been removed and no one knew what had happened to it. The information was classified for any normal person trying to access it but those with high enough clearance levels could access the information.

Even in death Amy was still used for experiments as more information about gigantification was researched. Since Sammy was too much in the public eye to research discreetly Amy was the perfect replacement in this department. Unfortunately, when she died her muscular form didn't deactivate so she had been just as muscular as she was when she had fallen.

Amy's body was constantly kept frozen in order to prevent it from being decomposing but the information that was being discovered was very interesting to say the least. They were learning more about how she and Sammy were able to survive being so large without their bodies being crushed by its own weight. It was thought that it would revolutionise the field of science for many, many years to come.

Despite what had happened Doctor Lee was still the lead scientist behind all of the research as his pure brilliance was what saved him from being charged with what had happened during the battle. Many had perished and this changed him, he was much quieter than he had been before and would go over every aspect of his work so that he could be sure that nothing went wrong. A small part of him had died that day as well and it was unlikely to ever return.

One thing that the government did know about now was that some kind of race from a place far beyond Earth had visited at some point in history. Much more eyes were being focused on the skies in case they were to return looking for the two ships that they had left behind. One aspect of the attacks on Westhampton was why they had occurred. Besides being a high population area there seemed no other reason to attack.

A theory that some of the scientists had was the fact that it was simply the closest populated area to where the ship was stranded and thus sent one kaiju after another to attack. The fact that Sammy had even been enlarged so soon to when they attacked and lived in the area was nothing more than pure luck.

In a city in another part of the country two police officers sat in their car on what so far was being a quiet night. They were sitting by a roadside as they were watching the traffic go by, they were looking out for any speedsters or cars that looked like they shouldn't be on the road.

Even though their car was mostly hidden by a sign and the darkness they still didn't see anyone doing anything illegal. They weren't sure whether to be happy about the fact that the streets seemed safe or whether disappointed as they thought that their time was being wasted. They did have some coffee and sandwiches in their car which did give them some amount of comfort.

"Good God this is boring," said one of the officers. He had been on the force for fifteen years and was more than used to what happened on the street. His partner sitting besides him was a relative newbie as he had only been on the force for six months. He was still learning rather quickly and the experienced officer thought that he would make a fine policeman in the near future. "I swear if something doesn't happen soon I'll probably die from boredom." He gave a sigh.

"Don't jinx us," replied the younger officer. "Now that you've said that something is bound to happen now."

"Get real, all that stuff is just stupid superstition." One thing that he hadn't noticed was that cars had stopped going by. "Just because I said something like that doesn't mean that something is about to happen." Suddenly they felt a thud that shook through the car. This caused both of them to fall completely silent for a moment.

"What was that?"

"Maybe just a small earthquake. They're not completely unheard of in this neck of the woods." Suddenly they felt another thud but this time it was larger and seemed to be closer. "Or maybe some kind of event is on."

"I don't know, we didn't get any notifications about such a thing."

What they saw next completely shocked them as they saw a gigantic foot land in the road in front of them. They didn't know how to react and something inside of them told them that they should get out of there as quickly as they could. Before they had a chance, a gigantic hand came down and grabbed onto the car. Both officers were in a state of panic and were trying to reach their guns.

Their car was being lifted further and further into the air and they had no idea how they were going to get out of this situation. They could do nothing but stay in their seats as leaving the car would mean them falling to their doom. But what they saw next truly surprised them, they could see the face of a pretty Latino woman who was looking directly into the car. Neither of the officers saw that she was actually three hundred and fifty feet tall and completely naked for all the world to see. They were in too much of a panicked state to talk or even fully react to the situation.

"You have to help me," begged the giantess. Her voice had a very soft tone to it but it was still just as panicked as what the officers were currently feeling. "I've become so big and I don't know what to do." She seemed to be close to tears as she loomed above all the buildings that were around her.

Just then she noticed a light shining on her and she looked up to see that there were several military helicopters above her. She had to raise her one hand so that she wasn't blinded by the lights. Other vehicles below her started to arrive and they were all military, this only added to her anxiety and she was on the verge of running away. For now, however she stayed as she still didn't know what to do.

In a very short amount of time this woman's life had been turned upside down. She had gone from being a normal person who was trying to live their lives to a towering colossus that made her city look like a mere model. Rather than feeling empowered by her new size she was absolutely terrified but there was one thing that was for certain. She was the first giant woman after Samantha Anderson had perished and the world would never be the same again.