Notes: Trying out something new. Always liked the idea of merpeople interacting with humans. There's unlikely to be much in the way of romance, since I'm not good at writing it. More friendship focused, if I'm honest. I don't know how often I'm going to update this, but will try to fairly regularly.

Chapter 1

There was something about the ocean that calmed her. To be honest, she didn't actually much like swimming in it, but Finch had to admit that watching the waves creep up the beach could be relaxing. Also, beach combing was kinda fun. She'd found some really interesting shells, as well as a carved clay tablet that someone must've dropped. Still, it wasn't really stealing if she'd just happened to come across it lying on the beach. Which she had. So there.

Now she sat on the rocks, watching terns diving for fish just below the surface. The sea was calm, and almost as flat as a mirror, reflecting the slowly setting sun. All was peaceful, and Finch was just beginning to drift off when a loud splash jolted her back to her senses. It sounded almost as if something had jumped, or at least half-jumped, but as Finch glanced round, there was nothing to be seen. Whatever it was had sounded big, however.

"A fish?" She muttered. "It's possible, I suppose. Big fish are unlikely to be this close to shore...maybe a seal?"

She scanned the nearby area, finding nothing, apart from a seagull perched a few feet away, eyeing her warily. Or maybe hopefully, on the off chance that she might have food.

"You're jumping at nothing, girl. Just a wave hitting the rocks."

But there were no waves. Not that Finch could see, anyway. Again she scanned the surrounding area, even going so far as to peer down into the clear water. The ripples at the surface distorted things a little, but...what was that? There was a dark shape a little way off. At first it simply seemed like a clump of seaweed drifting aimlessly, but now she looked at it again, it didn't seem right somehow. She blinked and shook her head.

"Probably getting a little tired. Maybe I should head home. Yep, sounds like a good idea."

She stood in one fluid movement, pulling her thin jacket on, since it had gotten rather chilly. Turning, she began to pick her way carefully back across the rocks, unaware that she'd accidentally left the carved clay tablet behind. And that the dark shape she'd seen had altered position. A dark skinned hand, with long webbed fingers shot out of the water, grasping and pulling the tablet down under the surface.