No one wants to see a tainted reflection of themselves.

Anyone who seems similar to them, or maybe a shadow of what they could have been, could make them doubt themselves or just get fed up with the tainted reflection.

No one wants to see someone claiming they are so close to people, but they really treat some of them horribly like ditching them or only wanting to hang out with them on their own terms.

It's even worse when one of the people is actually one of your close friends, and that persons ditches them or says things they don't clearly mean, even if they don't have bad intention.

Just despise anyone who seems like a good reflection of you, but actually too naive or selfish in certain aspects, that you just can't take anything about them after awhile.

You try so hard to think of others, and show them you care, but others just take advantage of them, and you just sit there thinking that could be you taking advantage of others in some ways and wouldn't notice you are doing it either, since be too caught up in your own world.