Chapter 11: Knock Knock

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Hastily making my way through the town, moving in and out of the shadow, I eventually made my way to a manhole cover located in the center of the city.

Grabbing at the cover and pulling it off, I leap down into the sewer, ignoring the splashing of the brown/green sewer water as I landed on my knees. Wiping away a few drops of the water, I made my way along the many sewer's passenger way until finally, I had reach it. A simple, slime-covered, brown-brick walls.

"Knock knock", I said, smiling.

"mmmmnnnn...", I slowly and very tiredly moan. "mmmmnnnn..."

Feeling a bit more energetic now, I decided to try and use some of it to get out of bed. Kicking off my blanket, I roll out of bed and started heading for the living room. As I left my room and enter the OutPost's living room, I was startle to see that no one else here.

"Where is everyone?", I ask, looking around.

The base was completely empty. JumpStart. SpeedBlade. Even Ms. Justice. No one was here.

"The computer", I said, thinking it over. "The only reason why no one would be here is because there trouble in the city!"

Rushing over to the computer as fast as I could, I type a few things into the computer. I may not have the same computer skills as JumpStart, but nevertheless, I was able to find the other by hacking into surveillance cameras! They were in the streets, fighting some sort of... half-ice, half-fire villain!

Watching with suspense as JumpStart try to slash at the man from behind, he aim his flaming hands at the ground and shot off a sudden hurricane of flame! Rocketing into the sky and escaping the attack, the man also encase JumpStart in flames!

"AAAAHHHHH!", JumpStart scream, barely escaping the flames as SpeedBlade ran from behind and grab him!

"Time to go!", I yell, running back to my room to get my bow and quiver. Putting on the quiver, I was on the verge of pushing down on the button when, out of nowhere, the wall shot out toward me and begun to open!

"What the-?!", I scream, watching as the wall continue to open. Not exactly sure what was going on, I was caught off guard when someone came rushing in and uppercut me!

"AAAAAHHHHH!", I yell, as I was shot into the air before dropping onto the ground!

"Aaaaa...", I groan, pushing myself up and rubbing my chin. "Wh-What the-?!"

Quickly regaining my bearings, I look back up to see who it was that hit me. There, standing in the entrance to the OutPost, was one, single man.

The man, whoever he is, is wearing some sort of jet-black outfits, parts of which were shielded with small, silver-covered plates of metals. What really made the man stand out, was his mask. It had a dialogue line from the top left to bottom right, with the colors red and dark-yellow on either side.

"Hello QuickShot", the man very quietly said. "What's the rush? Trying to get to JumpStart, SpeedBalde, and Ms. Justice? Don't worry. For what it's worth, I'm more than sure that your friends can handle Burning Ice."

Feeling a sudden rush of panic and fear, I look around for my bow. It was only a few feet around from me! Doing a barrel roll, I grab my bow and instantly pop an arrow in it!

"Who are you?!", I scream, "How did you get in here?! How do you know my names!? How do you know my friends' names!? WHO ARE YOU!?"

Staying completely silent, the man just started looking around. It would be another few minutes before he even started talking again.

"The flashdrive", he started, "The one that you took from Nitro. Where is it?"

"The flashdrive?", I thought to myself, thinking it over for a bit. "The flashdrive!"

Looking over at JumpStart's room, I look back at the man. He must have seen me looking at JumpStart's room, cause now he was looking at the room too!

"JumpStart's room uh?", ask the man, looking at the room and then at me. "Make sense. The mechanic elf. Thanks."

Taking off with unmatched speed, the man started running to JumpStart's room!

"Stop!", I yell, pulling back my bow's string and launching the arrow to the man.

Already more than halfway to JumpStart's room, he stop and grab my arrow! In mid-flight! Mere inches from his mask!

"...What?", I sutter, confuse by what just happen. Breaking my arrow into two, the man change path and then came running toward me!

"Ccccaaaaahhhhh!", the man yell as he leap into the air! Bringing back his fist as far back as he could in mid-air, he then drop onto the ground! I barely had enough time to jump back as I watch the man punch the ground instead, the floor actually cracking apart a little!

His fist still on the ground, he push himself up with his arm and ran around the ground. Running in a half-circle, he then push himself with his arm and kick me away!

"Oooofffff!", I scream, rolling away!

Ignoring the growing pain in my chest, I got up again and, still time, took out an explosive arrow!

Wasting no time, I fire off my explosive arrow and sent it flying toward the man!

"Let see you catch this one!", I thought, smiling.

Watching as the man quickly pick himself up and started running toward me, I simply stood where I was and waited for the bomb to go off! Only, it didn't.

The man must have seen the arrow, cause when it was about ten feet away from him, the man did a roundhouse kick and sent the arrow flying into the OutPost's living room! It exploded a few seconds later, completely destroying the living room!

"Nnnnnooooo!", I yell, watching as flames consume our sofa and chairs. "I was just getting use to sitting weird chair with the string seat!"

Quickly looking back at the man, I barely had time to bring up my bow and block the man's roundhouse kick! The kick was so strong, it nearly broke the bow in my hand!

Grinding my teeth, and struggling to keep the bow in my hand, I brought back one hand and sent it flying into the man's chest! The man, however, didn't even flinch! Instead, he grab my fist with both his hands! Once he did, he then took a step back and toss me over him!

Landing with such a loud "thud!" on the other side of the room, I didn't even have time to defend myself when the man came charging toward me, and stomp on hard on my face!

The last thing I see before I am knock out is the bottom of the man's boot as it hit my face.