In a dark room, lit by a single candle, a man was lying unconscious in a bed. Across from him meditating, was another young man, his colourful hair tips only just visible in the flickering light.

"Castiel, have you found them yet?" Came a voice from the doorway. Castiel looked up from where he had been meditating.

"Unfortunately, no. I do not know who it is exactly," he replied. The newcomer looked at him carefully, his dark blue eyes caluclating.

"You said 'exactly' so, you know something?" He guessed. Castiel nodded, smiling slightly.

"Yes, I know that 'she' is in the general area of Launceston Tasmania, and that she has a brand on her skin somewhere that is blocking her magic." He explained, the man in the doorway nodded and thought for a moment.

"Do you think if you got closer you'd be able to find her?" He asked. Castiel nodded.

"Well then it looks like your heading to Tassie." He stated, "I'll stay here and watch over Rick" he finished, nodding towards the unconscious man on the bed.

When Castiel arrived in Launceston, he immediately felt the aura of three Truebloods, however one was muted. He followed the auras to their source and found a private school.

'I found some Truebloods at a school. I'm gonna scope it out and see if one of them is our Angel.' He told his partner and opposite. When he felt the mental nod, he walked into the school and located the school office. While he was waiting he saw a flyer asking for a school psychologist.

Found my way in, he thought. When the office lady was free he walked up.

"I'd like to apply for the Psychologist position."

Castiel was walking around the school on his first day as school psychologist, just getting a feel for the school. He walked past classrooms, looking in the windows sussing out the emotional climate. He was in the pre-school area of the school when he felt waves of distress coming from behind a classroom, in the out of bounds area. He silently went to check it out. When he looked around the corner of the building he was surprised to see a young girl,about the age of 13, with long brown hair and lightly tanned skin, looking up a tree, he sensed she was one of the Truebloods.

"Come on Ester. You know what will happen if you get in trouble at school." She cried, obviously talking to someone up the tree. Castiel looked for this Ester she was talking to, only to find vivid blue eyes staring at him from high up in the branches. He was shocked. How had they noticed him, he moved silently and wasn't in their line of sight.

"Ester come on, running out of class is bad enough you don't wanna get caught being out of bounds as well," the young Trueblood tried again. When there was no response she sighed. Then she seemed to realize something. She whirled around. Her also vivid brown eyes flashing.

"Who's there?" She called. Castiel was floored, there was no way she should have known he was there unless she was powerful and trained, the person up the tree could have told her somehow, he supposed.

"I know you're there, just come out." She shouted. Castiel sighed and stepped out from behind the wall. The teen looked shocked and took a cautious step back.

"This is private property. Only school staff and students are allowed during school hours without a visitor pass." She stated still stepping back her body language radiating distrust.

"Relax I'm the new psycologist. I'm Mr Bane. What's your name?" He asked. She stopped walking.

"My name is Arianna" she replied politely.

"Just curious, how did you know I was there?" He asked

"Um" she mumbled her eyes flashing up quickly. He remembered the person in the tree.

"Who's Ester?" He asked changing the subject. She tensed.

"Why" she asked cautiously. Castiel guessed that they were close.

"I was just wondering why you were talking to a tree," he answered lightly.

"She's my sister.," she said finally. He nodded.

"Will Ester come down so I came put a face to the name?" He wondered aloud. His answer was a slight rustle in the branches. Suddenly a small blur dropped down behind Arianna. Castiel could only just make out the figure of a young child through Arianna's legs.

"Well hello Ester. Are you gonna show me your beautiful face.?"

She slowly stepped out from behind her sister. Now that he could see her he estimated that she was roughly 4. Her long raven hair covered most of her face, but he could see one eye and he knew that those were the vivid eyes that had spotted him from the tree.

"She doesn't talk around strangers. That's how I knew you were there." Arianna explained. Castiel nodded. The bell rang signaling recess.

"Well girls my office is room 300 and my door is always open if you wanna talk," he offered then turned and continued his walk of the school.

When he got back to his office he opened his laptop and searched for Arianna in the school data base. The only unusual thing about her was the fact that she had started online college courses. Though her straight A's showed that the work load wasn't too difficult for her. Looking at Ester's file it also showed straight A's and mentioned that she didn't speak in class, she was one of the students flagged as someone to talk to. Castiel sighed and closed his laptop leaning back. From what he'd picked up he was pretty sure Ester was the one they were looking for but he couldn't get a good enough reading. Though that could have been because of the brand. Either way he would need to figure out a way to get close to her.