I wrote this 4-part story as an assignment for school a couple years ago. I got access to it recently, so I slightly updated it and here it is! Seriously, this pays tribute to my 4th grade writing skills.

May 1st, 1517

20 miles off the port of Cork, Ireland:

Today, I left port on the ship Sweet Revenge, headed towards the New World. I sorely regret leaving my family and friends, but am optimistic about our chances. We plan to follow a northern route, unlike the Spanish galleons, which are taking the southern courses. Our goal in the New World is to sink as many Spanish ships as possible - without getting sunk ourselves. I signed up for this voyage because I long for adventure, and I want to put the wretched Spanish in their place.

I am, however, worried about the wind and current. They feel as if they may change any minute, bringing us along for the ride. I also worry of food and fresh water, for we only have one port on our way. If any issue should come up, we have no extra supplies to sustain us. However, I do not believe in the sailor's tales of sea monsters. That is complete and utter nonsense. I do not believe in anything that is unproven.

The Sweet Revenge is a huge, beautiful, and fast warship. It has 20 powerful cannons that can sink a ship in a single blow. Its sails are as white as the clouds overhead, and seem to dance in the wind. You can easily get lost in its countless passageways, and when you stand on the deck, feeling the wind on your face, you wish nothing else ever existed. As the captain, I am in charge of the crew, which consists of the first mate, carpenter, cook, and sailmaker. The sailmaker, Dylan, is helpful to us, always pitching in when something important needs to be done. Olivia, the cook, is helpful whenever she can be, but she's too busy most of the time to provide much aid beyond her daily duties. Cooking three meals a day for the whole crew is a huge job that is not to be taken lightly.. The carpenter, Peter, does what is needed, but otherwise is lazy, having had no desire to undertake this voyage in the first place. My most valued member of the crew so far is first mate Lexi. She is brave, strong, and keeps our spirits up when we are down.

I cannot wait for this brewing adventure!

Next part up soon!