One liners. They are short, they are generic and they don't necessarily reflect the views of the reviewer.

One liners suck. But I don't dislike them.

At least the reviewer has the courage to let the author know their thoughts. They are automatically better than the 70 percent who stay silent.

Sometimes I genuinely think that "This is a gud story" is all the reviewer can say.

Sometimes I want to say "This is a gud story" to other authors because that is all I can say. I don't say it often of course.

I hate giving out one liners. I spend a few minutes reading a story and a one liner is all I could muster up? Get outta here. I disappoint myself.

I force myself to write out more sentences and then I submit my review. These forced sentences aren't completely disingenuous, I won't take them back. But sometimes I feel that giving a one liner is more truthful than any review I could conjure up. I dunno. I respect reviewers who can like review instantly with their thoughts but I can't

In truth, I wish I could give more one liners. There are so many stories that I don't comment on, simply because I can't do better than a one liner. I abandon the story and say to myself I will come back and write a legit review but I never do. Some of these stories never get any feedback and well, I think to myself: even if I give just a one liner, I could support more authors that I never will. Don't you think so?