August 7th, 2017

This journal's only temporary until I find someone to talk to. You know, like a therapist or counselor or something. I should've started it weeks ago, but I let it hang off at the edges of my mind until around Thursday.

I ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles with milk for breakfast this morning. I could've had eggs or a Nature Valley granola bar but I figured cereal would be fine. I thought about the quill and ink I got as a birthday gift two years and how I finally wanted to start using it. I watched TV for part of the morning.

I went on the computer and played Secret Hitler. My mom wanted me to go out with me so I got ready but she left without me. I helped a relative mail a letter. I had to help my mom get and heat up the ingredients for lasagna when she came back.

I watched Kitchen Nightmares and went back on the computer. Maybe that's why I think I need to talk to someone and let things out. Keeping them bottled up haven't helped me. In the middle of the show, I had a few fleeting thoughts about my life and suddenly, I was shedding tears and breathing heavily. I couldn't make myself stop.

I was crying with no idea why for about five seconds. That's why I realized it. Things needed to change for me.



Another journal. Let's hope this one doesn't keep me up as much as the last one. There might not be daily updates for that very reason, actually.