December 1st – 4th, 2017

On Friday, I had eggs with two sausage patties, a strip of bacon, a bagel, a banana and a cup of apple juice for breakfast. I went to a doctor's appointment that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would've. I headed back to my dorm and tried to work on my computer science assignment. I also tried to look up the experimental papers for psychology.

I had to do an update so I went to Dairy Queen for the first time. Sadly, I wasn't too impressed. I had four chicken strips with French fries and a cup of Dr. Pepper. The meal wasn't all that bad but I had to wait more than 20 minutes for it.

I came back and tried to get a little more work done before going to an event. The event was run by a different club than the one I go to but it was fun. We played Jackbox for a little while and then I watched a couple guys play Ultimate Chicken Horse. Then I went back to my dorm and went on the computer.

Saturday was a little messy since I was trying to get my psychology paper done in one sitting. I had eggs with a sausage patty, a bagel, an apple and a cup of orange juice for breakfast. I skimmed through the studies and wrote almost the entire paper. I munched on chips and cookies because I still haven't gone back home to get the eggs and I haven't bought bread yet.

I went over to a friend's place and we did some dabbling with dating profiles. It actually went better than I thought it would've.

On Sunday, I ate two slices of French toast with maple syrup, three strips of bacon, a banana and a cup of water for breakfast. I tried to focus on studying but that didn't go as well as planned. I had my last shift of the semester and there was a bit of a festive mood. It was a weird one but I didn't mind.

Monday went alright. I got seven hours of sleep which is a plus compared to Thursday and Friday. I had eggs with a sausage patty, two strips of bacon, a bagel, a banana and a cup of orange juice for breakfast. I went to creative writing where we discussed pieces and I got workshopped. I did a little reading for Italian and then went there where we discussed present progressive.

I did some reading and advance note taking for psychology. I headed to psychology where we talked about psychological assessments. I then ate two slices of pizza with a cup of Coke for lunch and went to tutoring for computer programming. It wasn't as helpful as I hoped but things might turn around.

I'm trying to be in a better mood this week. I don't know if it's because I'm trying to ride a positivity wave again or if I don't want to have a emotional breakdown when finals come around. Oh, and I got a new journal so I'm trying to figure out what to do about this one...again.