December 5th – 31st, 2017

Man, this month has flown by, almost as much as this year has. I got through my classes, relatively unscathed.

Benny: Barely passing one of your courses isn't what I'd call "unscathed."

Ignoring the peanut gallery, I had a crazy month. Random cramps, failed dates, nerves over final exams. Then it was topped off with coming home. Not even a day at home and I was starting to search for an alternative.

Fortunately, things weren't too crazy until today. I woke up around 8 am and had to run several errands. I ended up getting breakfast at a fast food restaurant. I had three pancakes with butter and syrup, a sausage sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast. I then went shopping with my mom.

I came home and went on the computer. I ate five cheese pizza Hot Pockets with spinach, a bottle of water and two cups of juice for dinner. I don't know how next year's going to turn out or even tomorrow. But I hope things will go well. I really do.