February 4th, 2018

Wow. How time has flown over the chicken coop. A month since my latest entry and somehow, it has been a tiring one. An attempt at a regular paper journal and an private online journal later, I'm here to write my final Fictionpress journal entry.

Three journals over almost three years. Hundreds of entries and thousands of notes and memories cherished in Times New Roman and binary. Anyways, the major things to leave off at:

- Slowly starting to try to become more independent (learning how to cook, for example)

- Talking to a counselor

- Starting a new semester

I think I'm going to miss doing these entries. They got me through a lot of days. But it's time to move on and float onto another moving cloud.

Thank you, all of those who have read, commented, favorited. I had hesitation making all of my daily tasks, thoughts and emotions semi-public. But I think that hesitation went away over time, in part to the curiosity from other people.

See you people who read my fanfics (and thanks to those people) on Fanfiction; to all others, see you around, hopefully.