In Zachgaland war between Zaclarons (Zac-l-arons), Zachanvits (Zach-an-vit-s), and other enemies. Thus many of the Zachary nobility build the Zackzackorts (Zack-zack-ort-s). Most are simply built on simple Zacklyll (Zack-ly-ll) and reinforced with Zackwudu (Zack-wu-du) and have a Zackote (Zack-ote) dug around it. This also used as a protection of sorts for the Zachary's commoners and labuors. Most are overseen by the Zaclarons Zachniht (Zach-ni-ht) or Zachjeant (Zach-je-ant) (more on those later).

In times of peace soldiers and levies protect the nobilities lands. In the event of a siege they protect their master and citizens with their lives if need be. Most are tough to siege as most of the Zachgaland forces range from five through twenty-four. Training and even knowledge of how to siege is none to basic. Most charge the Zackzackort directly and suffer heavy losses.

I'd tell you more but that would bore you and we Zachary's are somewhat slow with words.

"Guide To Understanding Zachgaland Architure" Zachary The Builder