Summer of (Sex and) Love

My brother Rob, who was fourteen years older than me, took me in when I was fifteen, concerned for my safety as our family disintegrated. Rob worked full time and he had his own life but at least his house was clean, functional and structured and it was a better fit for me as a vulnerable teenager. My brother looked after me, ensuring that I was fed and had a place to stay without chaos, dysfunction, and violence in my daily life.

The best part about living with my brother was that The Sherman Sisters lived next door. Molly and Annie Marie, who were older than me, were friendly with Rob and their kid sister Julie was a couple of years younger than me but she was a good kid. The Sherman Sisters' mother Betty took notice of me and she had me over frequently when Rob wasn't around. I naturally became friendly with the entire family and they looked after me almost as much as Rob did.

It was Annie Marie who told me the three sisters were going on vacation.

"Molly's boyfriend Dan's family has a cottage on Lake Darling and he's invited us up there," Annie Marie explained as we sat in the Sherman kitchen. "No parents, just us," she added with a grin. "Three whole weeks!"

"Sounds fun," I said with jealous envy.

Wanna come?" Annie Marie asked with a grin.

"Me?" I asked with surprise. "Really?" I was touched by the invitation.

"Be warned," Annie Marie said quietly, glancing around so she wouldn't be overheard by her mother. "There are no rules up there. Independence and freedom are the operative words. What goes on at the lake stays at the lake, okay?"

"Sure," I said, assuming she was talking about a little bit of drinking. "I can keep a secret or two."

"Great!" Annie Marie smiled. "I think you'll remember this experience."

My boss made me take a leave of absence from my summer job which meant I'd lose my seniority but I figured it was worth the price. I was about to enter my senior year of high school and this opportunity might be the last chance for a vacation.

I showed up at the Sherman Sisters' house as ordered on a Saturday morning. Molly and her boyfriend Dan travelled in their own car, Annie Marie following in hers with me riding shotgun and younger Julie enjoying the backseat for the two hour drive.

"Let the adventure begin!" Annie Marie laughed as we hit the road.

Lake Darling was a relatively small body of water out in the middle of nowhere. Dan's cottage was located on a small dirt road that was off another dirt road and I thought my eye caught sight of a sign that read 'Clothing Optional Area' hanging from a tree but I must have not read it correctly.

Dan's cottage was located in the middle of a row of six cottages on the small road. The place was fair sized and in good shape. Dan and Molly took the master bedroom, of course, Annie Marie claimed the next best room and Julie got the third best. My room wasn't bad – just small and in the back of the cottage, next to the bathroom. I wasn't complaining – I was happy for the much needed escape and change of pace and I happily helped the others unload the cars and store our belongings and groceries.

The cottage featured an open living room with a large couch and several easy chairs, a complete kitchen, a full bathroom, a long front porch facing the lake, and a side screened-in porch. Both porches had plenty of chairs and underneath the front porch was a treasure trove of Frisbees, swim fins, masks and snorkels, and other lake usage items.

The cottage itself was well hidden from the road and the other cottages by trees and brush. There was a dock with a canoe, kayaks, and row boat. All three sisters had been to the cottage before and Julie took me on a quick tour of the area, including a tributary brook that led to an interesting natural pond in the woods complete with an impressive water fall above.

"Don't forget to put on sun screen when you're outside!" Molly reminded her sisters. "You too, Louie, you look pretty pale."

It didn't take me long to understand what Annie Marie had meant when she said there would be independence and freedom at the lake because when it came time for a swim, all three sisters – and Dan – emerged from the cottage naked!

I was sitting in one of the chairs on the grass in front of the cottage reading a book I found in the living room bookcase when the four of them paraded past me in the raw talking amongst themselves as if I wasn't even there. I tried not to gawk at the sight as the apparent nudists passed by and then I kept my eyes glued to their backsides as they made it to the shore of the lake. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react.

"Care to join us?" Annie Marie innocently call to me and, too embarrassed to be seen as I felt my shorts tighten between my legs, I waved and I was going to say 'No Thanks' but I realized I was unable to speak.

"I told you he'd freak," Julie said with a laugh.

I watched the four frolic in the water. After a while, Annie Marie emerged from the lake and sat on the dock to let the sun dry her naked skin. I could see the crack of her backside from my vantage point.

The younger Julie was surprisingly unabashed as she came up to where I was sitting in the chair in the shade, totally naked, her breasts small, just a patch of hair between her legs.

"We liked to be bare-assed when we're here," Julie explained. "Our parents don't know, of course, so I hope you won't say anything."

"I won't," I said with some embarrassment, not sure where I was supposed to train my eyes.

"Feel free to join us whenever you're ready," Julie added with an inviting smile. "It was weird for me too the first time I came here."

Julie turned and ran back to the water and I watched her thin backside shake with every step she took.

And that's pretty much how the first weekend went at the lake. Dan and The Sherman Sisters went skinny dipping whenever they were in the mood. They didn't think twice about sunbathing naked and all four acted as if their behavior and attitude was as natural and normal as a walk in the park.

The group respected my shyness and they didn't force me to do anything I wasn't ready to do. But with each passing hour, I was the one who felt weird and out of place being dressed when they weren't. I stayed busy by reading my book, although I joined the others for an occasional canoe ride (they dressed when they were out on the lake).

Dan was leaving on Sunday afternoon for a previous work commitment and I realized I was going to be alone at the lake with three often naked sisters. Dan was kind and friendly and welcoming and, aside from seeing him naked most of the weekend, I had a good time in his company.

Annie Marie and Julie went back to the dock while a still naked Molly walked Dan around the corner of the cottage to where his car was parked. I went inside to take a leak and from the bathroom window I could hear the two lovers talking and when I peeked outside I saw that I had a clear view of them from the second floor. Dan was standing by the opened door of the car and the naked Molly had her arms around him. It was an odd sight because Dan was dressed while Molly's nude tanned body was pressed against him, her breasts flattened against his chest.

"I'll miss you," Molly insisted.

"I'll be back before you know it," Dan replied with patient understanding.

They made out and I kept my eyes trained on Molly's backside. I had finished taking the leak but I kept my dick out and I started masturbating while keeping my eyes glued to Molly's read. It didn't take long and with a stifled groan, I aimed my cock toward the toilet bowl as I felt my balls tighten and my cock spurted fast and furious into the toilet with the intensity of the released pleasure surging through my groin as I ejaculated.

By the time I recovered, and glanced back out the window, Dan was inside the car and Molly was kissing him goodbye through the window. I cleaned myself off and by the time I got back outside, I saw the naked Molly walking down the lake front to join her naked sisters on the dock.

I followed Molly to the lake.

"Are you guy's nudists?" I asked.

"Secret nudists," Annie Marie giggled.

"I hope we haven't humiliated or mortified you too much, Louie," Molly said with sympathy as she sat on the dock, looking at me over her shoulders. "It's something we've been doing up here for a couple of years now."

"Nobody knows?"

"Nobody back home," Julie clarified.

"Except you, now," Annie Marie laughed.

"You'll join us when you're ready," Molly predicted. "Don't worry about it. Don't feel weird. Everything's fine."

That night, lying in my bed, I kept replaying Molly sucking Dan's dick in my mind, causing my prick to quickly become erect underneath the sheet. (I had dared to sleep naked in a cottage full of often naked sisters). I masturbated furiously, all the while fantasizing about the nakedness around me.

I knew I was about to come and I didn't care if I did it on my sheets and had to sleep in it as finally with a rush of pleasure and a stifled groan, I came with spurt after spurt streaming out of my penis. When I was finished, I lay quietly clutching my erection in the dark hoping nobody heard the squeaks of the bed.

I rolled over on my side and my thoughts finally drifted from sex as I got drowsy and my erection subsided.

I fell asleep thinking about the three naked Sherman Sisters.